How To Find Package Name Of Android App2 min read

    How To Find Package Name Of Android App

    This article is going to be very simple, you might be puzzled by thinking how to find package name of android app but believe me this simple tip will help you finding package easily. This tip is useful if you are downloading app from the Google play. Few online tools requires to provide package name of the android application. Don’t worry it might sound technical but it is simple.

    Before starting our guide let me tell you what exactly package name is?

    What is Package Name?

    package names are composed in all lower case to maintain a strategic distance from struggle with the names of classes or interfaces. Organizations utilize their turned around Internet area name to start their bundle names—for instance, com.example.mypackage.

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    Let’s start our guide to find package name of Android app.

    How to Find Android package name

    • Go to Google playstore and search for any android application there, as you can see below we have searched our own app
    • Now see address bar, link of TechnoApt app look like given below

    So package name of TechnoApt app is “com.technoapt.Latest”


    Few more examples are given below of most popular applications like WhatsApp and Facebook

    As you see whatsapp package name in this URL as well as screenshot is com.whatsapp

    Now Facebook for better understanding

    Package name is com.facebook.katana

    android Package Name

    Almost every android package names are started with “com”. You can easily download any app easily after finding package name of android app.

    Now you know how to find package name of android app right? If you have any query or problem with this method or you are aware of better method then this one then let us know by commenting below in comment section.


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