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Google IO 2017 –  All announcement Keynotes


Google IO 2017, the current year’s portion of Google’s annual developer conference, is beginning today. It will include a huge swath of declarations from Google divisions from over the range, Android being only one of them. We won’t get updates on each and every Google project that is made news or been spilled/leaked over the preceding year, and keeping in mind that the declarations that are made will fundamentally be focused at developers, there will be bounty to keep consistent people intrigued as well. That is on account of whether you’re a dev or not, IO is a valuable sneak look inside the sprawling Google domain and all the cool things the organization is taking a shot at. Also, much the same as consistently: we can hardly wait.

As far back as as February 2016 it was rumoured Google was working on a standalone VR headset. At I/Oc Google confirmed it was working on wireless, self-contained headsets and that they’d be launched in ‘late 2017’. Google added it is working with both HTC and Lenovo on two headsets but that’s about all the company has revealed. There’s no pricing, specifications, or even pictures of the VR headsets yet.

Google IO is a major event for all Google watchers. It’s where the firm reveals what it’s been working on in the past year and gives a glimpse at what’s to come.

Here take a Look at all Announcement’s keynotes in 23 Slideshow.

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