how to change name in truecaller app

Truecaller is one of the best and useful app to detect the Spam calls. This is one of the important android app which is in the list of my top needed and used apps. I usually use truecaller app to detect unnecessary marketing  calls. It helps to know unknown numbers names (which are not saved in your phone). Sometimes, it shows incorrect name of the number. In case. Your name is showing incorrect in truecaller and you want to change name in truecaller app then you can do it with two methods.

  • From your computer
  • From your android app

Before we move forward let me tell you why truecaller shows wrong names?

Reasons of TrueCaller Showing Wrong Name

Whenever someone install truecaller in their smartphone so, truecaller sync all the numbers with names which are stored in persons phone book to their database. Let me explain you with example, suppose your name is Mr. X and you work in oil company. It is possible that person saves your number as “X Oil” for remembering you better. When that person install truecaller app on his smartphone then “Johnson Oil” will be synced in truecaller app database.

If you are citizen of India, then you might know that if your sim card is off for more then 3 months so, that number is issued to someone else. And this can be one of the reason of wrong name in truecaller app.

How to check my name in Truecaller

If you are not sure that your name is incorrect in Truecaller database or not, then what you need to do is simply go to Truecaller website and login. Now, search for a number. It will show exact same as showing below.

If your details are correct in search results then it’s good but if not then you should move forward to change truecaller name.

How to Change name in Truecaller through PC

If your name is showing wrong then you need to scroll down and find “Suggest better name” as shown in screenshot below

Now, mention the name you want to as shown below.

that’s it your name will be change shortly as Truecaller database is updated

If you want to change your name through true caller app then you must go for method given below

How to Change name in Truecaller app

You can change your name directly from the smartphone. I think this method is easy and fast then chaning name through computer.

  • First install true caller app in your phone from given link below

[button type=”default” color=”” target=”” link=””]Android[/button] [button type=”default” color=”” target=”” link=”″]iPhone[/button] [button type=”default” color=”” target=”” link=””]Windows Phone[/button] [button type=”default” color=”” target=”” link=”″]BlackBerry[/button]

  • Now app will send you verification SMS in your phone
  • Launch the TrueCaller app and open the app menu (Shown in below screenshot)
  • Tap on edit profile

  • Now, tap on pencil icon (edit) front of your name
  • Add your first name and last name as well as company name if you want to show in Truecaller

  • Save it that’s it

You must know that changing name in Truecaller might take few time. Your name will be updated as Truecaller database it updated. You should know expect instant update.

If you have any query regarding how to change name in truecaller app then let us know below in comment section

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