Google IO 2017: All Announcements Keynote

Google IO 2017  All the announcements in one place

Google IO 2017 –  All announcement Keynotes


Google IO 2017, the current year’s portion of Google’s annual developer conference, is beginning today. It will include a huge swath of declarations from Google divisions from over the range, Android being only one of them. We won’t get updates on each and every Google project that is made news or been spilled/leaked over the preceding year, and keeping in mind that the declarations that are made will fundamentally be focused at developers, there will be bounty to keep consistent people intrigued as well. That is on account of whether you’re a dev or not, IO is a valuable sneak look inside the sprawling Google domain and all the cool things the organization is taking a shot at. Also, much the same as consistently: we can hardly wait.

As far back as as February 2016 it was rumoured Google was working on a standalone VR headset. At I/Oc Google confirmed it was working on wireless, self-contained headsets and that they’d be launched in ‘late 2017’. Google added it is working with both HTC and Lenovo on two headsets but that’s about all the company has revealed. There’s no pricing, specifications, or even pictures of the VR headsets yet.

Google IO is a major event for all Google watchers. It’s where the firm reveals what it’s been working on in the past year and gives a glimpse at what’s to come.

Here take a Look at all Announcement’s keynotes in 23 Slideshow.

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Feeling Bored? Type I’m feeling curious On Google

Feeling Bored? Type I’m feeling curious On Google f

Are you feeling boring? If yes! then Google is there to help you out. Google new feature which was launched with Google assistant have amazed many people by entertaining and providing interesting facts you never know about. I’m feeling curious is name of that feature.

Type I’m feeling curious or fun facts on Google or Google assistant from you smartphone.

You will be amazed by some interesting facts and information which will help increasing your knowledge and impressing others.

Still confused?

Let me explain it for you by example, as i’m feeling bored

I told Google that i’m feeling bored , below is what Google provided me

Feeling Bored? Type I'm feeling curious On Google

Another picture when i searched for “Fun facts” on Google

I'm feeling curious On Google

Give not only stops here there are a lot of question you can ask Google to do for you.

Google works as a “Aladin”for you isn’t it?

Now i am aware of How much does an Indy race car weigh?

For what you’re waiting for try now. Type i’m feeling curious or type fun facts. Let Google amaze you through their new feature.

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What is abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz and Alphabet Google?


Only a couple days after Google authoritatively turned into a Subsidairy of Alphabet, its new holding organization.The area was made in 1999 and was refreshed on Wednesday when Google took control of it, as indicated by space database Whois. It is indistinct the amount it was purchased for. Here is we solve your difficulty for abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz.

What is abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ?

The web organization has gained as a major aspect of its reinvention into a conglomerate called Alphabet, as per Whois, an Domain name records webpage. Maybe more suited to a kids’ show like Sesame Street than a worldwide innovation organization, Google has not yet utilized the hard to-sort Domain name.

Google offers getting to be Alphabet shares yet keeping their old ticker images GOOG and GOOGL. The organization has additionally changed its logo into G for Google, in the same bright text style however more straightforward lines intended to function admirably on cell phones.

The buy comes after BMW, the proprietor of, declined to pitch the area to Google. The car maker utilizes the space name for its armada of administrations unit.

According to the completely worthless and unscientific site, is worth an estimated $ 2,717.04. I bet it was worth more to Alphabet.

As they couldn’t buy or, Google Alphabet has acquired the next best thing. At the point when the innovation organization reported its re brand as Alphabet, which sees the center Google business turn out to be only one unit of a bigger organization, it said it would utilize ABC.XYZ as the more extensive organization’s site.

Google owns 18,095 other domain, information on Whois shows. It’s the proprietor of and, so if individuals incorrectly spell Google, they will even now be diverted to the Search engine.

Once in a while, organizations will make protective acquisitions of client names so as to avoid them being humiliated later on. The U.S. tech mammoth possesses the domain

What Larry Page says on their reinvention of

We liked the name Alphabet because it means a collection of letters that represent language, one of humanity’s most important innovations, and is the core of how we index with Google search! We also like that it means alpha-bet (Alpha is investment return above benchmark), which we strive for!” he wrote.

When asked about the new domain, an Alphabet spokesperson:

We realized we missed a few letters in, so we’re just being thorough.






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How To Scan Documents Using Google Drive App

How To Scan Documents Using Google Drive App

In our previous article we shared guide to take screenshot through Google now, and this time we are back with new guide on how to scan document using Google Drive app.

There are a lot of applications available on play store to scan the documents, but with a lot of limitations like watermark problem, a lot of advertisements and so on. have you ever wonder to scan you document with Google official app. Google drive app come up with feature of scanning any documents with “n” times. Scan as much you can without any restrictions. You can scan you document and upload it directly to your Google drive.

How To Scan Documents Using Google Drive App

Let’s begin our guide, to scan from Google drive is pretty easy task.

Step 1: Download Google Drive App

If you don’t have Google drive app in your smartphone then you can download from the given links below or simply go to Google Play or Apple apps store and search for this app.

AndroidiPhone or iPad

Step 2: Scanning Process

  • Tap on “+” button there you will see three options Upload, Create and Scan.
  • Tap on scan button as shown below in screenshot

Step 3: Scanning Documents

  • After taping on scan button, camera pop up will be open where you can capture the document
  • After capturing the document tap on tick mark option

  • If you want to scan again! then tap on button on center
  • You can also capture the image through crop option at the top right corner.
  • Isn’t that simple? Once you have tap on tick then scanned document will saved in Google drive
  • You can download file from google drive easily, File will be saved to your logged in account

Google provides 15gb per account which means you can save as much document as you want to. If you like our post on “How to Scan Documents Using Google Drive App” then share it through social media.

If you have any similar app which you use for scanning document then let us know in comment section given below.


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How To Take Screenshots With Google Now

How To Take Screenshots With Google Now

If you are smartphone user then you probably familiar with feature called “Screenshots”. Obviously you know right? whether it’s WhatsApp conversation, Facebook interesting posts, tweets or any other interesting stuff everyone like to take screenshots and share it with others. Clients on Android’s most recent flavor, Marshmallow (variant 6.0), are additionally likely comfortable with Google Now on Tap. To abridge, this component will endeavor to give logical data from any screen on your gadget. So if a companion says an eatery in a Hangouts message, you can utilize Google Now on Tap to rapidly raise headings or appraisals.

The most recent refresh to Google Now on Tap evacuates the need to utilize equipment catches to take a screenshot. This will be welcome news to any individual who isn’t partial to the catch mix, or clients with gadget cases that make it hard to just press the vital catches.

How To Take Screenshots With Google Now

Let’s take the screenshots with Google now

Usually when ever we take screenshot we have to Press and hold “Power button”+”Volume Down”. But as our technology is developing and continues development in apps, we just got a new update.

In Google Now app and it’s on tap feature you can take screenshot through simply holding the home button. Don’t worry below are given screenshots with guide to take screenshot with Google now.

  • Press and hold home button until Google now appear which is required for taking screenshot
  • Now you need to tap on share button which is given on bottom left-hand corner.

  •  Now screenshot will be taken and apps will be shown to share screenshot with others.

These screenshot can be shared with your contacts and other online portals like Facebook, Twitter, gmail or Bluetooth as well. Don’t you think this is easy and simple method?

Try this in your Android smartphone and let us know it’s working or not. Try to comment with smartphone model and operating system.

Share your views on “How to take screenshot in Google Now with on Tap feature” Because your views matters.

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How to Use Chromecast Apps from a Computer

How to Use Chromecast Apps from a Computer

Using chromecast is always fun. People are happy using Chromecast but have ever think to  use Chromecast apps from your computer to Chromecast, Using content from PC to Chromecast is easy. What you need to do is click one button and stream any videos from “Netflix” or YouTube on your TV. You need to follow each instruction carefully.

Before starting our guide to use Chromecast to your computer, confirm that your computer and Chromecast are on the same Wi-Fi network.  Yes both must be connected with same network.

How to Use Chromecast Apps from a Computer

1. Open your PC

How to Use Chromecast Apps from a Computer
How to Use Chromecast Apps from PC

Google chrome is only browser compatible with Chromecast, that’s mean Firefox and other browsers are of no use for this process.

2. Go to content you want to watch

How to Use Chromecast Apps from a Computer
How to Use Chromecast Apps from a Computer

Certain services have Chromecast apps you must know that, Choose any which you want. We are selecting YouTube here. Let’s start, Go to

3. Search for content to play

How to Use Chromecast Apps from a Computer

Source: Tomsguide

Now search content which ever you want to play or listen in your Chromecast from computer.

4. Tap the Broadcast button

Source: Tomsguide

Open video you want to listen then in video’s control bar you will see option for broadcast (lower right corner). Click on broadcast option then click on Chromecast option. Isn’t that easy?

Source: Tomsguide

That’s it, now you can watch as well as listen video in your Chromecast from computer. You can control your video from your computer. Play, pause, decrease volume or increase easily.

This guide will let you play videos from YouTube or Netflix or any Chromecast support apps. Play Videos easily from your computer to Chromecast TV

If you have any question regarding how to use chromecast apps in your computer then let us know in comments.

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How To Setup Adsense Matched Content Ads In Your WordPress or Blogger Site

How to setup matched content ads on wordpress and blogspot

Google Matched content ads are one of the great ads which was generally made by Google to increase engagement and page view of Website. In 2005,  Matched content ads were launched by Google. Matched content is actually recommendation tool which shows related post of your own content in your website. When it was launched, Google was not paying any revenue for it but after few time they decided to do so. The main motive behind launching matched contents ads was to increase the user experience of users.

You can use this ads in both WordPress and BlogSpot site as well. Now in this article you will be know about placing matched content ads in your WordPress site and BlogSpot. Generally, when Google provide this feature to Adsense owners they are really puzzled because these ads are not like links ads and image ads. They start thinking what exactly it is? How this is going to help me in boosting my revenue? How to add matched content ads in my WordPress site? Don’t Worry we are here for you.

Matched content ads engage your visitors to spend more time in your blog and let them visit other pages as well which increases your page views and help indirectly in boosting your revenue.

Is matched content included in Google Adsense ads limit per page?

  • Now it’s interesting question, If you are unaware of it then you must know that Google have limitation of ads placement according to the traffic. Normally it’s 3 per page. It is been cleared by Google that matched content is different concept and is not counted in ads limit per pages.
  • If you have still any question then feel free to ask us in below comment section.

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Setting Up Matched Content Ads By Google Adsense

Let’s get started in this article you will get to know about ads placement in your post.

Step 1:

Before we move forward, you must see the eligibility of your site whether it is approved by Google or not? As our site is approved by Google for matched content ads. We were notified by Google about eligibility to matched content ads.

Step 2:

  1. Login to your Adsense account
  2. Now from the sidebar click on settings
  3. In settings drop down list, click on My Sites
  4. In the my site option you will see two option, Overview and Matched content
  5. If you have not added any site then you can add from overview section.
  6. In matched content section, you will be able to verify whether you site is approved or not (In Matched content all approved sites are shown)

Step 3:

After checking approval, Now it’s time to add ads in your site.

Let’s create ad unit for matched content

  1. Go to My ads option from sidebar
  2. Now click on New ads unit
  3. Their you will see two options, One will be if normal ads (Text and Image) and second will be of matched content. As shown on image below
  4. Click on matched content
Setting up match content ads

In matched content section, there will be options for customizing your ads style and size according to your requirement.

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I would suggest you to use responsive ads always. (Responsive ads are auto adjustable)

Customizing ads in Matched Content
Customizing ads in Matched Content

Step 4:

After that you can save and get code of your matched content ad unit, which you can add to your theme whether it’s WordPress or BlogSpot (Blogger)

How To Setup AdSense Matched Content Unit in WordPress Blog

Now, if you want to add Matched content ads below your content then it’s easy for WordPress users to do so. I WordPress go to add new plugin section then install and activate the Add Widget After Content plugin.  After activation of plugin now go to Appearance > Widget after content

Their you will have to tick the option where you don’t want to show ads in your WordPress site.

Setup matched content on WordPress site

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Now go to Appearance > Widgets

In widget you will see after content option, What you need to do is simply drag text box in this After content section and add your Adsense code in this box then wait for 20 minutes to 30 minutes maximum you will see Matched content ads. As shown below.

How to setup matched content ads in WordPress Website

You can also customize ads for specific post. Simply disable the ads showing option in post.

setup adsense matched content unit

How To Setup AdSense Matched Content Unit in BlogSpot

You can add matched content on your site below the post or sidebar. I would recommend don’t use more then 2 ads in one page one below post and second on sidebar that’s it.

Now how to add matched content unit on blogSpot? Don’t worry this simple.

  1. Go to Blogger site then settings > Templates
  2. I would recommend you to backup your template first
  3. Now, click on edit HTML
  4. You have to find <data:post.body/> (It depends on your template layout)
  5. Now add your Matched content code just below the <data:post.body/>.
  6. <script async=src=’//’/>
    <!– Matched Content –>
    <ins class=’adsbygoogle’ data-ad-client=’ca-pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’ data-ad-format=’autorelaxed’ data-ad-slot=’xxxxxxxxxxx’ style=’display:block’/>
    (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});
  7. Now add this conditional tags
  8. <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
    AdSense Code for Matched content
  9. Save the template and wait for few time.
  10. Congo!! You are done visit your website and enjoy

Adsense is king of market in case you are not satisfy with Adsense then you can read our article on best Adsense alternatives. Matched content will help you to earn more for sure and boost your earnings .

If you have still any question related to How to Setup matched content in WordPress or BlogSpot site then feel free to ask us below in comment section.

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