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    In our previous article we have discussed about how to Unlock pattern lock without data loss in Android Phone but today by this method you can get free internet on android phone. By reading this article you will really come to know about using free internet for android device. Follow simple steps to get free Internet on Android phone or tablet.

    Today we are finally revealing working trick for using free internet in Android phone. Few year before people used to use free internet in android by using proxies method but it is not working any more. People used to use different tricks and were actually getting free internet in android but now these methods are really useless and spending a lot of money on internet. If you are Airtel sim user so have a look in our article on how to get free internet in Airtel Sim this method might work in your device. In India, Jio sim is famous for free internet but only for 4g users. Now this trick will be beneficial for 3g and 2g users. You can get internet easily by following simple step on How to get free internet on Android using VPN.

    This method will not only help you in getting free internet on android but will also allow you to access certified website which have SSL certificate sites like Facebook, Twitter and many other websites.

    Let’s start tutorial…

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    How To Get Free Internet For Android Phone Using VPN

    Below are Steps to Get Free Internet On Android Phone Using VPN.

    Follow these step carefully

    • For this trick you have to download Free Feat VPN

    Below are the links for different versions of Android

    1. For Android version 2.x and 3.x Click here to Download
    2. For Android version 4.x Click here to Download
    3. For Android Lollipop 5.x or later Click here to Download ( This might work on Latest Android version Android 6.x If not then Go to Official site of FeatVPN )

    Make your own Working VPN config to .zip and Store it on SD card

    Get free VPN config Zip file Click here to Download

    • Step 1: Download the app according to your Android version and Install it on your Device launch the FeatVPN App then click on Setup then it will automatic check the capability of your Device to use Feat VPN App.
    • Step 2: Hope so your device have completed the test successfully If yes then one pop up will come (image) you have to click on Dismiss button.
    • Step 3: Install downloaded VPN in Android and Tap on Tunnel.
    • Step 4: There will be option ADD click on it.
    • Step 5: After clicking on ADD there will be option of LOAD, Click on LOAD.
    • Step 6: Now there will be Config files of your SD card, You have to choose .zip file which Created.
    • Step 7: Feat VPN have some requirements like pass.txt etc Once you fulfill all the requirements of Feat VPN then you will be able to access Free internet on Android phone. Your internet will be connected.

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    If there is any problem in config file then UDP or TCP opened in your area will help you in automatically connecting to Internet.

    Hopefully you might be aware of how to get free internet on android phone using Feat VPN. If still have any problem feel free to comment below and discuss your query. Soon you will get free internet on Android phone.

    Free Internet on Android is for educational purpose Only. This Trick is Safe to use.


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