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In our previous article we discussed about scanning document using Google drive app but article is different and more useful if you are familiar with android devices. You will come to know about ” How to change package name in android studio “.

Have you ever tried to change package name and leave it to desire name? Don’t worry if you haven’t or want to learn about it. If you are familiar with Android Studio IDE then it will take less then 1 minutes to change package name. Changing Package Name is a vital piece of any Android application the same number of the center libraries and record relies on upon the bundle name. Likewise, changing the bundle name was bit simple assignment for the Eclipse clients, yet this won’t not be the same in Android Studio as the bundle level names are not shown in Eclipse style. i.e. In Eclipse, the bundles are shown with full parent progression, yet in Android Studio, it is shown in an envelope level chain of importance, so here and there it looks bit hard to change the Package Name.

Android studio introduced Refactor Tool which made our work easy to change package name in android studio. You can change package name of any android application through Refactor Tool.

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Before starting our guide let me tell you where you can find package names

  1. AndroidManifest.xml file
  2. Java source code
  3. Name of the Directory
  4. Build.gradle file

Above given are four files where package names are exist.

When you will change package names in Android studio, these four places will be changed. You need to follow each and every steps carefully.

Let’s begin our tutorial, we are going to change the package name from to

How To Change Package Name In Android Studio

Step 1: Switch To Compact Empty Middle Packages

From switching to compact empty middle packages it will expand packages to sub packages

Step 2: Renaming package name

Now Right Click on directory you want to edit then go to Refactor as shown on below screenshot for you reference

After clicking on rename option, one pop up will appear as shown below to rename package name

If you are asked this option then click on Rename package button as shown above and move forward to next step

Now, one dialog box will appear to rename existing package name, what you need to do is simple replace previous name to new name which is android to android 1000

As you can see in above image, i have changed package name to android1000

After changing the name simply click on refactor button.

That’s it it will change package name and all changes will be applied to each four places.

Changing package name in android studio is easy and can be done within few step as you seen above. If you like this article do share with others through social media.

If you have any question for topic ” How to change package name in android studio ” let us know in comment section below.

Share your view and methods you might be using to change package name of android application.

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