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    Meta Tags

    Meta tags optimization is a pivotal aspect that every SEO marketer should consider while optimizing their site for Google and other search engines. Since Meta tags are the key elements of on-page SEO optimization, make sure you understand its influence over search engine ranking. So, here in this post, we will share a complete guide on how meta tags influence SEO and know whether it plays a crucial role in determining Google ranking or not

    Meta Tags

    Meta Tags

    Meta tags are small pieces of text that give a very brief information about your web page’s content. These Meta tags are used to let the search engines find what a web page is all about.


    You can add them to the <head> section of your HTML page to help search engines grab all the information related to your page’s content quickly and efficiently. This means they are only visible either to the search engines or to those who know where they are located (in the page’s code).


    Well, there are three major aspects of Meta tags, including:


    1. Title Tag

      Meta Tags

    It is the title text displayed in search engine listings to let search engines, as well as searchers, find your post/page title easily. The title tag is showed in the ‘View Page Source of a web page like this:

    <title>Paste your Title here</title>


    1. Meta Description Tag

      Meta Tags

    Meta Description tag includes a short summary about a web page. This is where you add all the necessary information about your site in brief. Make sure it is not too long because the search engines read a certain number of words. It should look like this:

    <meta name= “description” content= “add a brief summary of your site here”/>


    1. Meta Keywords

    In this particular section, you add all the keywords relevant to your site/web page. These keywords will help you get higher ranking on SERPs. So, make sure you use relevant and search-engine friendly keywords for your site. It should appear like this:

    <meta name=”keywords” content=”Zactic SEO, Google, Search, etc”/>

    These three aspects create your meta tags.

    Importance of Meta Tags

    Meta Tags

    Search engines read meta tags to determine whether the description, title, and keywords are relevant to the visible content or not. Are your specific keywords mentioned on your web page? Is your meta description describing the summary of your content effectively?

    This means search engines, somehow, considers meta tags while crawling and indexing your web pages.


    Do Meta Tags Influence/Impact SEO?

    Of course, they were considered as key elements in determining search engine ranking. But when users started abusing their use in getting a higher rank on SERPs, Google decided to keep the Meta tags out of the ranking factors. But it doesn’t mean they are not essential anymore. They still play a crucial role in getting better SEO ranking.


    However, getting a higher rank on Google search result page in 2017 has more influence on how relevant and quality content you add on your site instead of meta tag optimization.  Google and other search engines still read Metadata to take summarized idea about your site and also know what types of keywords you are using.


    Role of Meta Tags in SEO

    Meta Data/Tags give more convenient and easy way to search engines to collect more information about all the web pages instantly. But the chances are high that they get spammed if their use is unlimited. So make sure you limit on their own while ranking documents on the web.


    In fact, Google would search for abuse in the Meta tag and even penalize it – which could bring worse results for your website. So, we can say, Google may consider metadata to classify web pages or to display information about the page in search engine results pages, but it is not one of the key factors in SEO page ranking.



    While search engines don’t consider Meta tags as vital aspects of page ranking, it holds a crucial place as the search engine crawlers validate their relevancy with your web pages as well as your site’s niche.

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