how to increase jio 4g speed

How To Increase Jio 4G Speed? How To Increase Reliance Jio 4G Speed? How To Increase Jio Net Speed? How To Increase Jio Speed? You might be irritate by this question ,So your Jio net is slow and looking to increase Jio 4G speed. There are alot of tricks on how To Increase Jio 4G Net Speed and todday we will discuss all the available tricks, Now just follow the given steps and increase your jio Speed Test by 10x and you can do Speed Test on the below mentioned sites:

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How To Increase Jio Net Speed Tricks

Before increasing Jio speed, test your speed because there is more jio internet speed in some areas around 100 Mbps+. Check what is your maximum available speed then follow below ways to Increase Jio 4G Net Speed.

Below are ways to increase reliance Jio net speed

  1. First download Speed Meter lite app from Google Play from given link
  2. Your device should be connect to Band 40  ( Band 40 gives maximum coverage for reliance jio 4g )
  3. Install JioTV app from play store in your android phone, Now open “RIL AGM” Channel then select maximum quality for video
  4. Keep your eye on speed meter and check your best jio 4g speed
  5. This method can help you to gain maximum Jio speed in video streaming

There might be slow speed because there are more users of jio which reduces new speed kindly check your speed in non busy hours if this method didn’t work.

Below are the other methods to increase jio speed

Steps to increase Jio 4G speed

  • Go to settings option in your android phone
  • Then there will be option of Mobile Networks (click on it)
  • Then go to access point name ( You need to add access point name for reliance jio )
  • select Reliance jio 4g sim from sim selection option
  • Now go to option in top corner
  • And then click on new APN then follow settings below

Access point settings to increase jio 4g speed

  • Name –
  • APN – jionet
  • APN Type – Default
  • Proxy – Not Set
  • Port – Not Set
  • Username – Not Set
  • Password – Not Set
  • Server –
  • MMSC – Not Set
  • MMS proxy – Not Set
  • MMS port – Not Set
  • MCC – 405
  • MNC – 857, 863 or 874 (Use which work best for you)
  • Authentication type – Not Set
  • APN Protocol – IPv4/IPv6


  • Name –
  • APN – www
  • APN Type – Default
  • Proxy – Not Set
  • Port – Not Set
  • Username – Not Set
  • Password – Not Set
  • Server –
  • MMSC – Not Set
  • MMS proxy – Not Set
  • MMS port – Not Set
  • MCC – 405
  • MNC – 857, 863 or 874
  • Authentication type – Not Set
  • APN Protocol – IPv4/IPv6

If you didn’t got speed yet so try to change APN and use “Jioultra4g” this will increase your jio speed because this APN is not used by many people.

Don’t worry you are just change network settings it will not harm your mobile or sim card you can reset your previous settings easily If have any doubt let us know in comment section.

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How to Increase Jio 4G Speed and Band Coverage

By this method you can increase Jio 4G speed by changing the band.

When it comes to jio, It have different networks then other sims like vodafone and idea so on… It gives maximum speed in band 40 below is better explanation  related to band coverage and speed

  • Best coverage: Band 5 > Band 3 > Band 40.
  • Best speed: Band 40 > Band 3 > Band 5

Below are steps that can help you gain better Jio 4g speed

  • You need to dial  *#*#4636#*#* from dialer of your android phone
  • Tap on phone information
  • Now select Set preferred network type
  • Your need to select LTE Only option (this will select LTE option for default in your phone )

Increase jio 4g speed in your Qualcomm processor

  • Install Shortcut Master (Lite) available on Play Store.
  • Go to menu and select search option
  • You need to type Service Menu or Engineering Mode (depend on your phone mtk device should type engineering mode) Now click on search
  • You can change LTE bands from there.

How to increase Jio 4G speed in MediaTek processor

  • As told above for mediatek device you need to go to MTK Engineering Mode, There simple application in play store named as MTK engineering mode download and install it
  • After downloading the application install it properly and run it
  • Now select “MTK Settings”
  • Now select bands from “BandMode
  • Select “LTE mode” from sim selection option
  • Band 40 can give you best coverage and band 5 will give you maximum speed available.

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How to increase Jio 4G download speed

Below are the step by step guide to do so.

Step 1: You need to download these apps from play store VPN master app or Snap Vpn app, ( These both app are made for same function you have to download any one from these two )

Step 2: After successful download of these apps now open it

Step 3: You need to select server of India from this app it will be connect in max 3 to 5 seconds ( sometime it takes time)

Step 4: This VPN method can help you to gain maximum jio downloading speed in just few seconds ( This method works for all sim cards )

How to increase Jio 4G speed with VPN method

Below are the best VPN to increase reliance jio 4g download speed

  • For this method you need to download UC mini brower from here  this browser is lite and simple that’s why we are using this browser.
  • Now download these apps from playstore and open it VPN master or Snap Vpn then connect to the server ( it will automatically connect to best server with best speed available )
  • Now check your downloading speed it might be increased around 10 Mbps to 20 Approx.

How To Increase Jio Speed by  changing APN Settings

APN settings is main factor for your internet speed sometime it might not impact that much but yes it is impacting somehow your speed.

Step 1: Go to your android device Settings And click on Cellular Networks then go to Access Point Names.

Step 2: Now go Jio profile settings will be available there and edit those settings from given below ( Put these settings properly and increase jio speed)

  • APN – www      ( There will be “Jionet” APN which have become slow now a days you can use “www” as an alternative)
  • Server:
  • Authentication Type: None
  • APN type: Default
  • Bearer: LTE (Recommended)

Step 3: Now click on save from top corner option and select that profile.

How to increase Jio 4G Speed in Rooted Phone

When your device is rooted you have more opportunities to customize your device and try new changes unofficially.

Yes, there is method to increase reliance jio 4g speed for rooted phone.

  1. This app will help you to do so, download this app from given link 3G/4G Speed Optimizer apk in your android device.
  2. In this app you will find option to choose network speed then select maximum option available and the apply tweak.
  3. As this method is for rooted phone so you need to Restart phone
  4. Now turn on you phone and enjoy reliance jio 4g speed

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How to Increase Jio Speed by Clearing Cache

This method is quite funny but truly working before we start you shoukd know what actually cache is?

cache is unused file of any application which like trash and is not of use.

Fix reliance jio 4g problem and increase jio speed by caching method

  • Go to setting of your android device
  • Now select Storage and USB from options
  • Now tap on cached Data
  • Then tap on clear cached Data option ( it will clear all the available cache from your device )
  • This easiest method to increase your jio speed can help you gaining Jio speed

How to Increase Jio Jiofi Speed

Tips for Jio Jiofi

  1. JioFi should placed on open area
  2. Your device should be connected around 10 meter radius from jiofi
  3. JioFi should limit is 10 user maximum there should not be more then that.

You can use above given methods to increase jiofi speed which are given to increase reliance jio 4g speed, this can work with Jiofi too.

If you have any queries or problem related to jio then let us know in comments below and if you like our article then help your friend in increase jio speed by sharing this article.

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