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    For most homes in the warmest climate regions their air conditioning can cause more electricity consumption than ever which rounds up to 70 percent of the entire bill. You can somehow reduce this load by changing your air conditioning habits. These are some of the air conditioning mistakes people make and some solution to reduce usage and electric bills.

    Mistakes to Avoid while buying Air conditioner

    1: Buying Big Capacity Air Conditioner

    Many people tend to get a bigger air conditioner so they could have their home made colder much faster but unfortunately an oversize air conditioner cannot produce unchanging temperatures or reduce humidity as quick as you want. Its cycling won’t run proper as it will run on and off frequently due to reaching to its maximum cooling point. Also, a unit may not need to be too small to cool the space. To get an appropriate sized air conditioner for your desired room you can always get the information from the Consumer Reports worksheet.

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    2: Placement of Air Conditioner in Warm Spot

    Placement of Air Conditioner is important as the placement plays an important role for cooling of the entire space. For some people, it might seem convenient to put their units on the southwest side of your house which will cause your air conditioner to work extremely hard. You can instead install your air conditioner in a spot on either east or north side where the unit will receive lesser direct sunlight.

    3: Hiding Your Air Conditioner

    Air conditioners need to be placed where it gets proper ventilation, so don’t try to hide your unit behind any bushes or other plants as it will delay its ventilation or may clog the condenser coils which can make the air conditioner run less competently. 

    4: Ignoring Maintenance

    Air conditioners are deceivingly self-sufficient many owners ignore their basic maintenance that improves the efficiency extends the unit’s life time. You need to clean or replace air conditioner’s filters in every two months. If you use your unit more often then you need to check the filters more often. Also, you need to check the evaporator coil once a year and clean it. Drain channels do get clogged sometimes and doesn’t pass the water properly. You can run stiff wire through the drain channels weekly and have a look at the seals of the windows around the room every year.

    5: Non-stop usage of Air Conditioner

    Keeping your air conditioner on the whole day lessens its life. You can use the thermostat or unit timer on your air conditioner to cool off your house before you reach home. This is much better and cheaper way for your unit to work efficiently rather than leaving them running the whole day.

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    6: Blindly Closing Unused Vents

    Opinions will vary on the effectiveness of closing vents or doors of unused rooms but in many cases it can decrease the power of your central air conditioning system. You would need to consult with an expert for your ventilation system of the house and which areas are necessary and unnecessary for closing vents or doors.

    7: Turning the Temperature Way Down

    Don’t come home and turn the thermostat your Air conditioner unit down to 70 degrees if you are comfortable at another temperature. It will not make your body to that temperature any faster but instead it will just skip that desired temperature and waste more energy getting towards excessively low temperatures.

    8: Heating Up the Thermostat

    Make sure your unit is not too close to such as lamps, televisions, stereos or other units that generates heat to accidentally drive up the temperature of the thermostat that may overwork the air conditioner than its normal usage.

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    9: Not Buying Right Brand according To Your Range

    Every Air conditioner varies in features and price range so you need to see which model is the right choice for you. If you go online and search you will see many companies offering you Air conditioner like Samsung Air Conditioners also provide you variety of units with variable prices. You would need to see your preference and then get yourself the right choice for your house.

    10: Using Exhaust Fans with Air Conditioners

    Exhaust fans in the kitchen or bathroom can push cool and conditioned air out of the house which results in lesser cooling performance for your unit so make sure these exhaust fans should not be used when the unit is switched on. They should be used only necessary during the summers.

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    11: Considering Right Price For Your Air Conditioner Unit

    Looking for the right capacity should also be considered but also looking for the right price for the right unit is also everyone’s top priority. Every Air Conditioner has different price range from its capacity to its features, you can always have a survey by visiting physical stores to see which A/C unit is under your budget and has the best features to offer. Many physical stores do offer higher or lower price as well depending on the season and the demand of the Air conditioners. Make sure you visit every authorized dealer’s website to check out their prices before visiting any of their stores, or you can search for the prices online as well. You can always search by putting right concerns on the internet for e.g “Samsung Air Conditioner Price in Pakistan” or “Haier Air Conditioner Price” and queries related to that to so you can get the accurate information before you can decide to purchase.

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