Feeling Bored? Type I’m feeling curious On Google1 min read

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Are you feeling boring? If yes! then Google is there to help you out. Google new feature which was launched with Google assistant have amazed many people by entertaining and providing interesting facts you never know about. I’m feeling curious is name of that feature.

Type I’m feeling curious or fun facts on Google or Google assistant from you smartphone.

You will be amazed by some interesting facts and information which will help increasing your knowledge and impressing others.

Still confused?

Let me explain it for you by example, as i’m feeling bored

I told Google that i’m feeling bored , below is what Google provided me

Feeling Bored? Type I'm feeling curious On Google

Another picture when i searched for “Fun facts” on Google

I'm feeling curious On Google

Give not only stops here there are a lot of question you can ask Google to do for you.

Google works as a “Aladin”for you isn’t it?

Now i am aware of How much does an Indy race car weigh?

For what you’re waiting for try now. Type i’m feeling curious or type fun facts. Let Google amaze you through their new feature.

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