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So you are here to download Aptoide apk right? but before starting our guide on Aptoide app let me give you some brief introduction about Aptoide app.

Aptoide is an android app store and market place for mobile applications which mainly runs on Android operating system. It is open source software initially released in November 17, 2009 for targeted smartphones and tablet computers.

Currently there are various versions of Aptoide app which works on smartphones, tablets and smart TV as well. Let us see the main function of Aptoide apk, anyone can manage and create their own personalized app store. You will not require any registration in it like playstore. The interface of this app is quite interesting and user friendly for everyone, You can get any android app just by searching in search in Aptoide app. Aptoide includes millions of apps which can be downloaded within few clicks. Do you know what is an intriguing part here, if you are paid user then you can upload your own application in front of millions of users using Aptoide apk.

Before moving forward let me tell you good alternative of Aptoide app which can be downloaded here: Blackmart APK download.

Why do you need Download Aptoide Apk (Aptoide App)

Aptoide app download

Main thing might be pumping in your mind while reading this article is there is play store available by Google which is quite famous and officially available with million of paid and free android apps so why should i download aptoide apk? Right?

There are a lot of reasons which are forcing us to migrate from Google play store to Aptoide app. Let me tell you the truth of new Google play store update, you can’t see the full permission required by the application to install due this reason lack of privacy occur. Privacy which used to be before is not like that right now.

If you are from one who are looking for best alternative of Google play store so i think you are on right place ain’t you? You can download Aptoide apk as a alternative. Do you know what is cool thing about this aptoide app? You will be far away from restrictions occur in downloading apps from Google play store.

Aptoide app can be best alternative of Google play store, as many people are facing problem in updating android applications face problem while downloading app and many more. Yes!! i am one of those who faced problem for same, once i was downloading asphalt app and suddenly error occur in 99%. From that day i stopped using Google play store and  migrate to Aptoide apk . If you need more information about aptoide app you can check their official website here

Main features of Aptoide Apk (Aptoide app)

  • Millions of APKs can be downloaded direct to your smartphone
  • Thousands of applications can be found which are not available in other app martket
  • Get android applications for free which are paid on Google app store
  • Security improvements are there because it easy to add malware in applications
  • Easy to find any apps because of built-in search engine
  • Upload and share your own applications
  • Recommended by the editor and popular applications Discover the best apps.
  • Update tab option to know easily weather you have got any update or not
  • Lite version  of this app is available to get fastest access in your low specification smartphone.
  • Revenue shares for advertisers
  • No geographical Limits

Download Aptoide apk for android (Aptoide App)

download Aptoide apk

Now you are ready to download Aptoide app for your smartphone, This app can not be found in Google play store so you need to download Aptoide apk from external source but don’t need to worry about searching different sites and suffering for APK. You can download latest version of Aptoide apk from given link below. Let us start our step by step guide to download Aptoide app.

1. Firstly, You need to download aptoide app from given below link.

 Download Aptoide

2. As it is an third party application you need to do few changes in your device.

Go to Settings > Security > Check Unknown sources  That’s it (Don’t worry you just allowed to install external apk files in your device it will not harm your device)

3. Now go to folder where you downloaded this app (If you have downloaded aptoide apk in pc then you need to move to you smartphone)

4. Now you need to install it normally the open app and give permissions if you are using 6.0+ Android version

5. Now you are done, Enjoy downloading your required app by searching on search bar.

Aptoide Apk Download For PC/Computer [FREE]

Aptoide for pc

Now this is quite interesting isn’t it? It is actually fun using aptoide apk in android but now you can also use in pc or computer as well. Let’s begin our guide to install aptoide apk in computer.

Basic requirements 

  • Aptoide apk file (which you downloaded above will work)
  • Bluestack Emulator

Steps to download Aptoide for computer

1. Firstly, You need to download aptoide app from given below link.

 Download Aptoide

2. Install Bluestack android Emulator from below link

Download Bluestack

3.  Run Bluestack Emulator and Open the Aptoide apk file in your PC

4. Now your Aptoide app will be open in bluestack. Search the app you want in it.

5. Use any Android application by the same method download nay app from Aptoide in your PC.

Download Aptoide Apk For iOS

Now this is intriguing part after android and PC, it’s time for IOS. Let me tell you truth, installing any android application in IOS (iPhone) is really intricate. You need to follow various steps and it may take time to do so.

First what you need to do is download cydia for ios instead of Aptoide for ios. You need to download cydia after that you need to jailbreak your phone. Once you have done both the things you can install cydia with any major problem.

Wait wait!! why i am explaining you to download cydia instead of Aptoide app? right? don’t worry as i explained you before that aptoide apk required fully function android device. Cydia is just an alternative which functions same as aptoide app and works only in iPhone (IOS).

Download Cydia

Is Aptoide APK Safe or Not?

This might be coming your mind that aptoide is safe or not. Don’t worry about that because aptoide app come up with the advance security protection functions. Aptoide is supporting Anti-Malware System and has made the protection of its users one of its key concerns.

Still you need to be alert because malware rate is increasing day by day.

So, now you are aware of Aptoide android application and know how to download it and run Aptoide apk in your computer with few steps. Aptoide is really a good alternative of Google Play Store and it also provide option to sign in like Play Store. Aptoide app is compatible in all devices like Android, Computer and Smart TV as well. Install Aptoide apps store today and enjoy million of apps for free even that are paid in Google play Store.

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