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    Google Home or Google Assistant

    Recently the world’s most busy search engine (Google) has Released Released Google pixel smartphone. It seems that Google is focusing on new products. Google has launched a new product called Google Home or Google Assistant. Which is available for pre-orders now and would cost approximately 120-130 dollars.

    What is Google Home?
    Google Home Google Assistant Artificial Intelligence

    Google Home is an AI Google assistant and a smart speaker. It will use its artificial intelligence to respond the voice commands of the user and also follow unique vlice recognition. It can also be used as a speaker to play your favourite music, YouTube, Spotify, etc. You can also set your favourite songs by which you no longer has to say to home which song to play. Google Home also provides traffic reports for you. Also, it notifies you about upcoming events or appointments which you have to attend.

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    Google Home Google Assistant Artificial Intelligence

    You can also do things like sending videos to your TV with the help of chrome cast, sending notes or reminders to your pixel device. The best thing about Google Assistant is that you will also be able to control your smart home with the help of smart home devices such as smart lights, Nest thermostat, etc. through voice commands. Google Assistant has ARM processor as hardware. Google home is just 5.65 inches high and 3.9 inches in diameters. There will be 4 LEDs on the top which indicates the power. And the device just weights 480 grams. The top surfaced features a capacitive touch panel which you can use to pause the songs, adjust volume levels, etc.

    Google has always provide us Better technology for better tomorrow, we hope that Google Home will change the way people operate to artificial intelligence. Never the less but Artificial intelligence is the field where Silicon Valley is moving Forward. Stay tune for Next update on Tesla.


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