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    Twitter accounts is a helpful resource for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Not only is this form of social media a great marketing tool, but it is also a way to stay in the loop and learn new and intriguing information. Following fellow entrepreneurs, as well as your competition, can help you keep tabs on current business practices. Here are 21 small business Twitter accounts to follow:


    NYT Small Businesses (@NYTSmallBiz): From the Small Business section of the New York Times, the NYT Small Businesses Twitter account provides helpful information and tips for small business owners, as well as a place for business owners to meet likeminded colleagues and collaborate.


    Startup Nation (@StartupNation): Startup Nation is a place where small businesses can find business tips, tricks, and resources. They often tweet helpful content, as well as promotional discounts and coupons.


    Anita Campbell (@smallbiztrends): Anita Campbell is the CEO of the Small Biz Trends magazine. She tweets helpful content that inspires business owners and entrepreneurs daily.


    John Jantsch (@ducttape): John Jantsch is a small business marketing consultant. His Twitter is full of relevant advice and marketing inspiration for small businesses.


    Small Business Administration (@SBAgov): This is the official Twitter account for the government administration. The SBA will tweet about current news and events that affect small businesses, as well as share tips and resources for small business owner’s to take advantage of.

    Top Rank (@toprank): Top Rank is an online marketing business. Top Ranks shares tons of news, information, and tips for using SEO, social media, and email marketing on their twitter feeds.


    Ramit Sethi (@Ramit): Ramit Sethi is the bestselling author who wrote the book “I Will Teach You to be Rich”. He mainly focuses on teaching users how to turn their hobbies into cash, but his words of wisdom can be used by entrepreneurs and small business owners alike.


    Chris Del Grande (@valuedmercants): Chris Del Grande is the founder of Valued Merchants. His Twitter feed is filled with information retweeted from general Twitter accounts that apply to small business owners.


    Kelly Lovell (@kellyalovell): Kelly Lovell started her first business at the age of 19. Now a motivational speaker and has created and produced a TV show. She is an inspiration for women entrepreneurs everywhere.


    Melinda Emerson (@smallbizlady): Melinda Emerson uses her Twitter to inspire small business owner’s everywhere. With the hashtag #SmallBizChat, she is always interviewing small business experts for the newest and most accurate advice.


    O-Desk (@odesk): O-Desk has become the online resource for freelancers everywhere, Upwork. The O-Desk Twitter shares valuable information on the freelance market. It is a helpful resource for freelancers and businesses who hire freelancers alike.


    Harvard Business Review (@HarvardBiz): The Harvard Business Review is known for their insights to the business world. The information they share comes in the medium of blog posts, statistics, and tips and tricks.


    Kabbage (@kabbage): Kabbage is a finance solution for small businesses. On Twitter, they offer financial advice, statistics, and words of wisdom that applies to small businesses everywhere.


    Copyblogger (@copyblogger): Copyblogger is a business that helps other small businesses focus on content marketing. With the wide known success of content marketing, the valuable statistics and helpful advice shared on the Copyblogger Twitter will come in handy to many businesses.


    The Alternative Board (@TAB_Boards): The Alternative Board provides consulting and coaching to small businesses everywhere. Their Twitter is no different. On Twitter, the Alternative Board shares helpful news on webinars and events.


    Rosabeth Moss Kanter (@RosabethKanter): Rosabeth Kanter is a Harvard Business school professor. Her expertise is in leadership and she shares tips with her followers on successfully leading small businesses every day.


    Your Business Pal (@yourbusinesspal): This company offers small businesses help in planning content from business plans to marketing materials, and their Twitter offers the same advice.


    Mark Suster (@msuster): Mark Suster has had a part of two successful businesses and he shares his knowledge of the inner workings of the business world through his blog and Twitter account.


    Tim Berry (@TimBerry): Time Berry has created software, websites, and books, and he tweets about the various viewpoints of the business world, including contemplating the view point of competitors.


    Bernadeen McLeod (@Bernadeen): Bernadeen McLeod has worked almost two decades as an executive and general manager. She coaches small businesses when they need help and they can look to her Twitter account as helpful resources.


    Brad Feld (@bfeld): Brad Feld invests in software and internet groups, so he knows what to look for in new and upcoming businesses. He shares his insights on business trends and what to invest in on Twitter.


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