How can ringless voicemail technology help call centers close more leads?5 min read


    Ringless Voicemail does not disturb the recipient in any way. A customised voicemail gets automatically dropped in voicemail inbox without any ring alert.

    It enables to drop pre recorded voicemails to thousands of people at once.

    This technology is flexible to both users and recipients and helps to get higher ROI, effective sales and conversion rates and generates more leads by initiating an interactive human conversation.

    Ringless Voicemail

    How can you set up your Ringless Voicemail campaign?

    Ringless voicemail campaign comprises of the following steps:

    Decide the objective of the campaign

    Deciding the objective can help to visualise the desired result and track the performance of the campaign from time to time. Goals can be different for different people but at least you can track how many people accomplish the desired action.

    Record the message to be sent

    The best voicemail is that which is more candid and non-scripted. It is important that the voicemail sounds natural and contains all the relevant information clearly described in the message itself. The message should be able to communicate effectively with the listeners.

    Create list of recipients

    It is important to create a list of the recipients of the message as it will save your time and will result in effective communication consuming less time.

    Schedule timeframe

    The best part of ringless voicemail is that it can be delivered anytime without any disturbance to the recipients. It is important to schedule the time in which the recipients are likely to be free to check their mails.

    Track the outcome

    Timely monitor the results of the campaign to keep up and make changes accordingly if required. Track the voicemails which did not go through and send it again to only those people.

    Why is Ringless voicemail a better choice for Call Centers?

    Ringless Voicemail Features

    High response Rate

    Response rate of voicemail is much greater than of answering a call and it triggers engagement because it is more affordable and has a high speed of delivery that can boost the number of potential contacts to be made in an hour. 

    Connects to no contact leads  

    The leads which failed to connect in the past can be queued again in the ringless voicemail. This may generate a lead for you and bring them back as your valuable client. It will also help to increase the returns and thereby increasing the ROI. 

    Reduces Bounced call number

    Usually Clients tend to reject the calls they don’t recognise or they don’t want to hear from. Possibility is that they might bounce the call or reject it. So Ringless Voicemail helps reducing the bounced call number and receiving this voicemail costs nothing to the recipient.

    Attract top Performers

    Top performer sales people are the assets that can generate more per sale per client than any other person. Ringless Voicemail can help attract those sales people which will further produce more leads.

    Bridges the gap

    It is important to make the people fall in the gap before the actual sale is done. Ringless supports to fill those gaps that might be between your contact and probably a sales meeting. This one step may double your sales.

    Ensures Quality

    It is hard to use the scripts for monitoring the calls every time and monitoring the employee whole day is also quite expensive. This technology assures that effective messages are being sent which can be tested and optimized for anticipated results.

    No intrusion threat

    As the messages are directly sent to the receivers voicemail, they can listen to the message anytime according to their convenience. So it makes them believe that you value their time and don’t want to interrupt their work. 

    Directs Users to your website

    As Ringless Voicemail is non-threatening, it has high listening rate. So it becomes easy to direct people to your website by creating interesting and exciting messages and make them visit your website by offering them attractive offers.

    How can the success of Ringless Voicemail be measured?

    The metrics to be kept in mind to measure the success are:

    • It is important to check how many people received the voicemail successfully compared to other channels
    • How many people responded to the voicemail as compared to other means.
    • The quality of the response received should be monitored as compared to the desired action .
    • How many people complained about the voicemail compared to other channels.
    • Compare the ROI received from Ringless voicemail to other marketing initiatives

    What are the points to be avoided?

    There are some mistakes which need to be avoided when setting up a ringless voicemail campaign. Those issues are:

    • Avoid Targeting

    Ringless voicemail should be a direct message. It should not be generalised message  as the receiver may consider it as a telemarketing spam and fail to get the desired engagement.

    • Poor Messaging

    Avoid unclear messages as it may not generate required results. It is necessary that the recipient understands who you are, why he is receiving the message,  and what he needs to do after receiving it.

    • Poor Follow-up

    There are people who respond after hours of receiving the message or through the medium that you don’t expect. Make sure that you keep the system and staff ready to follow up with those people.


    Sometimes it happens that we have a missed call on our phone but we didn’t hear the phone ring at the same time we also have a voicemail message. This will make the person curious to check the voicemail and he will definitely listen to it and the people who are interested in your offer will surely call you back. This makes Ringless Voicemail different from others.


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