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Losing weight is not at all a tough task but it needs a little bit of hard work and a lot of dedication. Losing weight involves two basic steps that are improving diet and also increasing the physical activity. People trying to lose their weight should be more conscious about their diet because junk foods are considered to be the major factor for obesity.

While thinking about to reduce the weight, people should avoid junk foods because of its low nutritional value and it causes overweight. Obesity was mainly caused due to the excessive consumption of fats and sugars without burning the energy. In an average, an active man requires about 2,500 calories and an active woman needs about 2,000 calories a day.

Most of the people go for a personal trainer or working out in a gym to get fit or to lose weight. Those who are unable to afford a fitness expert or dietician can make use of these weight loss apps to maintain their diet to stay fit. These mobile apps focus on three major areas such as food logging, motivation and activity. Some of the fitness apps are given below to stay fit and healthy without spending more money.

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Best Fitness Mobile Apps 2017

  • Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker

Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker is one of the best fitness apps developed by MyFitnessPal. It provides calorie counter and exercise tracker services to the smartphone users. The app has a simple design and user interface that results in the quick chore, which is more important to reach a fitness goal. This app contains the large database with more than 6,000,000 foods and it has the details about home-cooked dishes and brand-name foods around the world.

This app allows the users to track their diet and physical exercise in less than five minutes a day. It also offers social support and links with over 50 devices and apps such as Garmin, Runkeeper, Misfit, and more to reach the users’ health goals. It is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows phone.

  • Lose It

Lose It is free fitness apps designed to count calories and logging exercise to lose weight. It has a barcode scanner that eliminates the process of entering calories manually, but it is slightly difficult to calculate for home-made foods. Lose It was produced by FitNow and it has built an entire environment around its apps to work with other fitness products. The premium version of this app has some additional features of monitoring body fat, sleep, blood pressure, hydration and a lot more.

The app has a huge database of inclusive food and exercise with more than 4.5 million entries. It has a barcode scanner that scans most of the items and automatically draws calorie and nutritional value from the enormous online database. An online support community is available where the user can join and learn about the recipes’ nutritional information.

  • Fooducate

One of the best weight loss apps is Fooducate, which helps the user to reach weight loss and fitness goals by knowing to eat healthy food. It scans the barcode and displays the information like high fructose corn syrup, added sugar vs. natural sugar, harmful additives and preservatives, controversial food, artificial sweeteners like aspartame and more. It makes a grading system for the users’ food choices from A to D and also provides suggestions based on the user diet goals, height, weight and gender.

It can act as a nutritionist and advices the user to take healthy food based on their nutrient value and ingredients. Fooducate helps the user to reduce weight by showing them to eat right food items. It also tracks the progress and motivated by the supportive community members. It is available for Android and iPhone devices.


  • Fitbit

It is a great fitness app and weight loss app to check the fitness and health of a user. Even if the person does not own any Fitbit device, it can able to track and record all the workouts, food intake and it also motivates towards the goals. The app can be used as a personal fitness journal, which calculates calories burned, miles travelled, and active minutes.

If the users keep their phone while running, the route can be mapped by the GPS. It has an additional feature of audio feedback that helps the user to hear the distance travelled and time in real-time which give the motivation to reach the goal. Most of the features can be accessed without a Fitbit device, but to use all the features user need to have Fitbit devices.

  • Endomondo

Endomondo is the perfect choice for all types of peoples who may be a walker, runner or biker. The app uses Google Maps to track the route for future reference. It also tracks the users’ workout that includes speed, distance, duration, calories and more. This app also gives audio feedback to the user on pace and distance for every kilometer or mile. Bluetooth heart rate monitors are used to track the user heart rate.

The main screen of the app consists of basic options like Music On/Off, type of workout and immediate start or countdown options for ten seconds. The secondary screen has a map that displays the current location. The user can set a goal to reach, set a goal against their previous time or a friend’s time and enter a route followed by them.

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  • 7 Minute Workout

7 Minute Workout is the top rated Weight loss app available on both Android devices and iPhones. 7 Minute Workout app is highly useful for the people who have a very busy schedule. The app provides a full video and audio instructions by both male and female. It consists of text direction and images and also provides step-by-step guidance that instructs about the exercise. It not only instructs the user about the workout; it tracks the results and encourages for further progress.

The app tracks the users’ weight and visualizes the progress and also motivates the user. It also has an inbuilt calendar recording all the records of the workouts and user can view it. If the users are workout more, then they can unlock more awards and achievements.

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  • Nike + Running

Nike + Running is mainly developed for runners who aim to improve their performance by an extra motivation. It has an instinctive interface design that tracks the runs and helps the user to reach the goals. The app track the users travel distance and other metrics like time, distance, calories burned and more accurately with the help of phone’s GPS. The user can share their runs with the friends and also invite their friends for a race.

Another notable feature of the app is a heat map that displays only during a run. During the tracking of the route, the app also calculates the speed of the user throughout the course and plots it on the map by using a color scale ranging from green to red. It also calculates the fastest mile, which represented by green and the red represented for slowest mile. The moderate pace is indicated with the shades of orange and yellow in the app. While running, it allows the user to view time, miles and calories burned and user can set voice alerts to indicate the distance and pace. It has an additional ability of creating music playlists that match with the users’ pace.

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