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IRCTC registration is essential if you want to book railway ticket online. Creating account on IRCTC is quite easy and can be done with in few minutes. What you need to do is just follow step by step guide given in this article. Register your account on IRCTC with these easy steps. Technology have provided us a facilities which wasn’t expected by any one, In this technological era booking tickets from the railway station seems little creepy. Why would someone book tickets while standing on a long line. Facility to book tickets online has provided to us, why wouldn’t we use it right? but how to get started? Don’t worry in this article you will come to know about creating IRCTC account.

Don’t worry if don’t know about IRCTC registration, we will cover this topic in this article. We are in the World of technology, once in a life we will face a situation where we need to book tickets online. This guide is Gold for you if you are still unaware of online booking and IRCTC registration. IRCTC Booking and creating account is easy and important to learn.

There are total two methods for IRCTC registration

  1. From Smartphone
  2. From Computer or Laptop

IRCTC Registration From Android Device

Step 1: Download App

You need to download IRCTC Connect app in your smartphone

Download For Android   Download for iOS

Step 2: Tap On Register To Create New Account

  • After Downloading the app, open it
irctc login
IRCTC Registration
  • Then, you will be asked to login or register. To sign up for new account registration click on Register button.

Step 3: Fill All Details

  • After click on register button, you need to fill all necessary details then click on Next.
irctc form
irctc form
How To Create New Account on IRCTC

Step 4: Verification

  • Now, you  need to verify Mobile number and mail id (E-mail ID)
  • After completing all the formalities, you need to login through your username and password
  • Now, you can book your online tickets with in few clicks easily.

Creating New Account From IRCTC Website

Step 1: Go To IRCTC Site

register Irctc account


OR you can directly go to Sign Up Link for quick moving to registration page from your Desktop

You will on Registration page directly

Step 2: Fill All Details

Irctc Registration From
How To Create New Account on IRCTC – Registration process


Now after moving to registration page, You need to fill all the necessary details. Keep in mind that you need to fill valid E-mail and Mobile number. As, it will required for quick verification through your E-Mail and Mobile number.

Step 3: Final Step Of Submission

  • Now click on Submit Registration Form then click on OK button
  • Now, you will be asked to accept their terms and conditions
  • Click on the Accept Button
irctc Registration Form

Step 4: Receiving Information

  • Now your IRCTC registration have completed
  • Message will appear of thanking you and all other information
How To sign up on IRCTC

Step 5: Activation

  • Now, you need to verify your E-mail Address and Mobile number through OTP code (One-Time password)
  • Go to IRCTC login page and enter your user name as well as password
Irctc Verify Mobile no
IRCTC Registration


  • You might have received OTP code in your smartphone and through E-mail address as well
  • Verify by entering OTP code (Sometime it might take time for receiving OTP code)

Your IRCTC registration is done. Wasn’t that simple? Yeah it was for sure. Why paying money to agents when you can book your ticket own self.

Now your account have been created on IRCTC website. A lot of people are puzzled and have fear to sign up to IRCTC and adding details on it. Don’t worry because their site is totally safe and secured. Your details will not be shared or sell to any one.

If you have any question regarding how to create account on IRCTC website or any IRCTC registration process then let us know i comment section.

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