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    We’re back with another great post of best android apps of January 2017. As  our new year is full of surprises, previous year great android apps were released and we can hope much better apps this year. Developers has created amazing apps in 2016 and do you know what? 2017 have just started and we have got some best android apps in play store.

    In this article we have collected various application from various categories just for you. we have covered Business,  Finance, Games, Lifestyle, Dating, Music & Audio, Productivity and Tools. so lets begin with our article best android apps of January 2017 in play store.

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    Best Android Apps in Play store 2017

    1. 1600

    1600 App

    Let’s start with 1600 android app developed by White House Historical Association. Once you have installed app successfully, All you need to do is just tap “Startpoint your camera at George Washington on one dollar bill. then a model of white house will appear which will help you explore white house and let you know about it.

    [appbox googleplay com.whha.sixteenhundred&hl=en]

    2. Clip Layer

    Clip Layer
    Clip Layer

    You might be facing problem in some apps and websites of copying text. This problem occur because developer of app and website have blocked coping text. Now with the help of Clip Layer you can copy any text even if that is blocked, This is Microsoft Garage Project which can be launched in any screen which help you to select and copy the content with simple and few taps.

    [appbox googleplay]

    3. FastKey Launcher

    Fastkey Launcher
    FastKey Launcher

    launchers are best way to change device interface, There are a lot of launchers available in play store and this is really hard to find which is best to download. Yes today we have filtered and got one of the good launcher, Feature like vivid themes offer by this launcher make it unique. Themes include best flat icons and sweet icon-packs. This launcher is light weight which makes this launcher faster and give maximum performance. It will give good user experience.

    [appbox googleplay io.fastkey.launcher&hl=en]

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    4. Direct TV NOW

    Direct TV NOW
    Direct TV NOW

    Direct TV Now is standalone streaming service for Live TV and full of on demand entertainment. You can use this app for local news, sports, events, and shows and your favorite TV series.

    [appbox googleplay]

    5. Event From Facebook

    Events by Facebook
    Events by Facebook

    Facebook have created separate android application which will help you to know all event activity in just one app. This app don’t have any additional feature but all features of previous app have merged in one app. Now quickly get any event info with few taps.

    [appbox googleplay com.facebook.Socal]

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    6. Avast Antivirus & Security


    This world is full of hackers, Yes you are in risk protect your android device now and protect from being hacked. This application is famous for protecting from virus, malware, pop ups and unwanted ads. You will get alert when install virus infected file, spyware and adware apps that send your personal data to other web servers. Secure your device from phishing attacks. This app is being installed 100 millions time.

    [appbox googleplay]

    7. Next Lock Screen


    Next Lock Screen is Microsoft Garage project developed by Arrow launcher ( simple launcher for android device ). This app is simple and professional lock screen which will protect your android device from wanted access by others. It is one of the best productivity locker app.

    [appbox googleplay]

    8. Gfycat Loops

    gfycat loop
    gfycat loop

    Gfycat Loops is best app to make GIF file, this was not easy before. If you have any video which you want convert in to GIF animated file now you can do that easily.  An example is given in image of Pokemon.

    [appbox googleplay com.gfycat]

    9. Groupon


    Groupon is located in 500 cites mostly on earth which give 50% to 75% discount deals to see, eat and buy.  When ever there will be deal you will notify and that deal will be for limited period, You need to get that as soon as possible. You few taps away from relaxing massage and amazing trips deals. Download this app now and get amazing deals and start saving from today and enjoy from today.

    [appbox googleplay com.groupon]

    10. MoodCast diary

    MoodCast diary
    MoodCast diary

    MoodCast diary is unreleased app which help in keeping track to your daily mood and activities.  It help you find pattern and hep you making new habits. You can backup all your mood predictions to google drive easily and can collect data from social networks.

    [appbox googleplay com.journey.mood]

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    11. Papersea Live Wallpaper

    Papersea Live Wallpaper
    Papersea Live Wallpaper

    See fishes and other lovely creature behind your screen. Enjoy your device with live wallpaper and apply themes which ever you want or make your own.

    [appbox googleplay com.joko.paperseapro]

    12. Transparency


    Transparency is app by amazon showing details about participating product’s. With manufacture date and location. every product include unique code which help in tracking any product.

    1. Find Transparency code on the product.
    2. Download and Open Transparency app on your device.
    3. Scan the code to Know more about the item’s origins, authenticity and a lot more.

    [appbox googleplay]

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    13. Trusted Contacts

    Trusted Contacts
    Trusted Contacts

    Trusted contacts is personal app from google helps you share things to loved ones whether you are online or offline in emergency. Trusted contact app help you make connectivity with your close relatives and love ones.

    • Add your closest friends and family as trusted contacts
    • Allow trusted contacts to request your location. If everything’s fine, you can deny the request, but if you’re unable to respond your location is shared automatically (works even if you’re offline or your phone is out of battery)
    • Proactively share your location if you feel unsafe or find yourself in an emergency
    • Your trusted contacts can see your phone’s activity status to quickly know you’re OK

    [appbox googleplay]

    14. Netflix VR

    Netflix VR
    Netflix VR

    Netflix VR help you watch all movies available on NETFLIX  in your VR Headset. Watch Movies, Documentary with more fun. Enjoy Netflix in your own VR. Download Now

    [appbox googleplay]

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    15. PayPal business

    PayPal business
    PayPal business

    The PayPal business app help you remain in PayPal. It helps you create and send invoice with just few taps and give your feature to send reminder if you notice an unpaid invoice. It is easy to use and useful for business payments.

    [appbox googleplay com.paypal.merchant.client]

    Above given 15 apps are best apps to download in January 2017, You might be using any cool app comment below let’s see your choice.

    If you like this post share with other let others know which app to download in 2017 January.

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