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    Unlock pattern without losing Data: If your smartphone is locked by pattern lock or pin lock, then follow the given tutorial for how to remove pattern lock without losing data. Full guide for How To Unlock Pattern Lock Without Data Loss In Android Phone is given below. It is really normal to secure own smartphone with pattern lock or pin lock but sometime we might forget this password or pattern but this is normal too. The question arise after pattern lock is how to unlock android phone without losing data. There are alot of ways on internet for how To Unlock Pattern Lock On Android Phone but most of them will lose your all data because of full wipe of android phone. Read Also: Best smartphone under 20000 in India October 2016

    Unlock Pattern Lock Without Data Loss

    How to unlock android pattern lock without factory reset and without debugging. This guide will help you step by step for question how to unlock android pattern lock without factory in android. Requirements for Unlock pattern lock without data loss is simple, You just need computer and driver installed on PC.

    how to unlock android pattern lock without internet connection

    As you are a android user you get a lot of benefits from google, When you try WRONG pattern lock again and again your device is locked but it can be unlock easily if and if your internet connection is enabled. By the method of Gmail you can unlock pattern lock without data loss but this method fail if your data connection is disable. Now follow below guide on how to unlock android phone pattern lock without losing data.

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    Requirements for unlock pattern lock without data loss

    For doing any thing there are some basic requirements, before this guide starts you have to be prepared for few things given below to unlock pattern lock without data loss

    • Your android phone drivers must be install in your PC, if not installed yet then install it first.
    • This method required custom recovery to be installed make sure you have installed custom recovery like CWM, TWRP etc. If you have not installed then google it with your phone model and install it (don’t worry it will not harm your device or data you can install it from pc even if your phone locked)
    • You must have Fastboot drivers installed in your PC, If not installed in PC then find link below.

    Note: This method required bootloader to be unlocked

    How to unlock android pattern without losing data

    This guide must be done carefully to unlock pattern lock without data loss.

    • First step is to download smartphone drivers for your PC, driver must be of your smartphone. Drivers can simply be downloaded by searching on google if there is problem in downloading any driver comment below with your device model and brand name, download link will be send to you.
    how to unlock pattern lock without data loss
    • As i said above you must have custom recovery like TWRP, CWM etc in second step you have to download custom recovery developed for your website. You can get is easily by searching in google or big websites like android forum and XDA developers. Make sure that you are flashing recovery of your device, Flashing other device recovery my brick you android phone.
    • After flashing recovery successfully Go to Recovery mode by pressing volume
    • To enter recovery mode on your device, follow these steps:
      1. If your phone is on, turn it off.
      2. Press and hold the Volume up button and the Power button at the same time until the device turns on.
      3. If you are using CWM recovery or other recovery which do not support touch then use the Volume up button to move the arrow and the Volume down button to select it.
    • Now you have to download Fastboot drivers (download from here ) After download successful, Extract the downloaded zip file and Go to folder where zip is extracted, when you will open folder there will be few files as shown in screenshot below.
    • After your custom recovery is flashed you have to open it and click on Mounts and storage option in recovery mode.
    • Then press on Mount/data/ option, this will mount data folder from your phone.
    • Now open download fastboot folder which we extracted before, then there will be few files. We have to open command prompt for this folder.
    • Press and hold Shift button then right click on any empty or blank place in folder where these files exist.
    • Then click on “Open command window here”option
    • Now you have to attach your device to PC and to conform that your device is been connected to fastboot enter this command

    Adb devices

    • The above command will show you all connected devices if your device is not showing there then make sure you have installed drivers properly or attached your device properly.
    • Now last step, Enter following commands step by step and carefully

    adb shell


    • Now remove device normally and turn it on now you will not see any pattern when you turn on the android phone. Now you can Unlock Pattern Lock Without Data Loss In Android Phone anytime if your forget again.

    This method shout successfully work on most of the MTK devices.

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    How To Unlock Pattern Lock Without Data Loss In Android Phone this question is nothing for you now as you know every thing about it right now

    Note– TechnoApt is not responsible for any damage occur during following method.

    The Above method is tested and working and can solve your question for how to unlock android without losing data.



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