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    download music on iphone

    Download free music on iPhone: It have really became time consuming to download free music for iPhone as Apple developers care more about pirated songs they removed all the free downloading apps for iPhone from App Store. But still there are few apps from where you can download music straight to iPhone. Check out below free best music download apps for iPhone.

    Best Apps to Download Music on iPhone



    Spotify have more users in United States as this app is widely use in USA. Spotify have good user interface and is easy to use. This app is widely use for free music streaming but you can download track in it and play tracks offline.

    How to download track offline in iPhone using Spotify

    • First add song to playlist which you want to download
    • Then, to make that song offline you have to tap at top of screen “Available Offline” On the toggle and make it green
    • Now wait till All songs get downloaded
    • After downloading complete Go to Settings then Playback
    • Now enable Offline Mode.

    To download Spotify App in Iphone

    Click here

    Free MP3Box


    MP3Box is basically a streaming application for music but it can be solution as you will not need to download every single Song and sacrifice for iPhone storage. As iPhone have no SD card so, this kind of app help users to save their storage and listen music which ever they want.

    On the basis of YouTube search Free MP3Box help to stream free music on iPhone. You can have a fun with this app by listening free radio live.

    If you are willing to download free music in iPhone so this app can not help you in this but have fantastic feature Only online.



    Tidal is one of the Best iPhone music downloaders to get free tracks. Tidal is related to Spotify but to access high quality songs in iPhone you have pay some dollars, $19.99 per month. This best feature of Tidal is that you can download music in iPhone directly and can play it without internet connection. Tidal have good user interface you can use it easily. Just be ready to download music in iPhone.

    Download Music App for Iphone: Tidal

    You can download Tidal App for FREE

    Click here to download

    Google Play Music


    Google Play Music is an music application for both iPhone and Android. Generally this app is for Android but Now available for iPhone too. Now Apple users can download and listen free music using this Google Play Music but free version is limited as this will only help you in streaming music but to download music in your iPhone you need to pay $1.99 per month, then you will be able to listen music without internet connection.

    Download Google Play Music for iPhone

    • First install app by clicking on link below or you can find it in App store.
    • Now get a subscription
    • Go to music you want
    • Download Music by clicking on download button.

    Download link for Google Play Music in iPhone

    Click Here



    Deezer is one of the best apps to download Music on iPhone. Deezer is best app to listen music offline. Deezer offers $6 monthly to download music library. below is link to download Deezer app in iPhone.

    • Download and Install Deezer app
    • You can pay directly or can use trial of 48 hours
    • You can download music by clicking on download music button

    Download link for Deezer App below

    Download free Deezer App click Here

    Amazon Prime Music


    Amazon Prime is one of the best music download for iPhone. You can purchase subscription yearly or can use trial of 30 Days.

    • Download and Install Amazon Prime Music
    • Pay or use trial of Month
    • Choose download to download music on iPhone

    Download free Amazon Prime Music App.


    Download music on iphone

    Groove the music App by Microsoft.  For $9.99 per month, This app give you 40M high Quality Tracks without Ads. Like Deezer you also get 30 days trail in Groove app. You can use this app for a month free.

    • Download and install Groove App by Microsoft
    • Download free Groove App

    There are other plenty of ways to download music on iPhone you might be using one. Let other users know about your method to download Music in iPhone.




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