Best Video Editing Software in 2017


It used to be harder to edit a single video in previous time, these task used to be leaved for experts and professionals. One should be quite expert to these things effectively but not any more, after revolutionary changes in technical field and continues upgrade applications, video editing this task have become easy to accomplish. Thing you should have is software for video editing. When it comes to video editing software there are a “n” numbers of software available in market both paid and free. It might difficult for you to choose best video editing software from the bunches of software. From today you will be able to accomplish your task by choosing one editing software from below given list.

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We have filtered some software’s which can be proved best video editing software for you. All the software are listed below and classified by their features, supported platform and pricing. so, Let’s start our article of best software for video editing.

Best Video Editing Software for 2017

1. AVS Video Editor


AVS Video Editor is a video editing software developed by Online Media Technologies Ltd which can be first choice of yours if you are looking for easy, quality rich and professional look video editor for your windows PC. AVS video editor is part of AVS4YOU software suite come up with the rich features and huge amount of video editing effects, it also support Blu-ray videos, multilingual support and feature like stabilization. You can share videos directly to famous platforms like Facebook. By considering all it’s rich feature it can best video editing software for windows.

  • Supported Platform: Windows Only
  • Supported Input Formats: AVI, MP4, MKV, FLV, AMV, MPG, DAT, VCD and many more.
  • Supported Output Formats: AVI, MP4, WMV, SWF, FLV, MPG and many more
  • Price: This software is available for $59 but you can use it’s trial version
  • Key Features: Transitions, HD Support, Crop scale, Non-destructive Editing, Chroma key option, Single Video Track, Dual Audio track, Adjusting the Playback Speed.

You can download this software for video editing from here

2. Adobe Premier Pro


Adobe premier pro is popular editing software, which is timeline-based video editor software. It is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud which includes popular software by adobe like photoshop, after effect, dreamviewer and many more. It is available for both mac and windows users. Adobe premier pro supports high resolution video editing up to up to 10,240 × 8,192 and the best thing about this video editor software is integration with popular software like adobe photoshop and after effect.

  • Supported Platforms: Windows and Mac
  • Supported Formats: Every popular video format is supported
  • Price: This software come up with different packs individual and combo which can bought from their official site.

You can buy this software from given link start editing from today.

Buy Now

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3. Sony Vegas Movie Studio



Vegas Movie Studio which was previously known as Sony Vegas Movie Studio is a consumer-based nonlinear video editing software which is  designed for the computer. It consumes less system memory and help in creating stunning videos, originally every movie editor have capacity to edit with ten video tracks and ten audio tracks but Platinum Edition of Sony Movie Studio, furthermore which can edit with 20 video and 20 audio tracks at a time. isn’t it good? If we compare all the features of sony vegas movie studio with other then it can be said that sony vegas movie studio is all one solution and best software for video editing.

  • Supported Platform: Windows Only
  • Supported Input Formats: Almost all popular formats are supported
  • Supported Output Formats: Almost all popular formats are supported
  • Price: $49.95 or you can also download trail version of sony vegas movie studio.

4. Final Cut Pro


Final Cut Pro is a series of non-linear video editing software firstly developed by Macromedia Inc and later software bought by Apple inc. This video editor tool is widely used for video editing in film industry some of your favourite movies including X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) and The Social Network (2010). This software come up with rich features such as keyboard shortcuts, Timeline, Viewer and many more. If you are mac lover and need video editor then this can be best video editor software for mac.

  • Supported Platforms: Macintosh only
  • Supported Input Formats: Every video format which is compatible with QuickTime
  • Supported Output Formats: Every video format which is compatible with QuickTime
  • Price: $299 only

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5. Lightworks


Lightworks is a professional software for video editing including 2k and 4k, and televison PAL, NTSC, and high-definition formats. As we seen different video editing softwares for different platforms but this software support all three popular platforms like windows, Mac OS and Linux as well. Lightworks can be download free but it come up with limited features like Realtime effects, Advanced multicam editing, Second monitor output, Ability to import a wide range of file types, Export to YouTube and Export to Vimeo. If you want to use advance feature then your need to buy premium version of this video editor. Lightworks movie editor is also used for movies like Revolutionary RoadThe Wolf of Wall Street and many other.

  • Supported Platforms: All three platforms Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Supported Input Formats: Almost Every Video Format
  • Supported Output Formats: Almost Every Video Format
  • Price: You can download free version but advance feature will be available in pro version which you need to buy

6. Pinnacle Studio


When it comes to pinnacle studio, it is one of the best video editing softwares and full with rich features. Pinnacle studio video editor is developed by Pinnacle System. Pinnacle studio offer impressive features like drag and drop editing of HD videos, Timeline base editing up to track 6 and many with in one software. It come up with three packs with different features. You can buy Pinnacle Studio 20, Pinnacle Studio 20 plus or Pinnacle Studio 20 ultimate. Plus and ultimate have feature of motion tracking and easy track transparency. Ultimate pack have 360 degree video editing and have new blueeffects pack.

  • Supported Platforms: Windows Only
  • Supported Input Formats: Almost every popular formats
  • Supported Output Formats: DVD, MPEG-4, MP4, QuickTime, MKV and some others.
  • Price: Basic-$49.95  plus- $79.95  ultimate- $99.95


7. Cinelerra


Cinelerra is video editing tool for Linux  users which let you edit video very easily even if your are not professional or don’t have any experience. Cinelerra come up with beautiful UI and powerful features. It support high-fidelity audio and video and processes audio using 64 bits of precision, it can be work with both RGBA and YUVA color spaces. Cinelerra video support video of any speed and size which is remarkable feature we bet.


  • Supported Platform: Linux Only
  • Supported Input Formats: Almost every Video Format, including HD Formets
  • Supported Output Formats: Almost every video format, including HD Formets
  • Price: Free

8. Corel VideoStudio


Corel VideoStudio is a part of CorelDraw, the famous graphics suite. Corel VideoStudio is easiest and fastest way to create a amazing videos. Corel VideoStudio is a simple programme to make perfect video. VideoStudio provide us  many categories of video transitions. In this programme the number of overlay are limited. VideoStudio support high quality of video. it is easily to make a video for any beginner person.

  • Supported Platform: Windows Only
  • Supported Input Formats: Almost every video format including for like Smartphones, iPad, DSLRs.
  • Supported Output Formats: Almost every video format, including ability to export files is suitable in popular devices
  • Price: $79.99

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9. Pitivi


Pitivi is one of the popular software to create a best video editing in compare to other video editing software. this programme is open source for video editing software, it is based on linux. it is developed by many developer. Pitivi can win your heart in a few seconds. it is licensed under the policies of the GNU LGPL. Pitivi give us many extra features for video editing.

  • Supported Platforms: Linux Only
  • Supported Formats: Maximum modern video format
  • Price: Free

10. CyberLink PowerDirector

powerdirector video editor software

Cyberlink PowerDirector is one of the easiest and fastest video editing software. PowerDirector is an option for you, you can keep editing even when you are not using PowerDirector in PC and Cyberlink PowerDirector has recently launched Smartphone application for this programme.

  • Supported Platforms: Windows Only
  • Supported Input Formats: , AVI, WMV, DAT, MPEG-4, FLV, AVI, 3GP, MP4 etc
  • Supported Output Formats: MPEG-4, MVC, WMV, MKV, QuickTime etc.
  • Price: $74.99

So, this is list of best video editing software to use in 2017, If you have any video editor software suggestions then let other visitors know about it by commenting below.




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Fitness Mobile Apps to Move Toward Healthy Lifestyle


Losing weight is not at all a tough task but it needs a little bit of hard work and a lot of dedication. Losing weight involves two basic steps that are improving diet and also increasing the physical activity. People trying to lose their weight should be more conscious about their diet because junk foods are considered to be the major factor for obesity.

While thinking about to reduce the weight, people should avoid junk foods because of its low nutritional value and it causes overweight. Obesity was mainly caused due to the excessive consumption of fats and sugars without burning the energy. In an average, an active man requires about 2,500 calories and an active woman needs about 2,000 calories a day.

Most of the people go for a personal trainer or working out in a gym to get fit or to lose weight. Those who are unable to afford a fitness expert or dietician can make use of these weight loss apps to maintain their diet to stay fit. These mobile apps focus on three major areas such as food logging, motivation and activity. Some of the fitness apps are given below to stay fit and healthy without spending more money.

Don’t Forget To Read

Best Fitness Mobile Apps 2017

  • Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker

Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker is one of the best fitness apps developed by MyFitnessPal. It provides calorie counter and exercise tracker services to the smartphone users. The app has a simple design and user interface that results in the quick chore, which is more important to reach a fitness goal. This app contains the large database with more than 6,000,000 foods and it has the details about home-cooked dishes and brand-name foods around the world.

This app allows the users to track their diet and physical exercise in less than five minutes a day. It also offers social support and links with over 50 devices and apps such as Garmin, Runkeeper, Misfit, and more to reach the users’ health goals. It is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows phone.

  • Lose It

Lose It is free fitness apps designed to count calories and logging exercise to lose weight. It has a barcode scanner that eliminates the process of entering calories manually, but it is slightly difficult to calculate for home-made foods. Lose It was produced by FitNow and it has built an entire environment around its apps to work with other fitness products. The premium version of this app has some additional features of monitoring body fat, sleep, blood pressure, hydration and a lot more.

The app has a huge database of inclusive food and exercise with more than 4.5 million entries. It has a barcode scanner that scans most of the items and automatically draws calorie and nutritional value from the enormous online database. An online support community is available where the user can join and learn about the recipes’ nutritional information.

  • Fooducate

One of the best weight loss apps is Fooducate, which helps the user to reach weight loss and fitness goals by knowing to eat healthy food. It scans the barcode and displays the information like high fructose corn syrup, added sugar vs. natural sugar, harmful additives and preservatives, controversial food, artificial sweeteners like aspartame and more. It makes a grading system for the users’ food choices from A to D and also provides suggestions based on the user diet goals, height, weight and gender.

It can act as a nutritionist and advices the user to take healthy food based on their nutrient value and ingredients. Fooducate helps the user to reduce weight by showing them to eat right food items. It also tracks the progress and motivated by the supportive community members. It is available for Android and iPhone devices.


  • Fitbit

It is a great fitness app and weight loss app to check the fitness and health of a user. Even if the person does not own any Fitbit device, it can able to track and record all the workouts, food intake and it also motivates towards the goals. The app can be used as a personal fitness journal, which calculates calories burned, miles travelled, and active minutes.

If the users keep their phone while running, the route can be mapped by the GPS. It has an additional feature of audio feedback that helps the user to hear the distance travelled and time in real-time which give the motivation to reach the goal. Most of the features can be accessed without a Fitbit device, but to use all the features user need to have Fitbit devices.

  • Endomondo

Endomondo is the perfect choice for all types of peoples who may be a walker, runner or biker. The app uses Google Maps to track the route for future reference. It also tracks the users’ workout that includes speed, distance, duration, calories and more. This app also gives audio feedback to the user on pace and distance for every kilometer or mile. Bluetooth heart rate monitors are used to track the user heart rate.

The main screen of the app consists of basic options like Music On/Off, type of workout and immediate start or countdown options for ten seconds. The secondary screen has a map that displays the current location. The user can set a goal to reach, set a goal against their previous time or a friend’s time and enter a route followed by them.

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  • 7 Minute Workout

7 Minute Workout is the top rated Weight loss app available on both Android devices and iPhones. 7 Minute Workout app is highly useful for the people who have a very busy schedule. The app provides a full video and audio instructions by both male and female. It consists of text direction and images and also provides step-by-step guidance that instructs about the exercise. It not only instructs the user about the workout; it tracks the results and encourages for further progress.

The app tracks the users’ weight and visualizes the progress and also motivates the user. It also has an inbuilt calendar recording all the records of the workouts and user can view it. If the users are workout more, then they can unlock more awards and achievements.

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  • Nike + Running

Nike + Running is mainly developed for runners who aim to improve their performance by an extra motivation. It has an instinctive interface design that tracks the runs and helps the user to reach the goals. The app track the users travel distance and other metrics like time, distance, calories burned and more accurately with the help of phone’s GPS. The user can share their runs with the friends and also invite their friends for a race.

Another notable feature of the app is a heat map that displays only during a run. During the tracking of the route, the app also calculates the speed of the user throughout the course and plots it on the map by using a color scale ranging from green to red. It also calculates the fastest mile, which represented by green and the red represented for slowest mile. The moderate pace is indicated with the shades of orange and yellow in the app. While running, it allows the user to view time, miles and calories burned and user can set voice alerts to indicate the distance and pace. It has an additional ability of creating music playlists that match with the users’ pace.

Share this article with your friends and let them know about best fitness apps 2017.

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Download Blackmart App Latest Version For Free on your android

blackmart app

In previous article we discussed how to recover deleted file in Computer and today we are going to draw our towards application named Blackmart. Blackmart is free android application to download paid apps for free. Blackmart App is also known as Blackmart alpha. Blackmart is best alternative of google play.

Blackmart app don’t require any Account or money because it’s totally free. Blackmart is market for android apps and it’s user friendly and easy to use. Android user can’t afford paid apps so, Blackmart can be best choice for them. You can download Blackmart Apk from below but you should know what exactly Blackmart is.

What is Blackmart App?

Blackmart is android application alternative of Google play. In Blackmart alpha app you can download all premium apps for free without spending a single penny. You can download movies, paid android apps, Games and many more.

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Is blackmart app legal or not?

You might be thinking is Blackmart app is legal or illegal? Yeah, if this question didn’t arise in your mind so think first because google have all rights for android applications.

Possibilities what can happen?

  • Apps can have more ads
  • It can use your personal data
  • As Apps are not scanned it may content virus

But you will get that apps for free and will have opportunity to use premium app for free.

Features for Blackmart app

Simple and User friendly

Different languages support Regularly update Share your own android application with other users Blackmart apk is absolutely free All premium apps for free Fast Downloading

Download Blackmart apk

So are you ready to download Blackmart apk. Hope so you’re finally know what Blackmart application is. As Blackmart app is not available in google playstore you have to download it by external links. Wait wait you can download blackmart app from here. I am providing you latest version to download Blackmart apk. Before downloading this app you should know this app is against google polices.

Before downloading make sure you have allowed unknown sources to your Device from the settings menu. To allow unknown sources go to Settings > Accessibility > Then Select Unknown Source and Allow

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Blackmart Apk Information

File Size – 3.71 (MB) Minimum Android Version should be Android 2.3+ MD5: 9faeef7f0cf1aeb5b8683ded62b3ddb9 SHA1: 69969b4ec34644b4107da5a38221c2394f8acdfa

How to install Blackmart apk in android

  1. First get blackmart alpha app .
  2. Now open the app and search for any app you want for free.
  3. Tap on the app you want and click on Install.
  4. The paid app starts downloading Enjoy Blackmart App


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How To Get Paid Apps For Free On Android


We all witnessed the non-stoppable growth of Android operating system and how fast it grows. Businesses and non-commercial applications have reach in the entire market and android applications store has full their space with abandon. But the problem is such that this apps are paid and prices of this applications (Apps) is higher so, not everybody can afford it. Our motive behind writing this post is aware you about how to get paid apps for free or android apps for free !!!

Below given method will feed you with information about getting paid apps for free.

Note: We TechnoApt, will not be responsible for any kind of damage or harm to device by process of getting android apps for free. Do it at your own Risk!

List to Get Paid Apps For Free On Android


Blackmart Alpha is a market which provide you android apps for free and also it is an alternative to the Google Play Store for tablets and smartphones with Android operating system, from Blackmart you can download many applications, without the need to have an account and Google without the need for any kind of registration. From where you can download Blackmart? So here is guide for you

Download Blackmart application

  1. Click here to download
  2. Now open the app and search for any app you want for free.
  3. Tap on the app you want and click on Install.
  4. The paid app starts downloading
  5. Enjoy paid apps for free

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4shared is a free online file-sharing service that provides storage for music, video, photo files and applications. Where, you can find paid apps for free. Upon registering for an account 4shared will provide users with 10-GB of online storage space. However, files stored by users with free accounts are removed if you do not log in the account for 180 days.

Download 4Shared application

  1. Click here to download
  2. Now open the app and search for any app you want for free.
  3. Tap on the app you want and click on Install.
  4. The paid app starts downloading
  5. Enjoy android apps for free

There are alternatives available to 4shared which are Mediafire.

Android Apps for Free in Mobogenie Market

Mobogenie is global, yet a truly local brand that offers applications for the  andriod platform an paid apps for free mobile device management applications for PC. Now below mentioned are claims of the Mobogenie:

Transfer files from your Android to your PC and from your PC to your Android.

• Backup your contacts, messages, apps, music, images, and videos.

• Restore backed up data.

• Send and reply to SMS from within Mobogenie on your PC.

• Manage all your apps: move from phone memory to SD card, update, uninstall, manage your music, pictures, and videos

Download Mobogenie Applicaition

  1. Click here to download
  2. Now open the app and search for any app you want for free.
  3. Tap on the app you want and click on Install.
  4. The paid app starts downloading
  5. Enjoy paid apps for free

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Getapk Market

Being an Open Source platform, Android has a massive number of users and developers around the world. With this, Android’s Play Store carries millions of apps and games for different types of people. Google Play Store is the most popular and indeed the most simplest way to get your favourite apps and games for a respective Android device. Did you know that there is a number of different app stores too available for Android users. GetApk Market is one such App Store allows you to download paid apps for free with direct APKs of the popular apps and games.

  • Direct download APK files of the popular Android apps and games
  • Different categories to choose from
  • Explore the world of apps and games within one single app
  • Get latest updates of new apps and games
  • User can even search for the APK file from the Search box
  • Choose your category and select the APK file you want to download

Download Getapk applicaton

  1. Click here to download
  2. Now open the app and search for any app you want for free.
  3. Tap on the app you want and click on Install.
  4. The paid app starts downloading
  5. Enjoy paid apps for free


Aptoide Market

you have done reading about other andriod market. But Aptoide is most trustworth application. Aptoide is an Android Marketplace much like the Play Store of Google. The main difference with the Play Store is Aptoide is distributed that means there is not one and centralized store. Here each user can manage its own app store. Inspired by Apt Linux tool here user can search any app which he needed from the various users store and download them. Here you can download android apps for free.

Download Aptoide application

  1. Click here to download
  2. Now open the app and search for any app you want for free.
  3. Tap on the app you want and click on Install.
  4. The paid app starts downloading
  5. Enjoy paid apps for free


Amazon Underground services

Amazon also have a Amazon underground app which provide thousands of paid apps for free. You just have to download Amazon underground services app to get android apps for free . Amazon underground app also provide discounted applications. The amazon underground store is only available for UK, France, US, German, Italy and Spain users. To use this app you should have an account on amazon from one of the above countries and if you done have amazon account then use VPN for creaating new account for above company’s parameter.

  1. Click here to download
  2. Now open the app and search for any app you want for free.
  3. Tap on the app you want and click on Install.
  4. The paid app starts downloading
  5. Enjoy paid apps for free


Note: Downloading android apps for free may baned in some countries. TechnoApt is not responsible for it.








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Best Apps to Download Music on iPhone

download music on iphone

Download free music on iPhone: It have really became time consuming to download free music for iPhone as Apple developers care more about pirated songs they removed all the free downloading apps for iPhone from App Store. But still there are few apps from where you can download music straight to iPhone. Check out below free best music download apps for iPhone.

Best Apps to Download Music on iPhone



Spotify have more users in United States as this app is widely use in USA. Spotify have good user interface and is easy to use. This app is widely use for free music streaming but you can download track in it and play tracks offline.

How to download track offline in iPhone using Spotify

  • First add song to playlist which you want to download
  • Then, to make that song offline you have to tap at top of screen “Available Offline” On the toggle and make it green
  • Now wait till All songs get downloaded
  • After downloading complete Go to Settings then Playback
  • Now enable Offline Mode.

To download Spotify App in Iphone

Click here

Free MP3Box


MP3Box is basically a streaming application for music but it can be solution as you will not need to download every single Song and sacrifice for iPhone storage. As iPhone have no SD card so, this kind of app help users to save their storage and listen music which ever they want.

On the basis of YouTube search Free MP3Box help to stream free music on iPhone. You can have a fun with this app by listening free radio live.

If you are willing to download free music in iPhone so this app can not help you in this but have fantastic feature Only online.



Tidal is one of the Best iPhone music downloaders to get free tracks. Tidal is related to Spotify but to access high quality songs in iPhone you have pay some dollars, $19.99 per month. This best feature of Tidal is that you can download music in iPhone directly and can play it without internet connection. Tidal have good user interface you can use it easily. Just be ready to download music in iPhone.

Download Music App for Iphone: Tidal

You can download Tidal App for FREE

Click here to download

Google Play Music


Google Play Music is an music application for both iPhone and Android. Generally this app is for Android but Now available for iPhone too. Now Apple users can download and listen free music using this Google Play Music but free version is limited as this will only help you in streaming music but to download music in your iPhone you need to pay $1.99 per month, then you will be able to listen music without internet connection.

Download Google Play Music for iPhone

  • First install app by clicking on link below or you can find it in App store.
  • Now get a subscription
  • Go to music you want
  • Download Music by clicking on download button.

Download link for Google Play Music in iPhone

Click Here



Deezer is one of the best apps to download Music on iPhone. Deezer is best app to listen music offline. Deezer offers $6 monthly to download music library. below is link to download Deezer app in iPhone.

  • Download and Install Deezer app
  • You can pay directly or can use trial of 48 hours
  • You can download music by clicking on download music button

Download link for Deezer App below

Download free Deezer App click Here

Amazon Prime Music


Amazon Prime is one of the best music download for iPhone. You can purchase subscription yearly or can use trial of 30 Days.

  • Download and Install Amazon Prime Music
  • Pay or use trial of Month
  • Choose download to download music on iPhone

Download free Amazon Prime Music App.


Download music on iphone

Groove the music App by Microsoft.  For $9.99 per month, This app give you 40M high Quality Tracks without Ads. Like Deezer you also get 30 days trail in Groove app. You can use this app for a month free.

  • Download and install Groove App by Microsoft
  • Download free Groove App

There are other plenty of ways to download music on iPhone you might be using one. Let other users know about your method to download Music in iPhone.




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How To Recover Deleted Files In Computer


Earlier we have discussed How To Permanently Delete Files On PC but What if files are deleted accidentally? What if file is not there in Recycle Bin? Today in this article we are going to discuss How to recover deleted files in Computer.

First of all after deleting any file check recycle bin and recover easily. But what to if the file is also deleted from the recycle bin or eventually you deleted the file by permanently by pressing Shift + Delete key. Still you can Recover deleted files. There is Number of software are available in the market which you can use for free. So In this article I will Explain you How you can recover deleted files.

Here are the simple methods to recover deleted files in Computer

Recover deleted files in Computer without Using any Software

Recover Files From Recycle Bin

First thing you have to do is check your recycle bin because after deleting any file it directly move to recycle bin. Go to Recycle Bin Just Right Click on the File and Then Click on Restore File. Done ! your File is restored. But this only works if file is not deleted permanently or you have not Empty Recycle Bin.

Recover deleted files from Backups

If you have backup files once a day or once a week then you can easily restore your files from the backup.

Suggestion: If you don’t have habit of backup important files, then after reading this article backup important files first. Because Recovering files from backup is very easy.

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recover deleted files in Computer using Software

If your file is deleted permanently no need of worry . Here i Recommend you the Data Recovery Software.When you permanently delete anything by pressing Shift + Delete or emptied Recycle bin then data recovery software is required. So below I am telling The best Data Recovery Software For PC. This software can easily help you in recovering your important files in pc.

Using Data Recovery Software

Data Recovery Software is highly recommended by me because this software is user-friendly and support all type of files. This software can restore all type of files.

Recover deleted files in Computer using Data recovery software

  1. Downlaod and Install I Care on your Computer.
  2. Open and Choose Deleted Files Recovery.


3. Select the disk/partition where the file is Deleted and click on Next.



4. After Scanning Review and Choose the files you want to Restore.

5. Click on Next and choose the Path where you want to Restore the files

6. Click on Save and After some times Files are Saved on the directory you choose.

7. Done !! you recovered deleted files successfully.


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Top 5 Android apps that will help you get jobs!


Searching a job in such a competitive generation is quite difficult. Choosing the right job at the right time is very important. We all are aware of the fact that uploading your resume at the right place for a variety of job opportunities is extremely hard. To bridge this gap between employers and employees Android presents few job search applications via Google Play store that allow you to search for that perfect job you are looking for.There are loads of such applications that you’ll find on Android play store. Today we are going to discuss the top 5 Android apps that will help you to get jobs.

Here is Top 5 Android apps that will help you to get jobs:-

  • Times Jobs

Times Job enables you to apply for the most suitable job according to your experience. It allows you to upload your resume for the best companies. The users can also check companies’ ratings and reviews so that you apply for the companies.

  • Glassdoor

Glassdoor is a beautiful application that basically allows you to discover the best opportunity for you to apply. It not only will enable you to apply for different jobs but also prepare you for interview questions. Glassdoor automatically lists various experiences of previous job seekers to allow you to a little knowledge about it. All the top companies and their requirements are listed for you with their ratings and reviews. This app can be of a real help. What do say?

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If you are looking for a job change, is the right place for you. allows you to fill in your professional qualities with requirements for a job. Then of course, searching jobs according to your filtration is an easy task. Indeed, works amazingly well for all the novices. You can review companies through their ratings and overall introduction.

  • LinkedIn

I guess Linked in does not need any introduction. It is one of the best forums for novices to find jobs and meet new people for interaction. You can create your own account, write your qualification and update it as you grow in your career. Isn’t this cool! This app actually allow you to meet new people and interact with them. This is the most suitable platform to find jobs according to your requirements.

  • My resume Builder

My resume builder as suggested by its name is yet another application that not just allows you to search for jobs but its main function is to create your resume in the most unique style. The app helps you to compare your resume with others and create the perfect one for a good job. It allows you to represent yourself in different companies through your beautiful resume. You can get different formats of resume, PDF files and direct print out from the application.

  • Final Words

Searching for new jobs is quite a work. For that you should be applying for the best companies that you can only locate through these android applications. They are very helpful for your future preferences. I guess you should give them a try once!

The above article of top 5 Android apps that will help you to get jobs




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