Oodle – Free Classified Search Engine


What is Oodle?

Oodle is a web search engine tool committed exclusively to scouring the Web for ordered advertisements – auto classifieds, pet classifieds, loofah classifieds, from 76 diverse metro regions and 197 universities at the season of this written work. It’s anything but easy to use and results are significant and copious. Notwithstanding utilizing Oodle to discover things available to be purchased in your neighborhood, can likewise utilize it to post advertisements for things you might need to dispose of.

How to search Classified ads on Oodle?

My search for “Security for home”, initially entered in the main search query bar on the Oodle home page, whisked me to the master list of all the cities and metro areas that Oodle covers – even though I entered “Security” in the search string. No matter – after choosing my city, I was taken to my search results, which were three ads for Ahmedabad Security! Obviously my search Music was not the best!

My search results for “Security for home” had quite a few fun customization options available to me. From a drop-down menu, I was able to sort my results by best match, price, or date. I could subscribe to my results using RSS or add it to my choice of browser portal pages. Search refinements intrinsically linked to my search results were available as well; I could choose the place and size for security I was looking at.

Along with these many option, an option was provided which says ” Create an advert”  for particular search. Great! can you imagine how much time this could save and you don’t need to come back and search again. Oodle maps your cache and classified ads to help you for better results and would allow you to use Oodle cool features.

Hence, you initially chose your preferable city then by default that city would become your interest. If you decided to change the city so you need to go along way to homepage and you have to UNDO your search.

What is Oodle Search Tabs

There are a huge amount of various fun things that Oodle offers with the end goal for you to locate the best arranged promotions on the Web, and the tabs on top of the primary question bar are a portion of the best features.These tabs incorporate Home, For Sale, Cars, Housing, Jobs, Services, and Give Locally, an approach to discover associations that you can give different things to.

Tap on any of these tabs and will get a gigantic gob of results; however you can limit this down truly speedy by utilizing the drop-down menu of communities. For whatever you’re searching for, regardless of whether it’s another truck or another house or another pet, Oodle gives you a lot of phenomenal pursuit parameters that you can use to truly make your inquiry viable.

College Classified Ads by Oodle

Any individual who has ever purchased a course reading recently from a school book shop likely hear what I’m saying when I say “ouch!” They’re costly, without a doubt. Seek through Oodle’s school characterized advertisements, for instance, University of Chicago at Illinois, and you’ll have the capacity to look through promotions for reading material, flat mates, occupations, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.’

Reason why you should use Oodle

Oodle is an effective and useful search engine that I would recommend to anyone attempting to find classified ads whether that’s a job, a pet, a car, etc. As we have discussed above about classified tab which you can use bookmark your sections. If you are interested for sale or post something for sale in your local area then it is the best way to find items and potential buyers.

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