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YouTube video ideas : I think title of this post is quite interesting and fetch your attention. Here we are going to discuss best niche ideas for YouTube channel. Before we dive deep in this article, let us gather some fact and basic information about YouTube and it functions.

What is YouTube all about?

YouTube is an American video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California and founded by three colleagues of PayPal  in 2005 and names are:

  1. Chad Hurley
  2. Steve Chen
  3. Jawed Karim

Later in September 2006, YouTube was bought by Google for US$1.65 Billion. So now YouTube is one of subsidiaries of Google – Alphabet Inc. YouTube allow users to upload, share, add to favourite, report and comments on videos. The YouTube uses the Adobe Flash video technology for playing online videos. The content users can find on YouTube consist of TV shows, Promotional videos, random video clips, Music videos and Documentaries etc. As YouTube is expanding so fast and now nobody can replace YouTube from its monopoly.

So you guys know about YouTube as above we share information about. Now what the hell is YouTube-Red?

YouTube Red is a paid streaming subscription service for YouTube in countries given below

  1. United States
  2. Australia
  3. Mexico
  4. New Zealand
  5. South Korea

It provide advertisement free videos of YouTube and also offline videos which can be played later without mobile data. This was originally launched on November 2014 as Music key.  Besides advertisement free videos YouTube Red has also participate with major network and media and to certain YouTube celebrities to offer ‘YouTube Red Original’ which consist movies and shows exclusively for Red members. For purchase of content YouTube and Google play Movies & TV is one.

Let’s back to our main topic that is best niche ideas for YouTube channel. We can use YouTube for different purpose such as sharing videos, building channels, building network, educational purpose and main purpose of every business is Branding. Now the question is that what would you do to start a YouTube channel and want youtube channel ideas? We are giving to tips on best youtube niche ideas and youtube channel ideas .

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What is Branding? And How to become a Brand on YouTube?

As per marketing view point Branding – The marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products. let look at video developed by

It is not easy task to build good brand and it require patience and hard work. Suppose you have defined your brand and have quite ideas to start YouTube channel. How do you become a brand? Here are some tips by experience:

  1. Prepare a Logo – Place it Everywhere you promote your Channel
  1. Prepare your Brand Message– Prepare a Brand key message you want to communicate about your YouTube Channel.
  1. Integrate your Brand– Brand extents to every aspect of your business, so use appropriate and decent communication methods.
  1. Develop a Tagline– Write effective, memorable, meaningful and concise word that capture users mind and which deliver the essence of your brand.
  1. Be true to your Brand– People won’t return to your YouTube channel if you don’t deliver in your Brand promise.
  1. Be consistent– This tip is most important after doing all above steps and you have to be relentless and if can’t do this then your attempt to establishing brand will fail.

Now you guys probably know about YouTube, YouTube Red and about branding. So let us share few extremely trending topics categories on YouTube.

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YouTube Channel ideas 2020

Topic – Best niche ideas for YouTube channel

1. Product / Service Reviewing

You can probably create a channel about products and their features. You can show your creativity and engage your audience, all depends on you. Just observe the market and be alert about products.

2. Gaming

Gaming is top trending keyword on YouTube. So you can get benefit of it and create Channel. People do love playing games and they have a watch on what is update and trends.

3. Unboxing trending Products

There are so many customers for every product companies launch or create hype in market. Unboxing big deal products and this is an all-time trend on YouTube. This type of videos will catch you big audience for your channel.

4. Vlogging – Life

Vlog simple mean a short video. Here we are talking about Vlogging, which simply need ordinary camera to shoot video. Vlogger generally spend their time talking to camera about their interest, life, thoughts and opinion. It is totally open video which generally use to write diaries, personal blog and journal.

5. Music/Singing/Instruments

If you got musical talent then get ready and show it to the world. Not only music is huge on YouTube but also people replicate original songs on their own voices. Millions of artist have their page on YouTube.

6. Beauty and Makeup tutorial

Beauty and Makeup Channel are most popular among young women on YouTube. There are thousands of Beauty and Makeup Gurus right there on YouTube to teach you.


Given below are list of Topics and suggested topics by experts and you can get a rough ideas for YouTube channel.

YouTube channel ideas and best niche for youtube are given below

Here we go:

  • Technology

    • Tech Geeks
    • Gadget Reviews
    • New tech Arrival
    • Next technology
    • Technopreneur
    • Big tech launches
    • Tech scenes
    • Tech for Life
    • Don’t dare to tech
    • Tech Monster
    • To tech
  • Entertainment

    • Simple used the prefix –‘FUNNY’ in and word you use for your YouTube Channel i.e.
      • Funny Videos
      • Funny Kids Videos
      • Funny WhatsApp Videos
      • Funny Jokes
  • You can take examples from YouTube existing channel and form your channel’s name
  • Vlog of People

    • As above we has discussed in detail about Vlogging and here are some suggestions and name you can use for your Vlogs
      • Life’s routine
      • All about me
      • My Experiences
      • My ways with my Attitude
  • News and Trends

    • As news and trending news spread too fast on YouTube because people more prefer stuff which they can gossip about. Here are name
      • Viral News
      • Trend News
      • Reviews and analysis News
  • How to/Tips and Tricks

    • People now-a-days want to learn a lot new things through internet and especially on YouTube. You have good probability of success in a short term if you create this kind of Channels. Here are names
      • Wikihow
      • Tips and tricks
      • How to things
      • Solution to any Problem
      • Pros and Cons tech Problems
    • Download Stuffs
      • You can make tutorial about things to download and review it. Here it is
        • Software and Applications
        • Giveaways and Coupon
        • Free Discount and surveys
  • Trailers

    • Everyone eagerly wait for new and upcoming shows and movies trailers and you can convert this eagerness of people into you benefit. You can start a channel based on it and grab the maximum audience with you skills. Here are some name
      • Promotional Videos
      • Teaser of Video
      • Fan-Made Videos
      • Ads Videos
      • Company or Organization’s Base Videos
  • Critics

  • This Category is more serious and it is mandatory to have serious attention on things you are going to review and write your views about it. Here are some name
    • Injustice
    • Poverty
    • Politics
    • Nation
    • Countries
  • DJs and Song Compilations

    • Due to increase in Electronic dance Music (EDM), people have massively shown their interest about such categories. EDM has maximum search on YouTube and has become the trending topic all across internet. What can you do about it? Here what we have
      • Mix some music
      • Dubsmash
      • Edit music and give it your twist
      • DJ Shows
  • Motivational Videos

  • Are you enough motivated to start YouTube channel? Are you? This what people need in day to day life, so stay awake and ready to motivate other people. Topics are
    • Short Motivational Videos
    • Success Stories
    • Find Motivation in others
    • Point out Movies Motivational Dialogues
    • Play with others word

We have invested a good amount of time to write this post for you guys and we probably believe that you guys will like it.

Above mentioned are Best niche ideas for YouTube Channel, Professional and Amateur both can use this article and try to get benefit out of it. Our team have made our contribution, now it is your turn that how seriously and passionately you are going to work on your new, existing or upcoming YouTube Channel.

Good luck! Share it so maximum people get benefit out of it and let them know about best YouTube channel ideas .


Prithvi Kumar Maheshwari
Prithvi Kumar Maheshwari is Co-Founder of TechnoApt.The key is to just get on the bike… and the key to getting on the bike… is to stop thinking about there are a bunch of reasons I might fall off’ and just hop on and peddle the damned thing. You can pick up a map, a tire pump, and better footwear along the way. I really don't give a shit about what you are doing. The only thing is matter to me is my Dreams and I am working on it. I always doubt that might study will help me earn billions but the fact is it creates obstacles and your dreams become someone else dreams. Contact me on Prithvi Maheshwari

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