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    Android – Google had developed this operating system (OS). It is an open source Software for mobiles, tablets and Now-a-days for computer as well. People like to customize their things and they got bored by same kind of routine. As per the search result of Google, 60% of Android users search for custom built Roms and it means Android users want some Customization. Here is the guide that will help you for how to use your own handwriting as your device font in Android. To be honest I would prefer my hand writing as font in my android phone.

    Note: Below mentioned guide will only work in rooted android phones and if you have an inbuilt setting for font settings. Photographs in this post are taken from dev-lab. We are not responsible for any kind of damage or harm to your Device, you are only responsible for this act.

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    Kindly follow the guide and keep in mind that you follow every steps correctly, then only you going to achieve your desired font.

    How to use your handwriting as default device font (Root)

    Step 1. Please Visit MyScriptFont

    Step 2. Download the given template or theme in PDF or PNG then print


    Step 3. Kindly us Black Pen or Marker to fill out the printed PDF or PNG. After filling, scan this copy at anything between 300-600 dpi. (If you don’t wish to fill the form manually then use Microsoft Paint and other similar software then create its PDF or PNG file)


    Step 4. Upload the scanned paper or template on MyScriptFont.

    Step 5. Provide name to your new font and Click on Start button


    Step 6. Now have patience for few seconds and your desired .tff file to generate.
    Download the .tff file.

    Step 7. Transfer the downloaded .tff file in your Phone’s internal storage or SD card.

    Step 8. Download the IFont for mobile and Open.

    Step 9. Click “My Font” then Click ‘Click this’ text.


    Step 10. Find your downloaded .tff file and select it. Click ‘Set‘ and it set as font.

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    How to use your handwriting as your device’s font (No root)

    Step 1. Follow all the above given steps for rooted phones up to Step 6.

    Step 2. Now instead of IFont, Download HiFont  application for mobile

    Step 3. Download your .tff file and place it in the HiFont directory.

    Step 4. Go to ‘My fonts’ in HiFont and click Scan.

    Step 5. Click on your font and follow the instructions to complete the process.

    Check out this video


    Warning: Our team will not be responsible for any kind of damage or harm to your Android phone. Be RESPONSIBLE.


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