4 Factors to Keep in Mind When Creating Video Content for a Blog3 min read


    As the popularity of videos continue to rise and blogs start to be populated by more and more pieces of video content – odds are you’re already producing some of your own, or thinking really hard about doing so. In either case, you need to keep several crucial factors in mind when you’re creating video content for a blog:

    • Find topics that are genuinely interesting or beneficial to your audience
    The right topics can make or break the video content that you publish on your blog. As a starting point, you should research your target market and find out what they like, dislike, what problems they may be facing, and so on.

    It may help to scope out your competitors as well, to see what type of content they are publishing. When you do that you can gauge the response of your target market to that content, and figure out what you can do better.

    • Audio quality is just as important as video quality
    People often emphasize video quality so much that they overlook the quality of their audio – but it is actually just as important. If you want your video as a whole to appear high quality, its audio needs to be crisp and clear. It is worth considering investing in a high quality microphone that will ensure your voiceovers sound great.

    • Being authentic is better than being expensive
    Contrary to popular belief it doesn’t take a thousand-dollar budget to create videos for a blog, especially not if you keep things simple. In any case it is better that your videos feel authentic than expensive, as viewers will respond more to them.

    A simple vlog recorded using a webcam can be more effective than a video laden with special effects – so long as viewers find it more genuine.

    • Emotions are the key to engaging viewers
    If you want to engage viewers, you need to prick their emotions and get them to react. That is why funny, shocking, inspiring, or surprising videos tend to attract so many comments on blogs.

    There are many ways to provoke emotional reactions, including videos of funny outtakes, telling a story with a twist, or even passionately talking about a topic that means a lot to you.

    While it doesn’t take a big budget to come up with blog video content, it will help to try using Movavi Video Editor. It is an easy to use video editor that will let you compile your footage and come up with impressive video content. In fact you could even remove sound from video and replace it, to ensure the audio quality is high.

    Needless to say there are lots of other features in Movavi Video Editor that will help you enhance your video quality, add subtitles, apply filters and special effects, insert animated transitions, and more. All in all it will give you everything you need to create high quality video content that looks like it has been professionally produced and is perfect for your blog.


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