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If you’re planning to buy a new smartphone but confused to select out of so many alternatives in the market definitely needs some guidance. This article will go through those necessary things that you should know before buying a smartphone.

Selecting the right smartphone is not so easy when you know that there are so many options in the market. Every other handset looks different and unique, making it even harder to select your correct choice. First thing first you need to analyze what exactly you want from the device and the price in which you are willing to pay for it. While you are at it you must be practical and logical about balancing between the features you want and the price you are willing to pay.

You can easily do that by browsing online websites. Many of them offer number of filters to shorten the list and gives you only the priority wise listing of the phones that you always wanted to buy so let’s take a look and discuss few things before buying your perfect smartphone.

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Things to know before buying any smartphone

Operating System

You can find many Operating Systems but the top three Operating Systems are Apple IOS, Google Android and Microsoft Windows Phone. Before selecting the Operating System you need to see the pros and cons of them.

Android does have the most share of the market and its launch of Android Lollipop 5.0 especially on Samsung Mobiles, it has enhanced the Operating System and offers smoothest experience ever and also offers the highest number of apps in the play store.

Apple IOS offers the most sophisticated look and with iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus recently launched with the latest version iOS 10. The IOS gets the most trendy apps and games but the IOS only comes in Apple products and doesn’t have variety like Android.

Windows Phone Operating System is still evolving which is behind the IOS and Android in apps and games variety. Windows Phone still has long way to go and reach a large market share but is also a good choice for people who needs something new and different operating system and also like really good camera phones.

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 Hardware Configuration

Now let’s move on to the hardware specifications like the processor and RAM. In order to decide the requirement of hardware you want on your phone, you need to see how much usage you have for the phone. It is imperious to know how much usage you would have for the phone like multitasking, editing, documenting, pictures, games, browsing etc.

Once you get to know the usage, you can decide whether you want a high-end premium phone, mid-range or within the budget. If you want to play high definition games then you may want to have a high grade processor like qualcomm snapdragon 810 with 2GB of RAM to go with it. If you need to do only browsing the internet and e-mails then a sufficient dual core processor with 512MB of RAM would be sufficient.

  Internal storage and Expandable Memory

You can purchase any smartphone with the best hardware specifications it offers but if it doesn’t have good memory space then it’s not good at all. Any phone with good hardware specifications also need good internal memory storage in order to make your phone function properly. With further SD card slot option adds extra points on that phone automatically. Before purchasing your best combination phone you need to see your usage and how much of space you initially want to save up your pictures, documents, files. Many phones now offer storage from minimum 2GB to maximum 128GB of internal space. You can also add up extra space with the SD card slot option.

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Screen size and Quality

When it comes to size of display screen, everyone has different views on it. Some people prefer small display screen to enable them to put up privacy matter and also small screen display looks very appropriate to them. On the other hand, some people like large screen display to enjoy browsing and use full capacity of its interface and play games on High Definition display.

Besides the size, quality has also an important role to play. Any smartphone with low display resolution won’t be able to make you enjoy the videos or games. On the other hand, videos may not look good on smartphones with large screen but have a low pixel resolution. Looking for a smartphone with appropriate screen size and quality is as important that puts up the right balance of screen quality and size as well.


For number of people the camera is a very much important factor to look at as any smartphone won’t be complete without a nice camera. Most smartphones come equipped with a least 5 Megapixels and then the Megapixels increases according to the phone models as well. Although Megapixel does counts on the quality of the camera but as far as quality of images is concerned it may not be the sole criteria for that.

A lot of factors counts that you have to pay attention to like optical zoom. Any camera with lower megapixels offering more optical image stabilization or optical zoom is much a better option than a phone that doesn’t offers any of this.

Pricing and Budget

The budget could be the biggest and most important part when it comes making the final decision while you also make important decisions by not letting go good options with small price differences. Keeping it for how long can also be taken in to an account if you are acquiring a smartphone which comes not so cheap.

Moreover, you can also make use of various price comparisons online on various websites that give you good insight before you make any decision for the specific smartphone. To get the best price of the phone, you can always use many filters on the website from highest to lowest. More appropriate thing can also be to look for yourself and approach to different physical stores where you can check the phone in person and decide which price is the best for it.

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