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    Below featured are some apps which are recommended to be installed before the year 2016 comes to an end.

    Google Drive Suite

    This is in regards to a cloud storage aspect which offer new users 15 GB for free when signing up. This is amazing as having a lot of storage space in the mobile phone is a good thought if the user stores a lot of information like music, photos etc. The fantastic part comes when the user has the choice to purchase more as per their necessities.

    Google Drive encompasses Google Photos, Google Sheets, Google Keep and the very handy/ important Google Docs. This features Android Apps which are related to productivity which is cost-free. It is adaptable and congruent with Microsoft Office files and other such aspects.

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    Fingerprint Gestures

    In all the revolutionary aspects which mobile phones have launched in the previous years, the fingerprint scanner is the most favored one currently to the fact that it is implemented on laptops and desktops. Discarding the various machinations revolving around this fingerprint scanner, the fact is that having a fingerprint scanner on the user’s mobile would be similar to that of the touchscreen in 2 years.

    With this said, Fingerprint Gestures is one among the favored Android Apps to be installed, which enriches the user with the fascinating working of this attribute moreover with the elegant method of opening the phone. This app permits users to set a single tap, double tap and the swiping of the scanner to various other things. Concluding this captivating app is free of cost.


    Irrespective of whether the user is young or old, there are busy times where some assistance is needed to prompt the user to do things in a structured format. Typically smartphones provide an answer in the form of a calendar or a note blog where everything can be entered so that the mobile can be inspected at a later time. However, this has ended up as a big flop.

    Answer for this problem comes in the form of one of the best apps of 2016Wunderlist. It is a type of virtual assistant which aids the users in getting things /tasks done properly and in order. This app offers a free version where the fundamental functionalities are provided along with a paid version which concentrates on business people.

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