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    We use a lot of portable devices with our computer, laptop or sell phones. Some may be connected via wire, & some have specific ports to use. Like USB flash drive is one of those plugs and play devices which is being used in daily routine life. It has specific ports for usage with electronic devices like computer, laptop or smart phones. So while using flash drive sometimes we face some common issue regarding connectivity, support or any technical you name it.

    For those common issues in your custom USB flash, we’ve solutions as well for you. All you need to read this post with full concentration and get your desired solution.

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    Issue#1: USB Device not recognized:

    Let’s start with most common error we face while using USB flash drive; “USB Drive not recognized”


    • Turn off your computer, and the restart, hope it may work.
    • Remove the USB device drivers and re-install the latest version. The path follows to right click on My Computer>Device Manager>Unknown Device. For update drivers: Control panel> System and security

    Issue#2: Audio Stops working:

    When you’re working on a computer, sometimes its audio stops working. But you see the video is just fine. So what is the solution to it?


    • Update audio device driver.
    • You should clean the junk files present in the registry. Use Ccleaner.

    Issue#3: Disk not formatted:

    This error is the most frustrating while you’re working an important task on the computer & try to format the USB flash drive and it shows message; “Disk not formatted”. So how can you solve this issue?


    • Open up a command prompt, and write this command: format R: /q this will solve your issue, I hope so.
    • Try usb flash drive with other computer or device. Sometimes there is a computer issue in manufacturing drivers.

    Issue#4: Ejecting USB Device storage:

    This error comes when you plug-in USB and its shows a pop-up message Problem ejecting USB mass storage device. The solution is given below for it:


    • Use software LockHunter. It can be downloaded via its official site Google it. When install, run it, browse the drives or folder you want to open.

    So these were 4 common sub-issues with their solutions. Hope you like it. If you’ve any query related to this particular article, feel free to comment below. Give a quick social buzz by share this article. Thanks!

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