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    Best Xposed Modules For Lollipop & Marshmallow 2017: If your Android smartphone is rooted and want enhance performance and customize your device by own but confused how to do that? then Xposed is your answer. Xposed installer work on rooted android phone it help in customize your android phone without coding and using custom roms. Xposed work on modules it is an small android application which have advance features to change your smartphone appearance and help you in getting advance features which is not officially launched for your device. You must worried will it harm your android device, Then your answers is NO it will not harm your device. Every changed made can be removed easily simply by deactivating Xposed module and rebooting device. So today you will come to know about best Xposed modules for Lollipop & Marshmallow.

    Xposed module is capable with device having 4.1 or newer. All modules will not work on lollipop and marshmallow so see description if that work on these android version or not.

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    Best Xposed Modules 2017

    Best Xposed Modules For Lollipop & Marshmallow 2017

    1.Gravity Box


    Gravity box is always at top when it comes to customization from Xposed modules. This modules is specially made for MTK device. Best feature of gravity box module is that most of preferences can be changed without rebooting your android device.

    Main features

    – Notification control
    – QuickSettings tile management
    – Lockscreen tweaks
    – Navigation bar tweaks
    – Power tweaks
    – Display tweaks
    – Media tweaks
    – Hardware key actions
    – Dialer tweaks
    – Launcher tweaks
    – Screen recording
    – Smart radio
    – And many more

    You can download this module from here

    Gravity Box: Lollipop | Marshmallow | Kitkat | JellyBean

    2. Amplify Battery Extender


    Wohh!!! Battery drain problem is faced by almost every android user. This problem majorly occur after updating device to Lollipop/Marshmallow. This Xposed module is for you this modules is know to be best battery saving app which only works in rooted android phone. You can use Greenify module application with Amplify batter extender for better Maximum battery life.

    Amplify module take care of Wakelocks. This is happen when your other apps prevent your device from deep sleep. For example if you have kept your device fully charged at night and when you wake up your device charging is around 45%. To prevent drain over night it is recommended to use this module because it will prevent other apps for doing other process when device is in deep sleep mode.

    You can download this module from given link or can download Amplify battery extender from play store


    3. XPrivacy


    Xprivacy is popular module which is widely used by rooted phone user to manage permissions and check which application is accessing which function of your device. It is introduce with granular permissions controls. You might be thinking that we can manage permissions in marshmallow but there are few permissions which is not asked. In marshmallow, all user get internet permission automatically.

    You can manage internet permission from XPrivacy module of xposed.

    Download this module from link below


    4. Greenify


    Greenify will help identify the app causing lags to your android device. This will put misbehaving app in hibernation when those apps are not in use. This module is best for battery drain problem, usually battery drain problem occur because of other apps running in background and using your internet without permission in background. You can manage this apps using greenify and increase your battery life easily with few steps.

    You can download this app from given link


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    5. Xstana


    Xstana is an XPOSED FRAMEWORK module help you in customizing your status bar icons and navigation bar. For example: You are using samsung phone and like navigation bar icons of HTC. So you can get it by this module. Even status bar of HTC and navigation bar icons of MOTO at this same time.

    Download this module from below link


    6. BootManager


    Many apps loads at time of booting your phone which increase the phone boot time and phone start hanging few seconds of start. Boot manager can help you choosing which application should start when device boot up. What you need to do is just choose application which you don’t want to automatically turn on and then restart your android phone. This module will help you to get faster boot and reduce your phone boot time.

    Download this module from below link


    7. WhatsApp Extensions


    WhatsApp messaging app is widely used by almost all android user this is one of best application for chating. There are people to whom you want to unavailable and want to ignore them but can’t because these all features were available before is WhatsApp+ which is banned by the facebook. But now you can use WhatsApp Extention module in replacement of WhatsApp+. WhatsApp Extension will add additional features to your whatsapp  like Hide last seen, Hide read receipts, Hide delivery reports, Lock facility to individual chats, Zoom profile photo, Per contact custom wallpaper and many more.

    The best thing of this module is you don’t need to update your whatsapp for new feature this module will add it by default.

    WhatsApp Extensions: Download

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    8. Awesome Pop-up Video


    This is one of the best xposed module which will give you feature of floating window that can be use to play video or use any application just like our computer. Your device might not be multitasking but can be one by this module easily. Use your device as multitasking now.

    Now do your other work in your device without stopping previous work. work while watch videos live.

    Download this module from below link


    9. SwipeBack


    This module is specially for bigger screen device, will help you navigate easily without struggling hard by tapping back button below again and again. what you need to do us just swipe and go to previous page or screen.

    Download it from below link


    10. YouTube Background Playback


    If you are YouTube songs lover but not able to use any other app while play any video then this going to be best module for you because by this module you can play YouTube video in background and use it like Audio streaming application.

    Download this xposed module from link below.

    YouTube Background Playback: Download

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    11. Android N-ify

    best xposed modules 2017

    This module is made for lollipop user which are missing android N functions. Now You can get android N funtions easily with this module.

    Currently supported features are:

    • Settings dashboard subtitles
    • New recents design
    • Quick Switch
    • Use recents button to navigate through recents
    • New notifications and quick settings

    Download this module from below link


    As every person have their on choice we have shown our these best xposed modules for lollipop and marshmallow 2017. Tell us your choice in comment let’s see what is your customization power and choice of Xposed modules.

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