100+ Ping Sites List to boost Your Indexing 2017 [free]


Best ping sites: If you are blogger then you must know the pain if no one recognize the work you do by spending hours in writing big articles and informative tutorials. Yes! every blogger work harder and harder to reach that level where you can earn fame from other learners. You will feel broken if you come to know no one is reading your articles and all hard work was just the wastage of time nothing else, isn’t it? Yes i know what you will feel.

So, how we can overcome that? what can be solution to get recognized and getting index our website faster?

Here, is turning point which can make you rich if you use it properly for your business. ping sites is the option you have which can add value to your link building and get something in exchange of time you are investing. There are a lot of ping sites or ping tools which can help you to index your own website faster just by few clicks. There are major SEOs companies who know there work better, use pings site or ping tools to get index their site faster with no time. There use premium services like OneHourIndexing tool. Now, this is opportunity for you to earn from your invested time by using ping websites and building links. Now before going further let us see what exactly ping sites are and how this is beneficial for your business.

What are ping sites or ping submission sites?

Pings sites are online tool which will submit your URL (given URL by you) in to search engines to let them know your website is updated. It will submit your URL to directories, content aggregators, different communities and many more.

How to use ping tools or ping site submission tools?

Using ping tools is not a hard task what you need to do is just put your URL which you want to ping then add title of the page  that’s it. Now simply click on submission or submit button. You will get mail or message of confirmation oh it’s done. Isn’t that easy?

Benefits of Pinging ?

  • Your site will be index faster in major search engines like Google, Bing etc
  • It will help your increase traffic to your blog
  • It will increase your search engine visibility
  • Web pages which are not indexed will be indexed faster and easily

Why you should use ping services?

As we seen benefits of pinging why would no one use ping sites if one can earn and increase traffic for blog. Ping tools act like bonus in world of SEO. As we all know that 80% of backlinks on internet remain deindexing because of neglecting by which many of the companies fails, Now, by ping submission sites you can make links and boost your traffic.

Is there any negative effect of pinging ?

Yes!! every things have negative effect if we use it too much, i would recommend you to use different ping sites for different URL. Using different ping tool can help you gain more like and there would not be any negative effect. Use 3 to 4 ping tool for each URL, don’t ping more then 2 URLs in one website.

Best High Authority Ping Submission sites ( high DA ping sites list )

NumberPing SitesDomain Authority (DA)Page Rank (PA)Alexa Rank

100 Ping Sites List to boost Your Indexing 2017

ping sites submission ping sites list

Number of ping sitesPing Submission Sites List

Note: I have not used all the websites in case if any site not working move to another website and enjoy blogging. This can help you earn more get more traffic and indexing faster.

Happy blogging and pinging stay away from spamming links and if you like our post then share with others let’s grow together.

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SMS Marketing vs Email Marketing – Who Will Be The Winner?


A marketing strategy is very similar with a battlefield: tools and processes fight every day to bring the desired results businesses look for. It is a battle filled with obstacles, a battle with time and sometimes, a fight in which the other part wins and the business needs to retreat and rethink its strategy.

It may seem brutal, but this is what marketers face every day. They look for the perfect ‘weapons’ to use in order to achieve the objectives of their strategy and to help businesses grow.

A really good question is how they choose the tools and how they know that they will work. It can be said that, at a certain level, the tools choose them and there is another battle between these ‘weapons’.

Let’s look, for example, at email marketing. It is a well-known tool present in the marketing field for quite some time. Used to contact people quickly and easily, it has become one of the main elements that marketers use in most of their strategies.

However, recently, email marketing gained a competitor which promises to be more efficient and to bring better results: SMS marketing. Being a newcomer on the market, this tool gained popularity quickly and has integrated in marketing strategies very well.

This is the moment when the battle between email and SMS marketing began. Both have their strengths that help businesses in their development. However, the differences between email and SMS make each tool special and represent great advantages in marketing strategies.

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Advantages and disadvantages of email marketing

One of the great advantages of email marketing is that it allows businesses to reach their target audience easily. If a company based in London, UK wants to reach their potential customers from New York, the distance between them is reduced to a matter of button clicks. This shows that email marketing enables businesses to reach their target audience globally in a matter of minutes. They can send newsletters, special offers or invitations to certain events.

Facility is another characteristic that describes email marketing. Due to the fact that it is highly used, marketers can choose from a wide range of email marketing services that will fit in their budget and offer features that will fulfill their needs.

Furthermore, because of these features, emails can be adapted to be interactive and catch the attention of the receiver. Marketers can add photographs, infographics and videos that will attract people’s interest.

Last but not least, marketers can measure the success of the email marketing campaigns. Email services offer the possibility to view open rate percentages and to compare the results of different campaigns.

It sounds so easy that it may seem too good to be true. Email marketing also comes with some disadvantages. First of all, the open rates represent a great issue. According to Hubspot, in order to have an open rate between 28 and 33%, businesses need to send between 16 and 30 campaigns per month. Thus, it shows that the process requires time and energy.

Because people are used to receiving large numbers of emails, they have transformed in an impersonal tool that marketers use. For this reason, catchy headlines and specific call to actions are vital when working on an email campaign. They need to attract the attention of the receivers and motivate them to fulfil a certain action.

Secondly, emails often reach the spam box. People receive great numbers of emails everyday which they do not open. The ones that enter spam are somehow condemned to a tragic faith.

Advantages and disadvantages of SMS marketing

Now that we have seen how email marketing functions, it is time to move to our other competitor. SMS marketing has identified the weak points of its competitor and has built itself in order to satisfy the needs that other party cannot.

The numbers illustrating the open rates of text messages speak for themselves. 99% percent of all received messages are opened. Moreover, people open them within the first 3 minutes after receiving them. This gives SMS marketing a great advantage as it somehow guarantees businesses that their target audience receives their message. In addition, businesses can obtain these numbers by sending between 4 and 6 SMS campaigns per month. This also shows the great difference in efficiency between SMS and email marketing services.

Also, the texts are generally limited to 160 characters. This can be seen as an advantage and disadvantage at the same time. Marketers need to write precise messages and get to the point quickly. They need to have immediate impact on the receivers or else, it can be perceived as an intrusive way of advertising products and services. Mobile phones are very personal items. People may need to pause an important meeting or interrupt their daily work schedule in order to read a message. This is why marketers need to make their time worth it. Nevertheless, if it is done properly, it will catch people’s attention and determine them to fulfill the desired action.

Furthermore, although we are talking about SMS, businesses can reach their target audience globally. Remember our example with the British company based in London that wanted to reach its customers from New York? They can easily use SMS marketing to achieve their goal. There are several SMS marketing services that allow businesses to reach customers from all over the world.

Due to the fact that it is a relatively new strategy, SMS marketing has its disadvantages. Comparing it with email marketing, one of its drawbacks is the difficulty to obtain people’s phone numbers. Creating a consistent database with the numbers of your target audience can be a difficult task which can take time.

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What should businesses choose?

We have discussed both parties and seen what each of them is capable of. The next big question is how businesses choose between them. There are a few guidelines that can help them determine which strategy can fulfil their needs.

The tool must align with their objectives

This is a must when deciding to use a certain tool. In order to avoid losing precious resources, marketers need to ask themselves whether this would speed the process towards achieving their goal, whether it would open new doors and possibilities.

It should be easily integrated in the marketing strategy

Any new tool that marketers start to use needs to find its place in the marketing strategy. It needs to fulfill certain roles that will bring the business closer to achieving their goals and seeing successful results.

When in doubt, ask for advice

Businesses who have used a tool or have been in a similar situation are a great resource to take into consideration when making such a decision. They can give marketers an idea of the real possibilities of a tool and guide them towards making a decision in the benefit of the business.


In the end, who is the winner of the battle? Email marketing has a strong position in the marketing field and it is widely used by several companies. On the other hand, SMS marketing is a newcomer with a great potential and it promises to fill the gaps that email marketing cannot.

It is important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of both tools before choosing to integrate them in the marketing strategy of a business. This will help marketers make a decision that will bring them closer to achieving their objectives and having satisfying results.

Who do you think is the winner of the battle? Tell us in a comment below whether email marketing or SMS marketing is a better tool.

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Top 5 Reasons Why Your Website Needs SEO


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process by which the search engines get traffic for the search results and divert it to websites. Every search engine needs an SEO and all the known names such as Google, Yahoo, etc. make use of this process. It is very crucial for the success of your website.

Today the world is a world of technology and without internet the functioning of the world cannot be imagined and internet works on some basic codes and values which provide information through various websites. These websites are listed on the search engines on the basis of certain rules and Search Engine Optimization helps websites to be listed in search results and direct traffic to them. It also makes navigation easy for the search engines and the users and increases the visibility of the websites. Every website requires search engine optimization so as to be listed in maximum search engines. If you own a website SEO is your friend.

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Reasons for opting SEO are many but I will list down top five reasons your website needs SEO.

Reasons your website needs SEO

First of all search engine lists search results based on the words entered by the user. The search engine then lists the websites related to those words. So for your website to be listed in the search results it should have the appropriate words so that the search engine can list your website when the user enters those terms. For this to happen you should optimize it by using the right keywords. The keywords should be related to your industry or the topic your website addresses so that when search related to these topics will be conducted your website will be listed. For this extensive research should be conducted so as to decipher the proper keywords which should be up to date and updated from time to time because every now and then web language changes.

Second important aspect of SEO is the use of proper document formatting language on your website, for which XML or extensible mark-up language is the best option, and not HTML. Using XML format is very important for the process of SEO. Not having a proper sitemap affects your website vehemently, no matter how effective or right the content of it is. This happens because of the way internet and search engines are designed. With the help of XML sitemap the website is listed in maximum search results which benefit its popularity.

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Third step to increase and attract traffic to your website is through internal linking which is an important step in Search Engine Optimization. Internal linking is the method by which one page is linked to another through pictures, quotes, references, notes, etc., so that when the mentioned link is clicked it lands the user on another page. Hence, internal linking is very important for your website, which can increase traffic for it. By linking your page relevantly to other webpages and websites your website increases its visibility. The ranking of the website also improves and it helps the search engine to list your website in maximum searches. It is extremely beneficial for the architecture of the website as well as helps the users to navigate well by connecting various pages. It also increases the importance of your website.

Fourth step for the websites is to avoid becoming defunct or lose value. When people create new webpages often or someone has created a new website there are chances it will not be listed and the user will receive a 404 errors (page not found), which is a standard form of Hypertext Transfer Protocol or HTTP that appears when the search engine is unable to locate the website. So to transfer traffic to your new website and not lose users and value from your old website a 301 error should be created. It redirects the users permanently to the new page even if they click a link for the old page. It is not temporary and is the best option for URL redirection.

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The last and fifth important step that should never be overlooked for a successful website is the speed. Sometimes while creating a good and visually pleasing website the speed of the website is compromised. This should never be done. It leads to a loss of traffic for your website and leaves the users frustrated. Most probably the user will leave instead of wait for the website to upload. No amount of hard work in designing a good website will help if the website takes a lot of time to load. Search engines such as Google also do not prefer listing the websites that are slower to load.

Thus, Search Engine Optimization becomes very important for the success of the website and should never be overlooked. It can decide the future of your website and if done properly can make your website very popular and preferred by the users.

Share this article with your friends and let them know about Top 5 Reasons Why Your Website Needs SEO.

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SEO Mistakes That You Can Easily Avoid 2017


SEO is short for search engine optimization, and it is considered one of the most important aspects of building up a successful blog or website. In layman’s terms, SEO is the process of making your website more visible on search engines, which is the main way in which people reach websites these days. It’s very important to have your page ranked as high as possible on Google search results, because the higher it is, the more likely it is that people are going to click on it.

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SEO is a rather complex process and there are a lot of things you need to look out for, which is why people tend to make a lot of different mistakes in this field. In order to make sure that you don’t do the same, we’ve come up with a few most common SEO mistakes that you should absolutely avoid when building up your website, so without further ado, here they are:

seo mistakes to avoid

Not Researching Keywords

As you probably already know, Google comes up with its search results by letting the user input certain keywords, and then looks for those keywords in its website database and tries to come up with data relevant to the searcher. Because of this, the easiest way to get your page noticed on Google is to use the right keywords, and in this case, the right keywords are those that people use the most when searching whatever your website is about.

You can try to guess and come up with these keywords on your own, but it’s much easier and much more effective to use a tool like Google Adwords in order to get the right ones, and use them in your content in order to draw in more readers. Keywords are the bread and butter of SEO, so it’s absolutely essential that you get this one right for the start, otherwise you’re setting up your website to fail.

Writing Low-Quality Content

Good content creators are not cheap, we’re all very aware of this, but you have to realize that without solid content that your readers will be genuinely interested in, there’s nothing to keep them on your website, share your web page with their peers on social media and eventually come back to it at a later time. Since this is your ultimate goal, low-quality rehashed content is simply not going to fly if you want your website to flourish.

It’s happened numerous times, and it will keep happening until blog owners face this ugly truth; if you skimp out on good content writers, the bulk of your website is going to be boring, unappealing and it’s not going to draw in any more writers, no matter how good you are at SEO. So make sure you find good, imaginative writers that can come up with new, relevant and original topics, and I guarantee that your readers will appreciate it.

seo mistakes to avoid

Focusing On the Wrong Links

It’s a popular opinion among certain SEO specialists nowadays that link quantity is just as important (if not more) than link quantity, and that as long as you’re out there fishing for links every single day, ultimately you’re going to get results and your page rank will rise. But they fail to realize that the quality of the link is what they should be searching for. Ultimately, your goal is to get as many readers as possible, but if you ask for links primarily from low authority websites that aren’t getting that many readers in the first place, you aren’t going to get much traffic from them. It pays off much more to go for higher-authority, trusted websites and get a link from them, however more challenging it may be, because of their much larger reader base.

Not Monitoring Search Results

One of the most important aspects of SEO isn’t just following through with all the necessary procedures such as keyword insertion and link building, it’s also evaluating search results. You’d be surprised at how many people don’t even check their page rank, or type in the keywords that they use to see how high their website is.

seo mistakes to avoid

Furthermore, you should be monitoring search results from all areas of the world (although you need to set up a VPN first or at least a proxy in order to do that), especially the area where your target audience is located. If you don’t do this, how are you going to know that any of your SEO strategies are actually working and getting you more readers worldwide?


Hopefully this article has helped you avoid some of the most common SEO mistakes that many bloggers come across in their quest for higher page rank and search engine visibility. If you have any additional SEO mistakes that you’ve made in the past, feel free to leave a comment about them below.


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Killer On Page SEO Guide: To Rank On First Page of Google 2017


Every people have different views for on page SEO. You might heard some or using some but have you ever thought what should be perfect on page SEO to rank on first page of google.

If you are really looking for some awesome and practical on page SEO techniques to use on your site and increase your rank in Google, then i will let you know best Killer On page SEO techniques.

On page SEO is important factor in world of SEO one can’t compromise for this. As per experts views it is important to focus on “On page SEO” that can help you get more traffic to your blog.

Before starting our on page SEO checklist look at the definition of On page SEO what it is?

What is On Page SEO?

On-page SEO is to optimize web pages to rank higher on search engines and getting traffic which we have targeted. Opposite of On-page SEO is Off-Page SEO which means other external signals.

Killer On Page SEO Guide Steps

1. SEO friendly URL should be used

As per Google 2 and 3 word keyword URL have given more importance. We have to use short and effective URL to make our post rank easier.

URL should always include your focus keyword which you want to rank.

For Example:

Not Recommended

Ugly URL:

Long URL:


on page seo guide

2. Start Title with Your focus Keyword

Title of the post is important on page SEO factor. According to expert view focus keyword in starting of title puts more weight in search engines to rank your post in first page.


It is not always important to put keyword on starting of your title. But try to put keyword you are willing to rank for in beginning of your titleClick To Tweet

3. Always try to use Modifiers in your Title

Ranking short keyword is really competitive so you can rank for your keyword by adding Modifiers to you title. Use Modifiers like “2016” and “Guide”.


4. Add Your Focus Keyword in H2

You have to add you focus keyword in atleast one or two sub headings.

Adding keyword to sub heading will help you make your post more powerful in terms of On page SEO. According to experts this is important On page SEO factor to add keyword in sub headings like H2 and H3


5. Use Keyword In First 100 Words

Your focus keyword should be there in 100 words or 150 words of your post. It should be in starting of your post.


Putting keywords in first paragraph is natural for all writers. It is more important to make google understand what your post is about.

6. Use Responsive Theme

Your website should be User Friendly. Google give importance to user friendly site which are responsive.

What is Responsive Design Website?

Website which works in all devices like Android phone, Apple iPhone, Tablets and Computer and give better user experience to visitors.

  • If your site is not mobile friendly yet so make it now.
  • It is highly recommended to use responsive design theme for your website

You can have a look what Google require for Mobile friendly website.

7. Outbound Links

Use outbound links in your post. This will help google to know what your post is about.

This strategy is simple and white hat SEO to get more traffic to your website. White hat SEO means good and harmless technique.

Note: You should use High Authority Outbound link because using bad links affect your website.

Use 2 – 4 outbound links in 1000 words post.

8. Use Internal Link

Internal links are those links which links your one post to another. Using internal links decrease your bounce rate which is good sign for ranking in search engines.

Best Example of Internal Links


Wikipedia is best example for internal links. This website is on top in internal links and should be because its Wikipedia. You just have to use 2 – 3 links in post.

9. Site Speed Matters

Your website speed is important factor for ranking. Read how can you increase your website speed.

If your website is speedy then it is good signal for SEO according to google. If your speed is not good then you can boost your website speed by using CDN, Compressing images, browser caching and Using premium hosting.


You can use Google Speed test

There are a a lot of plugins available if you are WordPress user. Caching, CDN and Optimize image increases your website speed.

10. LSI Keywords

LSI keyword stands for Latent Semantic Indexing. You should spread LSI keywords in your full post.

How can i get LSI keywords?


When i searched for On Page SEO then Google suggested few words which other people searches like On page seo techniques, on page seo checklist, on page seo factors and on page seo tutorial.

Add few of them in your post.

11. Optimize Image

Make sure image in your post contain you focus keyword as Alternative text.


Alternative text help you rank your image in Google images and help in ranking.

12. Use Social buttons

Social buttons may not be important for On page SEO but is important to get traffic and is good sign for ranking.

Placing social media button in post will help you increase your sales and will boost your income. Read also: how Social media can increase your eCommerce business


13. Long Post Content

After various experiments on Google ranking the result all experts got is really great for ranking.

Generally if your post is long with quality you can rank in first page.

Trying to make your all content 1000+ words can make your post rank in first page of google. More words with quality= More rank

For Example:

2000 words article in 1# Position

1700 words article in 2# positon

1400 words article in 3# position

Few more important Killer On Page SEO factors

They all thing is about content, Quality of content matter. If your content have high quality then you will not be in problem and will not get in ranking.

But how Google came to know about your Quality? How Google measure it?

  • Visitors again visit your site
  • Good time on site
  • Bookmarks
  • Searches of your Brand name in Google

This full post about On page SEO techniques will help you rank higher in google and will let you understand all the things about On page SEO factors. This On Page SEO guide is specially for beginners who are knowledge less about  SEO World.

If You like our post and think this can be beneficial for all others then don’t forget to Share.


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7 On-Page SEO Techniques that Leads in 2017


On-Page SEO Techniques: The online commercial center of today is to a great degree uproarious. Having a web nearness may have been sufficient 15 years prior – you would basically cobble a site page together and blast, you would get activity, connections, and clients. Sadly, it doesn’t work like that any longer. Google, the world’s driving internet searcher, is getting more astute incrementally. Positioning redesigns, for example, Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird, and all the more as of late, Rankbrain, are making it exceptionally hard to rank in each and every specialty. All specialties are swarmed and Google is occupied with conveying the most ideal outcomes for each inquiry question. Stuffing a cluster of catchphrases on a page doesn’t work like it used to because of co-event and co-reference – it’s about semantics and pertinence.

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More or less, Google increased its amusement significantly and is keeping on doing as such all the time. In the event that you need to remain above water you should take after their lead.

What Exactly is On-Page SEO?

Essentially, on-page SEO implies enhancing singular pages skillfully so they consistently rank high in the web search tools and get pertinent activity. It’s about substance and the HTML source code. It’s approached page in light of the fact that both of those things are straightforwardly affected by you as the website admin, instead of off-page SEO that considers inbound connections and other outer elements.

On-page SEO considers a ton of things yet it’s turning out to be progressively subject to pertinence. Google is worried with finding out the most significant solution to the question in the briefest conceivable measure of time and calculations are intended to perceive client aim and assess regardless of whether your page will have the capacity to give the most ideal response to the searcher.

Today will concentrate on-page SEO basics that you should do appropriate keeping in mind the end goal to accomplish a higher positioning in Google seek. They are not muddled and in the wake of understanding you can backpedal to your pages and posts and change them for better outcomes later on.

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For additional inside and out data about on-page SEO I’ll happily allude you to this incredible Whiteboard Friday video from the Moz group. It’s 11 minutes in length and it investigates a portion of the more propelled procedures you may be keen on in the wake of perusing this guide on the basics.

7 Essential On-Page SEO Elements

Title Tag and Keywords

Your title tag is the most critical component of on-page SEO that you can specifically impact. It’s what Google shows in the web search tool and those are the primary words a potential guest will see. Title label signs to Google regardless of whether your page is a solid match for the inquiry. Continuously incorporate your catchphrase in there, ideally toward the start of the title as watchwords are weighted from left to right, implying that the internet searcher puts more esteem on words that are toward the start or nearer to the start. Additionally, ensure that your page title is wrapped in the feature. This title tag sends a solid significance flag to Google and tells it what the substance is about. Most CMS stages do this naturally yet it doesn’t hurt to check. Ensure you don’t have more than one on each given page.

Try not to Leave Your Meta Descriptions Blank

Despite the fact that the meta portrayal is not about as solid of a significance motion as the title label seems to be, it’s something that clients read before they choose to tap on your connection. Google asserts that meta portrayals are not an exceptionally solid figure the computation and I do trust them. Nonetheless, I additionally realize that I generally read them. On the off chance that they are engaging, succinct, and incorporate the watchwords from my pursuit I tap on them. If not, I proceed onward. Lesson to be scholarly – dependably deliberately put your catchphrases into the meta depiction and welcome individuals to discover more by tapping on the connection.

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Be careful with Over-Stuffing Your Keyword

Watchwords are imperative; there is doubtlessly about it. Be that as it may, they are not as critical as they used to be. Google calculations are getting more brilliant and no measure of catchphrase stuffing will get you on page 1 of the SERPs. Rather, concentrate on dropping your watchword a few circumstances into the duplicate (ideally in the main passage) and after that proceed onward to complimentary and steady words. Google utilizes semantic pursuit to decide significance. This implies it’s taking a gander at the substance and attempting to survey how definitive it is. Suppose your watchword is ‘Facebook Advertising’. Rather than rehashing it 50 times in the content utilize different words, for example, ‘online networking promoting’, ‘web-based social networking publicizing rules’, ‘Face publicizing tips’, et cetera.

Compose Long Content

The motivation behind substance is vital be that as it may, as a rule, the more it is the more legitimate it is. This is particularly valid for web journals and articles – posting anything under 800 words won’t get you much activity. Individuals are looking for top to bottom substance that can undoubtedly answer their quick inquiries however to which they can backpedal to and reference when they have a need. Google knows this and, for the most part, honors lengthier pieces with better rankings.

Focus on Your External Links

Excellent pages build up a harmonious relationship when they connection and specify each other because of something many refer to as co-reference. Essentially, co –citation is one of the building pieces of semantic hunt. It signs to Google that your substance is sufficient to be gotten by others when they connection to you. On the other hand, when you put outbound connections to significant sources it signs to Google that you’ve gotten your work done and know the top players in the specialty. Then again, connections are basic civility nowadays since you can’t in any way, shape or form cover everything on your page. They allow your guests to take in more about something you’ve said from other trustworthy sources.

Connect Internally As Well

Be that as it may, do it keenly! You need to divert clients to the substance they hope to see when they tap on a connection. In case you’re simply brushing on a term in one of your posts however have a more broad review about it elsewhere definitely, connection to it. Be that as it may, don’t add pointless connections just to drive perusers to your deals or item pages – they will essentially move away on the off chance that they didn’t hope to see that. On the off chance that they get what they’ve anticipated that they are going would stick around and your abide time will build, motioning to Google that your substance can keep perusers drew in and boosting your rankings.

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Enhance Your Page Loading Time

There is definitely no reason for a moderate stacking page nowadays. There are such a variety of facilitating alternatives out there (the greater part of them cost peanuts) that if your site has stacking issues it just implies that you couldn’t care sufficiently less to settle them. It’s a noteworthy kill for clients acclimated to rapid web. Utilize exceptionally constructed devices to check your site’s stacking times and take after the proposals on the most proficient method to settle any issues you may have.

Do you have any traps up your sleeve you might want to impart to whatever is left of the world? Definitely, leave a remark underneath and let us think about your own on-page SEO strategies!

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Top 10 Best Free Blogger Templates 2016

blogger templates

Blogger is one of the oldest blogging platform which is still famous to create a blog easily. Bloggers platform have millions of users till now. Blogger is made by Google with high security and standard. To make blogger more responsive it become necessary to use best templates for blogger but you might not be aware of best free blogger templates. So today i am going to tell you about best free blogger templates of 2016 which you should try.

List of Free Blogger Templates



Boulevard is a stylish blogging template generally suitable for tutorial blog, traditional blog and magazine. This can be use for technology also. This blogger template have cool widgets and social media icons which can help in connectivity of visitors from social media.

Download this free blogger template from Here



This blogger template is best for those who like WordPress but can’t afford. You can make people confuse by this Blogger template between blogger and WordPress. This Blogger template have featured post widgets, facebook widget and many more things. If you are looking for any good template for blogger then this can be your best choice.

Download it from here



This theme can be good if you are looking for best template for blogger and simple blogger template. This template is ads friendly and fast.

Download it from here



This blogger template is for those business who can’t afford premium templates. This is professional template for small businesses (startups). Over 11,000+ downloads for the BrandX template. BrandX help you to share your business views through your website.

Download it from here



If you are designer then this template is for you. This blogger template is best for designers.

Download it from here

Better Mag


Are you willing to make magazine blog? want best blogger template for magazine blog? here is the template for you. Better mag template can be best choice for you. This magazine template can be fit for tech blog, health blog.

Download it from here



Hey techie, If you are one then this tech template for blogger is for you only. This template is perfect for tech writers.

Download it from here



Radja is best responsive blogger template. This template is fully optimized and is know as best performance template for blogger.

Download it from here

Fast Mag


If you like simple template for blogger then this is for you. This template is good for business blog, health blog.

Download it from here



Moments template for blogger is one for the best template which looks like WordPress template and can be best alternative of WordPress template to you blogspot template.

Download it from here

The above templates for blogger are good with performance.

If you know any free blogger templates share with others, Let us know in Comments

Share with others let them know about these best free blogger templates


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