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11 Mistakes People Make When Buying Air Conditioner


For most homes in the warmest climate regions their air conditioning can cause more electricity consumption than ever which rounds up to 70 percent of the entire bill. You can somehow reduce this load by changing your air conditioning habits. These are some of the air conditioning mistakes people make and some solution to reduce usage and electric bills.

Mistakes to Avoid while buying Air conditioner

1: Buying Big Capacity Air Conditioner

Many people tend to get a bigger air conditioner so they could have their home made colder much faster but unfortunately an oversize air conditioner cannot produce unchanging temperatures or reduce humidity as quick as you want. Its cycling won’t run proper as it will run on and off frequently due to reaching to its maximum cooling point. Also, a unit may not need to be too small to cool the space. To get an appropriate sized air conditioner for your desired room you can always get the information from the Consumer Reports worksheet.

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2: Placement of Air Conditioner in Warm Spot

Placement of Air Conditioner is important as the placement plays an important role for cooling of the entire space. For some people, it might seem convenient to put their units on the southwest side of your house which will cause your air conditioner to work extremely hard. You can instead install your air conditioner in a spot on either east or north side where the unit will receive lesser direct sunlight.

3: Hiding Your Air Conditioner

Air conditioners need to be placed where it gets proper ventilation, so don’t try to hide your unit behind any bushes or other plants as it will delay its ventilation or may clog the condenser coils which can make the air conditioner run less competently. 

4: Ignoring Maintenance

Air conditioners are deceivingly self-sufficient many owners ignore their basic maintenance that improves the efficiency extends the unit’s life time. You need to clean or replace air conditioner’s filters in every two months. If you use your unit more often then you need to check the filters more often. Also, you need to check the evaporator coil once a year and clean it. Drain channels do get clogged sometimes and doesn’t pass the water properly. You can run stiff wire through the drain channels weekly and have a look at the seals of the windows around the room every year.

5: Non-stop usage of Air Conditioner

Keeping your air conditioner on the whole day lessens its life. You can use the thermostat or unit timer on your air conditioner to cool off your house before you reach home. This is much better and cheaper way for your unit to work efficiently rather than leaving them running the whole day.

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6: Blindly Closing Unused Vents

Opinions will vary on the effectiveness of closing vents or doors of unused rooms but in many cases it can decrease the power of your central air conditioning system. You would need to consult with an expert for your ventilation system of the house and which areas are necessary and unnecessary for closing vents or doors.

7: Turning the Temperature Way Down

Don’t come home and turn the thermostat your Air conditioner unit down to 70 degrees if you are comfortable at another temperature. It will not make your body to that temperature any faster but instead it will just skip that desired temperature and waste more energy getting towards excessively low temperatures.

8: Heating Up the Thermostat

Make sure your unit is not too close to such as lamps, televisions, stereos or other units that generates heat to accidentally drive up the temperature of the thermostat that may overwork the air conditioner than its normal usage.

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9: Not Buying Right Brand according To Your Range

Every Air conditioner varies in features and price range so you need to see which model is the right choice for you. If you go online and search you will see many companies offering you Air conditioner like Samsung Air Conditioners also provide you variety of units with variable prices. You would need to see your preference and then get yourself the right choice for your house.

10: Using Exhaust Fans with Air Conditioners

Exhaust fans in the kitchen or bathroom can push cool and conditioned air out of the house which results in lesser cooling performance for your unit so make sure these exhaust fans should not be used when the unit is switched on. They should be used only necessary during the summers.

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11: Considering Right Price For Your Air Conditioner Unit

Looking for the right capacity should also be considered but also looking for the right price for the right unit is also everyone’s top priority. Every Air Conditioner has different price range from its capacity to its features, you can always have a survey by visiting physical stores to see which A/C unit is under your budget and has the best features to offer. Many physical stores do offer higher or lower price as well depending on the season and the demand of the Air conditioners. Make sure you visit every authorized dealer’s website to check out their prices before visiting any of their stores, or you can search for the prices online as well. You can always search by putting right concerns on the internet for e.g “Samsung Air Conditioner Price in Pakistan” or “Haier Air Conditioner Price” and queries related to that to so you can get the accurate information before you can decide to purchase.

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What You Can Do With Your Old Dead Battery


Are you looking for ways in which you can use your old dead battery? Then you have landed on the right page on the Internet. Because in this article, we are going to discuss ways in which you can use your old dead battery. There are basically two things that you can do with your dead battery. One is you can try to bring some life back into it and the other is to recycle your dead battery. We will discuss how you can achieve this in this article.

Bring Back Life Into Your Dead Battery

What You Can Do With Your Old Dead Battery

[Image ]

This method will help a lot of dead and expired batteries to work again after 90% of their capacity. Although, you need to keep one thing in mind that not every battery will work to its full capacity.  Moreover, there will be some variations from 50 to 70% of previous capacity.

The things that you need are:

  • Voltmeter or multimeter
  • Distilled water
  • 3 centimeters syringe
  • battery charger or power supply
  • Crocodile chords.

For your safety, you should have goggles and chemical gloves and it’s very important to remember to not to touch the water that comes out of the battery as it is acid.

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When you take the battery out, you will find a cover on the top of the battery. To remove the battery cover, you can use the force of your hand and maybe use a flat screwdriver. Remove the caps on the battery to access the electrolyte holes in the battery. Once inside, you need to measure the volts of this particular battery. Your battery will show a voltage of 0.76V or somewhere around that mark. This is the indication that your battery is completely dry from inside.

You need to be careful when you work on your dead battery. You can pour distilled water into each hole of the electrolytes with the help of the syringe. Moreover, you would need to clean off any dirt or rust present in your battery case.  Once you have changed and cleared the water the electrolytes are able to generate some new energy. With the help of the battery charger, you can now charge your dead battery. This will allow the dead battery to come back to at least 50% of its previous capacity. You can repeat this process as many times as you want to. However, always be careful of the acid inside the battery along with the charge.

Battery recycling

What You Can Do With Your Old Dead Battery2

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The core of the battery is an important part because it is made up of lead which is expensive. However, it can be recycled and can be used again in the production of new batteries. You will be surprised to know that up to 97% of the lead content within the lead acid batteries is actually recycled lead. This when you put into comparison with aluminum, newspaper and glass, they get recycled up to 50% of the time or even less. Therefore, the battery recycling works for everybody and it is a good idea to recycle your dead battery.

There are mainly four parts of the battery that are recycled. These are the plastic case, this sulphate crystal, the lead content and the electrolytes. Let us run through each part and see how they are recycled.

  • The Plastic Case Of The Battery

What You Can Do With Your Old Dead Battery

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The plastic case of the old battery is taken out and just crushed into pieces. The crushed pieces are separated by dumping everything into a vat.  The floating plastic is collected by the heavy metal present in the collection is concentrated at the bottom. The material that is scooped up towards the surface is called polypropylene. These materials are washed and just like most of the plastics, it is melted into what is called the plastic pallets. These plastic pallets are used to make almost everything that you know. However, most of these plastic pallets are sold back to the battery manufacturers where these plastic pallets are used as the basic building blocks for the manufacture of new battery cases.

  • The lead content of the battery


[Image ]

The lead content inside the dead battery needs to be free of any contaminated parts. The lead is heavy in comparison to other parts present in the battery and also because it is a metal it can be melted and purified through pouring into molds. When the lead is melted, the other parts come out off the lead and floats on the surface. These materials are scraped off from the surface. The lead which is left is cooled down and is hardened into plates again. The new plates are sold to battery manufacturers. The battery producers use these plates to build new battery plates.

  • The sulphate crystals

The sulphate crystals are formed in the battery because of its failure. These crystals get attached to the plates of the battery and drain the power off from it. As a result, the recycling of battery gives a chance to collect these crystals and use it for better purposes. The collective crystals run through a process and this process makes it into white powder. This white powder is used in your laundry detergent, textile manufacturing and glass manufacturing. Recycling of your dead battery allows for many useful functions in many different industries.

  • The electrolytes of your dead battery

 The electrolytes of your dead battery

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The sulfuric acid present in your dead battery is electrolyte. It is neutralised and turned into the water with the help of the baking soda. Then this newly made water is either sent to the nearest water purification plant or distributed back into the local water systems. Moreover, this water can be used as a base for the new electrolyte solution. The electrolyte solution is 65% water and 35% sulphuric acid.

The above-mentioned points show you what you can do with your dead battery. With the help of this article, we can really make use of your dead battery and do some good to the environment. Each and every part of the battery is recyclable and some dead batteries can be put back to power. Hope this article has fulfilled your requirement with regards to your questions. In future, if you want to know what to do with your dead battery then do not hesitate to revisit this article.

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How To Enable Two Factor Authentication On Android

How to enable two-factor authentication on Android

You might have heard and seen two-factor authentication every where most of the time people like to tell us about using this but have ever wonder what 2FA is? if not then you will be able to know about it today in this guide and you will learn about how to enable two factor authentication on android.

So before starting our guide for enabling 2FA in android we should know about what two factor authentication is and how it works?

What is two factor authentication?

Two factor authentication is also known as 2FA, it is two step verification made for extra security which is known as “multi factor authentication” it not only require your user name and password but also required which only you have. For example: Your phone number verification by sending you code in your smartphone.

It is not a new concept but is used for more security to prevent hacking attacks for online users. February 2011 Google announced two factor authentication, which is quite famous now and safe.

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In this guide you will learn how to secure your google account by two factor verification.

On your smartphone go to Settings then, Google Now Sign in and Security. Use your web browser to navigate to the Google Account security site.

Tap on ‘Get Started’ to start reviewing the security settings for your account. Now you have to sign to your Google Account by inserting your Google password.

Now in “Add Recovery Information” tap on ‘Add Phone’ and add your mobile number there. Google will send you verification code through SMS. This number will be used to send you suspicious account activity alert to your device.

Now go to Sign in and Security page of your Android Device and tap on recently used devices If you find any suspicious click the secure your account by changing your account password, Even if your know that device it is recommended to change password.

Before you change password it is recommended to follow these tips for strong password, You must use at least 8 character password and you should use upper case, lower case, numbers as well as any symbol in password. This will reduce the risk of hacking.

Before moving to our final step for “2-Step Verification” you must check your android applications that which apps are using your google account data. The reason i am telling you to check it because it will keep accessing your data even after 2-Step Verification. Go to ‘Sign in and Security’ in your device and scroll down to “Apps” section then check all the apps if you found any app which is unrecognized so click on name of app or manage app then remove that app.

Now you have to again go to “Sign in and Security” in your android now scroll down to 2-step verification then tap “Get Started” Now you will again asked to sign in. Sign in from your Google Account. Now you will asked to enter number which you want to use for 2-factor verification. This number will be for recovery you can use any number.

Now select Choose ‘Text Message’ or ‘Phone Call’ what ever you prefer for verification and getting code, then enter code which is send to you then click next now “turn on”.

Google will provide you backup code which can enter after all steps are done for sign in to your account. You must use computer which is connected to printer for this step click on Google sign-in options. Now Set up an Alternative second step then Set up then ‘Back up Codes’ section in your pc. Now you should print that codes and store that code in safe place, You will be given 10 codes each code can be use for once you can get new codes if you want by following same method.

Each time you sign from new location you have to enter that code which send you via SMS. You can enable “Google Prompt'” for this reason go to “Sign in and Security” on your device now click on “2-Factor Authentication” then click ‘Set Up’ underneath ‘Google Prompt’ then tap get started and follow instructed steps. You will required updated Google Play services.

Two factor authentication for not compatible devices

Google Authenticator is android app available in play store for devices which are not compatible. Once you have installed app in your device now click on “set up” then follow all the steps instructed their.

If you have any trouble in setting up two factor authentication the you can comment below with you query and your device model number. We are happy to help you.

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How Social Media Can Increase Your eCommerce Business


Social media gives opportunity to gain more customers and to know what customers are looking for. Social media helps to involve customers in your business. Social media includes the major sites like Facebook, Twitter, and many more. Impact of social media on eCommerce? Don’t know?? Below are 5 ways Social Media Can Increase Your eCommerce Business.

How Social Media Can Increase Your eCommerce Business: Customers

Customers are soul of any business. By the help of social media you can show your presence to customers. By creating an online presence, your marketing campaigns includes a peoples that you could never reach by local marketing. Your online presence will help to boost your business sell and will increase your ecommerce business.

How you can increase eCommerce business by social media: Visibility

Best way to earn from social media in ecommerce business to show your visibility. Let people know what your business is doing, your followers in social media should be updated about all new services, if customers like your business they will share with their friends, family or relative they may also have interest in your offers. One chain will be created if you offer best for your targeted customers through social media.

Drive Taffic to eCommerce site: Content

You can advertise specials which you are offering to your customers or increase reaching customers by special promotions. You can show your personal side of business by online contents. For example: Car painter painted marvelously which was nearly impossible to do in 30 minutes. You can add always new and attractives content to get visitors to your ecommerce site.

how social media can increase ecommerce business: Involvement

Social media can help you to know what your customer need, by remaining active in social media sites for business you may discover there’s a popular brand or size of show that you do not carry. If you know what your customers truly desire and by fulfilling their need, You will be able make trust of your company. When you even make happy one customer, that customer will bring more customers to business.

How Social Media Can Increase Your eCommerce Business: Target

What is role of social media in eCommerce? Now you will get a perfect answer for this question. Best part of social media is target. You can gain customers which you targeted. For example. If you are using facebook for giving advertisement so you can choose your audience by selecting city or country or any foreign country. Facebook will show ads to that customers only which you targeted. This will help you to gain more customers to ecommerce site.

Facebook and twitter have given a priority to gain attention of customers but you can make online forum or blogs to aware people what is going on in your business and to know customers easily about new changes.

Now you might know How Social Media Can Increase Your eCommerce Business.

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Ebookshare: Download free ebook torrent


Hey! Goodnews for torrent lover. Torrent is back after a large controversy with kickass torrent. Now you download millions of movies, ebook torrent. If you are bibliophile or a regular reader, Ebookshare is platform for you.

How Website looks! ebookshare (ebook torrent site)

ebookshare ebook torrent download free ebook

Ebooksshare, is ebook torrent downloading website where you will find millions of books from fiction to non-fiction and Novels to Classics and can download free ebook. There are a lot of categories which will help you find your book of interest.

Link : ebooksshare

How they display Categories! ebookshare (download free ebook torrent)

ebookshare ebook torrent

Ebooksshare, is not only website for ebook Torrents download or direct download but only it’s provide the description about books, so you can read and download ebook as per your understanding.

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You can download ebooks torrent on Ebookshare easily through torrent download or direct download because this website directs you through categorical phenomena.

If you want more on other ebooks so you can visit freebookspot.

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