How to earn money from Facebook : Are you on Facebook? Have you ever wonder what if you can make money from Facebook rather then posting selfies and receive  unwanted notifications (which are useless).

You might want to earn money from Facebook but don’t know how? Today, in this article we will cover 6 smart ways to earn money from Facebook. Yes! no more question about how to earn money from Facebook.

If you are active in Facebook groups then you might have seen various promotional articles and posts for selling Facebook page likes. Yes, you can earn from it but not the same amount. If you are selling 2000 likes for 100Rs then you can’t earn same all the time, you will be rigid and everything would be depend on your targeting audience as well as clients you get for selling likes.

how to earn money from facebook

How to earn money from Facebook

Apart from selling likes and paid a small amount, there are other ways to earn money from Facebook which can help you to earn better amount of money. You can earn money from Facebook, from using link-type advertising programs to selling the posts and creating a fan page. Let us begin our tips.

How To Earn Money From Facebook

1. Earn Money On Facebook By Selling Products

You can earn money by selling products on Facebook, Use make an OFFER feature on Facebook.

Put your product link in it and coupon code as well for discount on product. If you know about affiliate program then you can use affiliate links from e-commerce sites (Add coupon if available) whenever someone buy product from that specific link then you will earn money. (You can share affiliate link wherever you want but some fb groups doesn’t allow sharing affiliate links)

There are a lot of website which gives commission for selling their products. You can sign up for affiliate program of Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal and many more.

Tips to earn more from Facebook promoting

  • Make an attractive image and give proper discount like 10% to 20% Discount or offers like buy one get one FREE. If you want to earn money from Facebook then your offer must be better then your competitor.
  • Facebook provide ads feature to all where you can boost your offer post with affiliate links in it to get more traffic and earn better amount from it.
  • Proper presentation: Even if you discount is not good but you attractive presentation of post or Facebook page can make a deal. Proper attraction can make your deal more powerful.

2. Earn Money Through Facebook Page

How to earn money from Facebook page

Facebook page have potential to make “n” number of money, you can earn millions from it if you have potential and use proper strategies. The India startup known as Inshort was started as an Facebook page which is now one of the major android news sharing application provides new in 60 words. In Facebook there are a lot of pages earning good amount money by selling various products and services according to their niche.

 1. Find A Niche

From the very first day you must know what niche idea you are going to work on. You must be clear that you have to earn money from fb page. You must find a niche which have potential and by which you can earn money. Find you interest.

Let me explain you with an example: Suppose, you are have Facebook page of fashion then you can generate money from it by promoting various products of Amazon like jeans, fashion accessories and many more.

#Additional tips 

  • Before starting you must be clear that earning from fb page is not cup of tea until you have proper fans on Facebook page
  • You need start campaigns according to your audience
  • Use Facebook ads to attract more people and marketing.
  • Money attracts money, Invest money to earn more.

2. Publish Quality Content On Facebook Page

Always remember content is king, Publish content on your fb page daily so can read it and share it.

There are a lot of Facebook pages how would peoples remember you? Use psychology, publish content daily which will attract people towards your page (When person see something interesting daily from specific page then they never forget it).

Their may be several days when you will not be able to publish content on page due some occasions. Be ready pre-written content so, you can post it even if you are busy. Their are apps like Buffer and HootSuite which can help you in scheduling fb post.

3. Build Connection

Make proper relationship with you targeted audience. If you have proper audience then you can get offer from various blogs and website to promote their products in your Facebook page. This is common now a days you can earn money from Facebook through sponsored posts.

If you are running fashion page then you might get promotional post offer from fashion site.

Be ready to promote if product is relevant to your audience else, you can lose your audience interest.

4. Earn more money (Make More Money)

Use affiliate links in effective way be specific and use different strategies. Read about successful people already earning from their Facebook pages.

You might be puzzled why i have written both differently “Earn more money” and “Make more money”. Both are different for sure it depends upon your thinking how you get it. let us know in comment what do you think? read this get an idea about it Earn money and make money are different.

3. Earn Money Through Facebook Apps

Are you a developer? If you are then you have great opportunity to earn money from Facebook apps. Facebook provide independent service to build you own app and promote it trough banners and ads. If you are good in promoting the start from here. Make an app start promoting it then put advertisement or sell virtual goods on it to generate good amount of money.

Start from today

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4. Become Freelance Facebook Marketer

You can earn good amount from it. People are already earning 50$ to 100$ per hour from it. Become Facebook marketer.

Additional tips to become freelance Facebook Marketer and make money though Facebook

  • You should have the capacity to anticipate with information examination that, which sort of posts work better on which day of the week. Advertising can end up noticeably effective just on the off chance that we can quantify the details. Like google has their examination for sites, Facebook has its own investigation for pages.
  • Capacity to settle on advertising techniques and choices. An advertising effort can’t be effective without a vital arranging. A successful advertiser recognizes what will be the aftereffects of a crusade toward the finish of the month.
  • Understanding edgerank and the art of engagement
  • Understanding Facebook best practices
  • Gaining some insights and using ad campaigns effectively

5. Earn Money From Facebook Group

You can earn money from Facebook group. Make group and promote that group for specific niche and engage members with various offers, relevant questions, blog posts, images, polls and many more. When you reach 10k+ members you can do below given things.

  1. Paid surveys
  2. Affiliate marketing
  3. Sell your own products or services
  4. Sponsored content

6. Earn Money By Selling Fb Pages And Accounts

How to earn money from Facebook

If you are from those who had made multiple accounts and not using one then you can earn money from it. Sell you unused account to marketer, As they are buying accounts for promotional purposes.

If you are good in getting likes from Facebook page then it is good opportunity for you. You can earn money by selling those pages. Make Facebook page then increase likes and sell that in good price. People are ready to purchase these pages for promotional purposes

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Earning from Facebook might look harder but you can earn easily if you maintain engagement with your Facebook fans. Your efforts and unique strategies will decided your earnings, Use Facebook ads in effective way and reach more and more audience. Start earning through Facebook .

Let us know in comment if you know any other methods to earn from Facebook.

Adarsh Kumar Maheshwari (A.D) is Co-Founder of TechnoApt. Passionate to his work and hard working Entrepreneur. He knows about SEO, Graphics designing, Website developing and Many more. For more info check out Linkedin Account of AD.

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