SEO Mistakes That You Can Easily Avoid 2017


SEO is short for search engine optimization, and it is considered one of the most important aspects of building up a successful blog or website. In layman’s terms, SEO is the process of making your website more visible on search engines, which is the main way in which people reach websites these days. It’s very important to have your page ranked as high as possible on Google search results, because the higher it is, the more likely it is that people are going to click on it.

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SEO is a rather complex process and there are a lot of things you need to look out for, which is why people tend to make a lot of different mistakes in this field. In order to make sure that you don’t do the same, we’ve come up with a few most common SEO mistakes that you should absolutely avoid when building up your website, so without further ado, here they are:

seo mistakes to avoid

Not Researching Keywords

As you probably already know, Google comes up with its search results by letting the user input certain keywords, and then looks for those keywords in its website database and tries to come up with data relevant to the searcher. Because of this, the easiest way to get your page noticed on Google is to use the right keywords, and in this case, the right keywords are those that people use the most when searching whatever your website is about.

You can try to guess and come up with these keywords on your own, but it’s much easier and much more effective to use a tool like Google Adwords in order to get the right ones, and use them in your content in order to draw in more readers. Keywords are the bread and butter of SEO, so it’s absolutely essential that you get this one right for the start, otherwise you’re setting up your website to fail.

Writing Low-Quality Content

Good content creators are not cheap, we’re all very aware of this, but you have to realize that without solid content that your readers will be genuinely interested in, there’s nothing to keep them on your website, share your web page with their peers on social media and eventually come back to it at a later time. Since this is your ultimate goal, low-quality rehashed content is simply not going to fly if you want your website to flourish.

It’s happened numerous times, and it will keep happening until blog owners face this ugly truth; if you skimp out on good content writers, the bulk of your website is going to be boring, unappealing and it’s not going to draw in any more writers, no matter how good you are at SEO. So make sure you find good, imaginative writers that can come up with new, relevant and original topics, and I guarantee that your readers will appreciate it.

seo mistakes to avoid

Focusing On the Wrong Links

It’s a popular opinion among certain SEO specialists nowadays that link quantity is just as important (if not more) than link quantity, and that as long as you’re out there fishing for links every single day, ultimately you’re going to get results and your page rank will rise. But they fail to realize that the quality of the link is what they should be searching for. Ultimately, your goal is to get as many readers as possible, but if you ask for links primarily from low authority websites that aren’t getting that many readers in the first place, you aren’t going to get much traffic from them. It pays off much more to go for higher-authority, trusted websites and get a link from them, however more challenging it may be, because of their much larger reader base.

Not Monitoring Search Results

One of the most important aspects of SEO isn’t just following through with all the necessary procedures such as keyword insertion and link building, it’s also evaluating search results. You’d be surprised at how many people don’t even check their page rank, or type in the keywords that they use to see how high their website is.

seo mistakes to avoid

Furthermore, you should be monitoring search results from all areas of the world (although you need to set up a VPN first or at least a proxy in order to do that), especially the area where your target audience is located. If you don’t do this, how are you going to know that any of your SEO strategies are actually working and getting you more readers worldwide?


Hopefully this article has helped you avoid some of the most common SEO mistakes that many bloggers come across in their quest for higher page rank and search engine visibility. If you have any additional SEO mistakes that you’ve made in the past, feel free to leave a comment about them below.


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Killer On Page SEO Guide: To Rank On First Page of Google 2017


Every people have different views for on page SEO. You might heard some or using some but have you ever thought what should be perfect on page SEO to rank on first page of google.

If you are really looking for some awesome and practical on page SEO techniques to use on your site and increase your rank in Google, then i will let you know best Killer On page SEO techniques.

On page SEO is important factor in world of SEO one can’t compromise for this. As per experts views it is important to focus on “On page SEO” that can help you get more traffic to your blog.

Before starting our on page SEO checklist look at the definition of On page SEO what it is?

What is On Page SEO?

On-page SEO is to optimize web pages to rank higher on search engines and getting traffic which we have targeted. Opposite of On-page SEO is Off-Page SEO which means other external signals.

Killer On Page SEO Guide Steps

1. SEO friendly URL should be used

As per Google 2 and 3 word keyword URL have given more importance. We have to use short and effective URL to make our post rank easier.

URL should always include your focus keyword which you want to rank.

For Example:

Not Recommended

Ugly URL:

Long URL:


on page seo guide

2. Start Title with Your focus Keyword

Title of the post is important on page SEO factor. According to expert view focus keyword in starting of title puts more weight in search engines to rank your post in first page.


It is not always important to put keyword on starting of your title. But try to put keyword you are willing to rank for in beginning of your titleClick To Tweet

3. Always try to use Modifiers in your Title

Ranking short keyword is really competitive so you can rank for your keyword by adding Modifiers to you title. Use Modifiers like “2016” and “Guide”.


4. Add Your Focus Keyword in H2

You have to add you focus keyword in atleast one or two sub headings.

Adding keyword to sub heading will help you make your post more powerful in terms of On page SEO. According to experts this is important On page SEO factor to add keyword in sub headings like H2 and H3


5. Use Keyword In First 100 Words

Your focus keyword should be there in 100 words or 150 words of your post. It should be in starting of your post.


Putting keywords in first paragraph is natural for all writers. It is more important to make google understand what your post is about.

6. Use Responsive Theme

Your website should be User Friendly. Google give importance to user friendly site which are responsive.

What is Responsive Design Website?

Website which works in all devices like Android phone, Apple iPhone, Tablets and Computer and give better user experience to visitors.

  • If your site is not mobile friendly yet so make it now.
  • It is highly recommended to use responsive design theme for your website

You can have a look what Google require for Mobile friendly website.

7. Outbound Links

Use outbound links in your post. This will help google to know what your post is about.

This strategy is simple and white hat SEO to get more traffic to your website. White hat SEO means good and harmless technique.

Note: You should use High Authority Outbound link because using bad links affect your website.

Use 2 – 4 outbound links in 1000 words post.

8. Use Internal Link

Internal links are those links which links your one post to another. Using internal links decrease your bounce rate which is good sign for ranking in search engines.

Best Example of Internal Links


Wikipedia is best example for internal links. This website is on top in internal links and should be because its Wikipedia. You just have to use 2 – 3 links in post.

9. Site Speed Matters

Your website speed is important factor for ranking. Read how can you increase your website speed.

If your website is speedy then it is good signal for SEO according to google. If your speed is not good then you can boost your website speed by using CDN, Compressing images, browser caching and Using premium hosting.


You can use Google Speed test

There are a a lot of plugins available if you are WordPress user. Caching, CDN and Optimize image increases your website speed.

10. LSI Keywords

LSI keyword stands for Latent Semantic Indexing. You should spread LSI keywords in your full post.

How can i get LSI keywords?


When i searched for On Page SEO then Google suggested few words which other people searches like On page seo techniques, on page seo checklist, on page seo factors and on page seo tutorial.

Add few of them in your post.

11. Optimize Image

Make sure image in your post contain you focus keyword as Alternative text.


Alternative text help you rank your image in Google images and help in ranking.

12. Use Social buttons

Social buttons may not be important for On page SEO but is important to get traffic and is good sign for ranking.

Placing social media button in post will help you increase your sales and will boost your income. Read also: how Social media can increase your eCommerce business


13. Long Post Content

After various experiments on Google ranking the result all experts got is really great for ranking.

Generally if your post is long with quality you can rank in first page.

Trying to make your all content 1000+ words can make your post rank in first page of google. More words with quality= More rank

For Example:

2000 words article in 1# Position

1700 words article in 2# positon

1400 words article in 3# position

Few more important Killer On Page SEO factors

They all thing is about content, Quality of content matter. If your content have high quality then you will not be in problem and will not get in ranking.

But how Google came to know about your Quality? How Google measure it?

  • Visitors again visit your site
  • Good time on site
  • Bookmarks
  • Searches of your Brand name in Google

This full post about On page SEO techniques will help you rank higher in google and will let you understand all the things about On page SEO factors. This On Page SEO guide is specially for beginners who are knowledge less about  SEO World.

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7 On-Page SEO Techniques that Leads in 2017


On-Page SEO Techniques: The online commercial center of today is to a great degree uproarious. Having a web nearness may have been sufficient 15 years prior – you would basically cobble a site page together and blast, you would get activity, connections, and clients. Sadly, it doesn’t work like that any longer. Google, the world’s driving internet searcher, is getting more astute incrementally. Positioning redesigns, for example, Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird, and all the more as of late, Rankbrain, are making it exceptionally hard to rank in each and every specialty. All specialties are swarmed and Google is occupied with conveying the most ideal outcomes for each inquiry question. Stuffing a cluster of catchphrases on a page doesn’t work like it used to because of co-event and co-reference – it’s about semantics and pertinence.

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More or less, Google increased its amusement significantly and is keeping on doing as such all the time. In the event that you need to remain above water you should take after their lead.

What Exactly is On-Page SEO?

Essentially, on-page SEO implies enhancing singular pages skillfully so they consistently rank high in the web search tools and get pertinent activity. It’s about substance and the HTML source code. It’s approached page in light of the fact that both of those things are straightforwardly affected by you as the website admin, instead of off-page SEO that considers inbound connections and other outer elements.

On-page SEO considers a ton of things yet it’s turning out to be progressively subject to pertinence. Google is worried with finding out the most significant solution to the question in the briefest conceivable measure of time and calculations are intended to perceive client aim and assess regardless of whether your page will have the capacity to give the most ideal response to the searcher.

Today will concentrate on-page SEO basics that you should do appropriate keeping in mind the end goal to accomplish a higher positioning in Google seek. They are not muddled and in the wake of understanding you can backpedal to your pages and posts and change them for better outcomes later on.

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For additional inside and out data about on-page SEO I’ll happily allude you to this incredible Whiteboard Friday video from the Moz group. It’s 11 minutes in length and it investigates a portion of the more propelled procedures you may be keen on in the wake of perusing this guide on the basics.

7 Essential On-Page SEO Elements

Title Tag and Keywords

Your title tag is the most critical component of on-page SEO that you can specifically impact. It’s what Google shows in the web search tool and those are the primary words a potential guest will see. Title label signs to Google regardless of whether your page is a solid match for the inquiry. Continuously incorporate your catchphrase in there, ideally toward the start of the title as watchwords are weighted from left to right, implying that the internet searcher puts more esteem on words that are toward the start or nearer to the start. Additionally, ensure that your page title is wrapped in the feature. This title tag sends a solid significance flag to Google and tells it what the substance is about. Most CMS stages do this naturally yet it doesn’t hurt to check. Ensure you don’t have more than one on each given page.

Try not to Leave Your Meta Descriptions Blank

Despite the fact that the meta portrayal is not about as solid of a significance motion as the title label seems to be, it’s something that clients read before they choose to tap on your connection. Google asserts that meta portrayals are not an exceptionally solid figure the computation and I do trust them. Nonetheless, I additionally realize that I generally read them. On the off chance that they are engaging, succinct, and incorporate the watchwords from my pursuit I tap on them. If not, I proceed onward. Lesson to be scholarly – dependably deliberately put your catchphrases into the meta depiction and welcome individuals to discover more by tapping on the connection.

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Be careful with Over-Stuffing Your Keyword

Watchwords are imperative; there is doubtlessly about it. Be that as it may, they are not as critical as they used to be. Google calculations are getting more brilliant and no measure of catchphrase stuffing will get you on page 1 of the SERPs. Rather, concentrate on dropping your watchword a few circumstances into the duplicate (ideally in the main passage) and after that proceed onward to complimentary and steady words. Google utilizes semantic pursuit to decide significance. This implies it’s taking a gander at the substance and attempting to survey how definitive it is. Suppose your watchword is ‘Facebook Advertising’. Rather than rehashing it 50 times in the content utilize different words, for example, ‘online networking promoting’, ‘web-based social networking publicizing rules’, ‘Face publicizing tips’, et cetera.

Compose Long Content

The motivation behind substance is vital be that as it may, as a rule, the more it is the more legitimate it is. This is particularly valid for web journals and articles – posting anything under 800 words won’t get you much activity. Individuals are looking for top to bottom substance that can undoubtedly answer their quick inquiries however to which they can backpedal to and reference when they have a need. Google knows this and, for the most part, honors lengthier pieces with better rankings.

Focus on Your External Links

Excellent pages build up a harmonious relationship when they connection and specify each other because of something many refer to as co-reference. Essentially, co –citation is one of the building pieces of semantic hunt. It signs to Google that your substance is sufficient to be gotten by others when they connection to you. On the other hand, when you put outbound connections to significant sources it signs to Google that you’ve gotten your work done and know the top players in the specialty. Then again, connections are basic civility nowadays since you can’t in any way, shape or form cover everything on your page. They allow your guests to take in more about something you’ve said from other trustworthy sources.

Connect Internally As Well

Be that as it may, do it keenly! You need to divert clients to the substance they hope to see when they tap on a connection. In case you’re simply brushing on a term in one of your posts however have a more broad review about it elsewhere definitely, connection to it. Be that as it may, don’t add pointless connections just to drive perusers to your deals or item pages – they will essentially move away on the off chance that they didn’t hope to see that. On the off chance that they get what they’ve anticipated that they are going would stick around and your abide time will build, motioning to Google that your substance can keep perusers drew in and boosting your rankings.

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Enhance Your Page Loading Time

There is definitely no reason for a moderate stacking page nowadays. There are such a variety of facilitating alternatives out there (the greater part of them cost peanuts) that if your site has stacking issues it just implies that you couldn’t care sufficiently less to settle them. It’s a noteworthy kill for clients acclimated to rapid web. Utilize exceptionally constructed devices to check your site’s stacking times and take after the proposals on the most proficient method to settle any issues you may have.

Do you have any traps up your sleeve you might want to impart to whatever is left of the world? Definitely, leave a remark underneath and let us think about your own on-page SEO strategies!

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Top 10 Best Free Blogger Templates 2016

blogger templates

Blogger is one of the oldest blogging platform which is still famous to create a blog easily. Bloggers platform have millions of users till now. Blogger is made by Google with high security and standard. To make blogger more responsive it become necessary to use best templates for blogger but you might not be aware of best free blogger templates. So today i am going to tell you about best free blogger templates of 2016 which you should try.

List of Free Blogger Templates



Boulevard is a stylish blogging template generally suitable for tutorial blog, traditional blog and magazine. This can be use for technology also. This blogger template have cool widgets and social media icons which can help in connectivity of visitors from social media.

Download this free blogger template from Here



This blogger template is best for those who like WordPress but can’t afford. You can make people confuse by this Blogger template between blogger and WordPress. This Blogger template have featured post widgets, facebook widget and many more things. If you are looking for any good template for blogger then this can be your best choice.

Download it from here



This theme can be good if you are looking for best template for blogger and simple blogger template. This template is ads friendly and fast.

Download it from here



This blogger template is for those business who can’t afford premium templates. This is professional template for small businesses (startups). Over 11,000+ downloads for the BrandX template. BrandX help you to share your business views through your website.

Download it from here



If you are designer then this template is for you. This blogger template is best for designers.

Download it from here

Better Mag


Are you willing to make magazine blog? want best blogger template for magazine blog? here is the template for you. Better mag template can be best choice for you. This magazine template can be fit for tech blog, health blog.

Download it from here



Hey techie, If you are one then this tech template for blogger is for you only. This template is perfect for tech writers.

Download it from here



Radja is best responsive blogger template. This template is fully optimized and is know as best performance template for blogger.

Download it from here

Fast Mag


If you like simple template for blogger then this is for you. This template is good for business blog, health blog.

Download it from here



Moments template for blogger is one for the best template which looks like WordPress template and can be best alternative of WordPress template to you blogspot template.

Download it from here

The above templates for blogger are good with performance.

If you know any free blogger templates share with others, Let us know in Comments

Share with others let them know about these best free blogger templates


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Best Place To Buy And Sell Domain Name 2016


Finding best place to sell your domain name or buy your domain name is really difficult today as there are plenty of websites which provide service of selling and buying domain but how do we know which is this best place to buy and sell domain. In our previous article we had discussed about Free Hosting Providers For Beginners To Start WordPress Site but today i am going to tell about best place to buy and sell domain names in 2016.

After researching some of the websites i finally came to conclusion about best site to sell domain and best site for buying domain names.

List of Websites to Buy and Sell Domains or blogs

There are a lot of service providers which help in selling you blog and let you buy blogs. Today i will let you know few.


buy and sell domains SEDO

One of the good website to sell your domain and website and buy any domain website. Listing you website is Free in sedo you just have pay commission when your website is been sold or bought by anyone



This website is best place where you can buy and sell your domain easily. You can buy premium domains and 3 word domains which is really rare to buy even finding this is hard. In this website when you list your domain to sell then other sites are also visible which are partnered with Afternic.

Free market


Free market is website of the person who is behind When you sell your site over here you just have to pay 5% commission to Free market site. As this site takes less commission then other websites which takes more commission. This is good website to buy and sell domains.

Digital point forum

digital point

This can’t be said as best site but you can buy and sell domains (in case) if you know to sell domain. It is best for persons like webmaster, bloggers. If you have good and reputed profile so it will be easier for you to sell domain and buy domain from anyone or to anyone.

Web-Hosting talk


Web-hosting talk can be said as best forum site to sell and buy domain. This forum provide best money for your website as we can sell or buy domain in auction. This site popular in buying and selling domains.

Website Broker


You can find domains to buy and sell in this website. You can find there on auction.

You can get good bid for your site as this site main purpose is to buy and sell domain.

The above given websites are known as best websites to buy and sell domains names and website. One of the growing website and famous website among peoples for buy and sell of domains is FLIPPA. Flippa is famous now a days for selling and buying website you can also try this site.

If you know any site or forum to buy domain or sell domain or website let us know.

Don’t forget to share and help others.





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How to Boost Alexa Rank and decrease Alexa Rank


Alexa ranking have become very important to bloggers now a days, Some bloggers achieve it soon but some face alot of problems to increase that So, how to boost Alexa rank rapidly?, Is there any trick to improve Alexa rank? or Can I decrease Alexa rank quickly?

There might be alot of questions comes to your mind while making blog or website, In this article i am going to share the easiest ways to boost alexa rank and decrease alexa rank.

What is Alexa Rank? And How you can improve your Alexa Rank?

According to Alexa,

Your Alexa Rank is an estimate of how popular your site is relative to all other sites.

Source – Alexa Blog

Alexa rank is a web informaton company, They rank website by various factors like traffic. Alexa is updated regularly and rank of website changes.

How Alexa Works? was found in 1996 and they collected data for ranking website through a toolbar.

How to improve Alexa Rank?

You might have criosity to know How to improve alexa rank , how to boost alexa rank or how to decrease alexa rank

Lets start decreasing alexa rank

1. Install Alexa Toolbar

Boost Alexa Rank decrease Alexa Rank improve Alexa Rank


How to Install Alexa Toolbar?

Installing Alexa toolbar is the really easy task.

2. Install Alexa Widget

Alexa toolbar sends the data to alexa server but unfortunately everyone does not install Alexa Toolbar then how to send hits to Alexa server,

Now, Widget help us to send every hits in the website to Alexa server which will help us to boost alexa rank and decrease alexa rank. Alexa widget works like an Alexa toolbar installed in your website visitor and every hit make changes your website ranking quickly.

Boost Alexa Rank decrease Alexa Rank improve Alexa Rank


How to install Alexa Widget?

Installing Alexa widget is preety easy task.

Replace with your site name and paste this code to your website where you want to place widget

<a href=><script type=text/javascript src=></script></a>

If you are using a WordPress for your website, then use Alexa Rank Widget plugin.

3. Write Unique Content

This is best advice from the many SEO experts,

Writing good content can increase the traffic of you website but writing unique content help to build relation between Readers and will increase more traffic.

Search engines like Google, bing , Yahoo and manymore love the unique content.

When you write unique content on some topics, Google gives you first spot on their page for related queries.

Most of the traffic come from the first page of the google People like to click on the first which appears in first page of any search engine.

4. Write Regularly

You should write regularly to Get more traffic and maintain alexa rank.

No one likes the DEAD content,

Ask to yourself once DO YOU LIKE DEAD CONTENT? Yeah I know you answer would be NO

Writing regularly can help you to boost Alexa rank and Decrease Alexa rank easily

Write regular Write unique

5. Share content in Social Media Sites

Sharing content in social media help to get traffic which is known as REFERRAL TRAFFIC.

The sites like Facebook, Google+ Twitter help to gain traffic.

Setup your website in Social media site.


Website traffic will increase because of Unique content.

Boost Alexa Rank and Decrease Alexa Rank

If you are doing any other method to increase Alexa Rank, then share with Us






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4 Free Hosting Providers For Beginners To Start WordPress Site


Selecting hosting for blog is tough As there are a lot of hosting providers for wordpress but are expensive. Newbies cannot afford expensive hosting so they go for free blogs service provider like Blogspot, Weebly and Wix.

Don’t you think it is better to start site with wordpress rather then changing it later and lose your traffic.

Are you willing to start quality blog with wordpress for free?

Yes you can start free wordpress blog with free hosting.

Today you are going to know about free wordpress hosting for newbies.

List of Free Hostings for WordPress


It is one the old hosting available from 2004 with advance features and better performance. This is free hosting for wordpress which newbies can try.

  • Flexible Web Hosting
  • 1 Click Software Installation
  • Advanced Web Hosting Tools
  • High Performance
  • latest version of Cpanel
  • Better customer support


This free wordpress hosting provides best featuers with Domain and Co-domain feature. Have over a decade of experience in web hosting over 1,000,000 websites hosted.

  • 200 GB monthly transfer
  • Free 24/7 support and FTP account
  • Free hosting without any ads
  • Control Panal for website
  • MySQL databases & PHP Support
  • Free Community Access
  • https SSL on all free hosting domains.


In this free hosting you can build your website with in the minutes with better features.

What this free WordPress hosting includes:

  • 200 GB bandwidth (traffic)
  • 3 PHP Versions included
  • Free Site Builder for easy access
  • POP3 Email Account
  • Host Your Own Domain with free hosting
  • Free URL
  • No Forced Ads ( ads free)


You can build your free website instantly by providing with in two minutes. Free domain included in this free hosting

  • 1000 MB of web space
  • 5000 MB of data transfer
  • 1 POP3/SMTP, Webmail
  • FTP Access, File Manager
  • PHP 5/7, MySQL 5, CGI, etc.
  • Easy Control Panel
  • FREE Domains at
  • FREE Blog & Site Builder
  • FREE Web Hosting No Ads
  • FREE Instant Account Activation

Above given are best and free WordPress hosting providers. But always remember free hosting always works for newbies not for professionals. You can host website with the high traffic in free WordPress hosting. As this hosting is free so there will be disadvantage of free hosting too.

Advantages Of Using Free WordPress Hosting Providers

  • It is cost free you not need to pay anything, You are free from monthly expenses of hosting. You free to upload anything you want in your own site.
  • Good opportunity for newbies
  • A free hosting site, No monthly payments

Disadvantages Of Using Free WordPress Hosting Providers

  • Poor customer service:  As this is free hosting so, it do not provide better customer service for their free users.
  • Limited Storage and Bandwidth: It provide limited storage to free hosting users and limited traffic. If traffic increases then website will be slow down or automatic off.
  • No Powerful SEO: SEO is main factor for any website. If you are hosting your website in free hosting providers or free hosting company that is going to affect your SEO for sure.
  • Banned Risk: There are highest risk of getting band from the hosting providers because you will not have any right to sue them. As they are providing free wordpress hosting they also have terms and conditions for same.

Suggestions from Experts

You free wordpress hosting only for learning purpose only. If you want start blog for the long term then we highly recommend to use premium WordPress hosting as this help you to sustain for the long term and will provide better performance website.

If you are using free wordpress hosting or know about free hosting provider for wordpress then let us know in comment.

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