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    How Technology Has Changed Our Lives : Over the years, Technology is giving us what ever we want on our finger tips. We get full information which we need to know to easily. The advance innovations in technology has changed our live.

    how technology has changed our lives

    1. No more greeting cards because of Technology

    We no longer give or get greeting cards, As technological stuff had took place of greeting cards, Yes obviously These technology have changed the world and save our time.

    2. Our way of sharing

    In this era of Technology we no longer share any information in traditional way but we use social networking for this purpose, It is an easy way and faster way to share own knowledge with this world.

    3. Date

    This is not a DATE of calendar but dating someone, How is used to be and how is now. In earlier days dating was different but now it have become online. Online dating really save more time.

    4. Our way of communicate

    Communication is a best way of making relationship but after new innovation cause by Technology it have really changed. People used to communicate by going home of each other walking a long distance but Smartphones, Tablets and many other technology have replaced that and done our work easier and faster.

    5. Reading

    Carry heavy books was really feel like a labour but because of love towards books we used to do that but How we read book that is really cool, Now we have ebooks in our pocket and pc to read any where. Yes we have power of internet by which we can get every book of this world.

    6. Parenting

    How we used to parent and how we do now, Now we guide our child online and can track them any where. We can guide our children of danger.

    There are a lot of other thing which have changed our live

    These are my view on How Technology Has Changed Our Lives , Comment below How has technology changed your life?

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