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No one has ever grumbled about a memory card being too quick, and progressively, gadgets makers are anticipating that you should have fast memory cards that are perfect with specific components. Nowadays, cell phones, tablets, and even portable PCs frequently depend on memory cards for outer stockpiling. With shoppers requesting higher determination and less packed video from cameras, producers have reacted by providing increasingly competent memory cards. Today, cameras are recording 4K video to microSD cards and RAW HD video to SD cards. Fortunately, memory cards have stayed aware of the rising interest, and the speediest cards around adversary SSD drives, however discovering which ones are genuinely quick can be a test.

Measuring Memory Card Speed

At the point when memory cards list their read and compose speeds, they frequently utilize terms like “up to” or “most extreme” when announcing the spec. A greatest read speed or speed “up to” a specific sum is the most extreme burst speed of a card. It may have the capacity to manage that speed for a few moments, which is awesome for sparing a photo rapidly, for example, when shooting the Nikon D5’s blasted method of 12 frames for each second, yet don’t hope to see read and compose speeds like that for maintained exchanges, for example, when you’re shooting video. Also, a few producers are more liberal with the velocities they cite than others. Supported exchange paces can fluctuate significantly from card to card, so to decide a memory card’s general speed, quite recently taking a gander at the card’s publicized most extreme speed isn’t generally the best measuring stick.

It is likewise critical not to befuddle bits and bytes. Bits are abridged with a lowercase b (as in Mb/s), while bytes are truncated with a capital B (MB/s). There are eight bits in one byte. Frequently, video-recording codecs will list their paces in bits every second, while cards list their paces in bytes every second. So when a camcorder like the GH4 records at 100 Mb/s, recall that is just 12.5 MB/s.

Fortunately, memory cards have various measurements to help you deal with which ones are quick all around. To the uninitiated, they can be somewhat overpowering and look like arbitrary numbers, so in this article we won’t just uncover what the quickest cards are, additionally help you comprehend why.

Speed Class Ratings

Since card producers quite often just give you burst read and compose speeds rather than maintained paces, it can be hard to select a card for video. Numerous new 4K-competent cameras compose at high piece rates, and in the event that you anticipate recording video for longer than a few moments, the burst speed doesn’t help much. Likewise, there can be an enormous variety between the most extreme burst read speeds and the base maintained compose velocities of various cards. It’s not a straightforward proportion. To decide the base compose speed of a card, you have to take a gander at its speed class rating. A speed class rating implies that the card has been confirmed to never compose slower than whatever its class. A few cards may compose a considerable measure speedier, particularly since the quickest speed class is as of now only 30 MB/s, yet you can be open to realizing that any card with a speed class rating will never compose slower than that speed. Likewise recollect there are eight bits in one byte, 30 MB/s is 240 Mb/s. Some well known speed class evaluations utilized on SD cards today are:

  1. U3: Minimum 30 MB/s Write
  2. U1: Minimum 10 MB/s Write
  3. Class 10: Minimum 10 MB/s Write
  4. Class 6: Minimum 6 MB/s Write
  5. Class 4: Minimum 4 MB/s Write

The Fastest SD Cards

Now that we’ve decoded all the technical jargon, it should be clear that if you want the fastest SD cards you can get, look for UHS-II, Class U3 cards. Luckily, we carry a number of UHS-II / U3 cards from a few manufacturers. SanDisk Extreme PRO UHS-II cards are available in 16GB Memory card, 32GB Memory Card, 64GB Memory card, and 128GB Memory Card capacities, and offer read speeds up to 300 MB/s and write speeds up to 260 MB/s, which should satisfy the most bandwidth-hungry cameras.

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