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You might have heard and seen two-factor authentication every where most of the time people like to tell us about using this but have ever wonder what 2FA is? if not then you will be able to know about it today in this guide and you will learn about how to enable two factor authentication on android.

So before starting our guide for enabling 2FA in android we should know about what two factor authentication is and how it works?

What is two factor authentication?

Two factor authentication is also known as 2FA, it is two step verification made for extra security which is known as “multi factor authentication” it not only require your user name and password but also required which only you have. For example: Your phone number verification by sending you code in your smartphone.

It is not a new concept but is used for more security to prevent hacking attacks for online users. February 2011 Google announced two factor authentication, which is quite famous now and safe.

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In this guide you will learn how to secure your google account by two factor verification.

On your smartphone go to Settings then, Google Now Sign in and Security. Use your web browser to navigate to the Google Account security site.

Tap on ‘Get Started’ to start reviewing the security settings for your account. Now you have to sign to your Google Account by inserting your Google password.

Now in “Add Recovery Information” tap on ‘Add Phone’ and add your mobile number there. Google will send you verification code through SMS. This number will be used to send you suspicious account activity alert to your device.

Now go to Sign in and Security page of your Android Device and tap on recently used devices If you find any suspicious click the secure your account by changing your account password, Even if your know that device it is recommended to change password.

Before you change password it is recommended to follow these tips for strong password, You must use at least 8 character password and you should use upper case, lower case, numbers as well as any symbol in password. This will reduce the risk of hacking.

Before moving to our final step for “2-Step Verification” you must check your android applications that which apps are using your google account data. The reason i am telling you to check it because it will keep accessing your data even after 2-Step Verification. Go to ‘Sign in and Security’ in your device and scroll down to “Apps” section then check all the apps if you found any app which is unrecognized so click on name of app or manage app then remove that app.

Now you have to again go to “Sign in and Security” in your android now scroll down to 2-step verification then tap “Get Started” Now you will again asked to sign in. Sign in from your Google Account. Now you will asked to enter number which you want to use for 2-factor verification. This number will be for recovery you can use any number.

Now select Choose ‘Text Message’ or ‘Phone Call’ what ever you prefer for verification and getting code, then enter code which is send to you then click next now “turn on”.

Google will provide you backup code which can enter after all steps are done for sign in to your account. You must use computer which is connected to printer for this step click on Google sign-in options. Now Set up an Alternative second step then Set up then ‘Back up Codes’ section in your pc. Now you should print that codes and store that code in safe place, You will be given 10 codes each code can be use for once you can get new codes if you want by following same method.

Each time you sign from new location you have to enter that code which send you via SMS. You can enable “Google Prompt'” for this reason go to “Sign in and Security” on your device now click on “2-Factor Authentication” then click ‘Set Up’ underneath ‘Google Prompt’ then tap get started and follow instructed steps. You will required updated Google Play services.

Two factor authentication for not compatible devices

Google Authenticator is android app available in play store for devices which are not compatible. Once you have installed app in your device now click on “set up” then follow all the steps instructed their.

If you have any trouble in setting up two factor authentication the you can comment below with you query and your device model number. We are happy to help you.

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