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    Alexa ranking have become very important to bloggers now a days, Some bloggers achieve it soon but some face alot of problems to increase that So, how to boost Alexa rank rapidly?, Is there any trick to improve Alexa rank? or Can I decrease Alexa rank quickly?

    There might be alot of questions comes to your mind while making blog or website, In this article i am going to share the easiest ways to boost alexa rank and decrease alexa rank.

    What is Alexa Rank? And How you can improve your Alexa Rank?

    According to Alexa,

    Your Alexa Rank is an estimate of how popular your site is relative to all other sites.

    Source – Alexa Blog

    Alexa rank is a web informaton company, They rank website by various factors like traffic. Alexa is updated regularly and rank of website changes.

    How Alexa Works? was found in 1996 and they collected data for ranking website through a toolbar.

    How to improve Alexa Rank?

    You might have criosity to know How to improve alexa rank , how to boost alexa rank or how to decrease alexa rank

    Lets start decreasing alexa rank

    1. Install Alexa Toolbar

    Boost Alexa Rank decrease Alexa Rank improve Alexa Rank


    How to Install Alexa Toolbar?

    Installing Alexa toolbar is the really easy task.

    2. Install Alexa Widget

    Alexa toolbar sends the data to alexa server but unfortunately everyone does not install Alexa Toolbar then how to send hits to Alexa server,

    Now, Widget help us to send every hits in the website to Alexa server which will help us to boost alexa rank and decrease alexa rank. Alexa widget works like an Alexa toolbar installed in your website visitor and every hit make changes your website ranking quickly.

    Boost Alexa Rank decrease Alexa Rank improve Alexa Rank


    How to install Alexa Widget?

    Installing Alexa widget is preety easy task.

    Replace with your site name and paste this code to your website where you want to place widget

    <a href=><script type=text/javascript src=></script></a>

    If you are using a WordPress for your website, then use Alexa Rank Widget plugin.

    3. Write Unique Content

    This is best advice from the many SEO experts,

    Writing good content can increase the traffic of you website but writing unique content help to build relation between Readers and will increase more traffic.

    Search engines like Google, bing , Yahoo and manymore love the unique content.

    When you write unique content on some topics, Google gives you first spot on their page for related queries.

    Most of the traffic come from the first page of the google People like to click on the first which appears in first page of any search engine.

    4. Write Regularly

    You should write regularly to Get more traffic and maintain alexa rank.

    No one likes the DEAD content,

    Ask to yourself once DO YOU LIKE DEAD CONTENT? Yeah I know you answer would be NO

    Writing regularly can help you to boost Alexa rank and Decrease Alexa rank easily

    Write regular Write unique

    5. Share content in Social Media Sites

    Sharing content in social media help to get traffic which is known as REFERRAL TRAFFIC.

    The sites like Facebook, Google+ Twitter help to gain traffic.

    Setup your website in Social media site.


    Website traffic will increase because of Unique content.

    Boost Alexa Rank and Decrease Alexa Rank

    If you are doing any other method to increase Alexa Rank, then share with Us






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