Making strategy allows us to organize, plan and execute our strategies towards our vision that we planned in the initial stage. Strategy gives you structure that allows things to move smoothly. Making sure your audience gets the information properly with the right flow in it through accurate way of communicating is the basic importance of digital marketing strategy. Your audience is your basic source of sustaining your business and you need your customers no matter what. Your strategy is of no value if it doesn’t require the needs of the customers and how to entertain them. In today’s competitive world where everyone is battling for more clicks and more ranking, your audience tends to be more educated and aware of digital marketing trends and know the right way to select their options. They can get to one brand today and switch to another. By means of communication and entertaining their relevant queries makes your strategy helpful for your business. Making sure that your digital marketing strategy doesn’t goes out of style, follow these steps to be able to know the basic guidelines and the importance of digital marketing in today’s world.

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In today’s world, Digital marketing strategy is merely more focused about strategy only. Without putting the word digital, you just need strategy or otherwise there is no business. There is still a long way to reach where we want to but first we always need to have a proper vision that needs to be expressed through your strategy. To make sure you exist in the world for even more than a year you need to have that strategy for your business. The most important thing for your business is to know your audience properly and way more important is to understand what are they talking to you about so you can plan your content per them and how can you communicate by looking at the digital channels and platforms that you have.


First thing first you need to understand your audience and what are they talking to you about. You need to see on which topics is your audience mostly talking to you about. Understanding that is most important to avoid any kind of discrepancy and that’s how you can further move towards your strategy. Nowadays it’s not that difficult to understand your audience and with advanced technique you can get your audience easily. For example, by looking from your cookies, history, you can know your audience whole internet journey to plan your strategy accordingly.

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After you have understood your audience and its preference only then you can go further on your content. To figure out what kind of content is your audience engaged with you only need to assume like you are in a control room where you can find and look at all the data and how your content is going so far. It’s everything like observing your child day to day activity and finding out what thing he likes most at what specific time so you may know about it later and so you can plan to influence him accordingly. You need to see if you have any interesting content that you would like to engage your audience with making sure your audience is being entertained and having their queries solved through your content makes a competitive advantage for you.


The third step is to see your digital channels and platforms where you can have your content to be displayed. Making strategies to perform well in all digital channels is also affected by nature of industry and the country where it’s performing. i.e, for the eCommerce industry in sri lanka, optimizing the low competing keywords like ”online shopping in sri lanka“ can be daunting and waste of time and money if not done accurately. To determine what exactly a digital channel or platform is, it’s a way where you can you’re your message. You need to make your content more responsive for your audience and for that you need to see your whole eco system where all the dots are connecting to make sure that all your channels relevant and available to your audience. Your content can not be relevant if no sent through proper channels to your audience because content needs to get communicated properly if it needs to make an impact on time.

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Analyzing is a basic way to realize whatever you’re doing is going in a right way or not. Measurement and analytics is kind of simple basic that is about getting what you measure so if you measure the wrong thing you cannot get the right data. Make sure your old business KPI’s are not the filter of measuring the current data that can get you irrelevant result. Make sure you are using proper tools for measuring that can give you the real-time data and these tools can analyze that data for you and some of those tools can also automate for you. Data measurement gives you proper information for exchange of information for consumer to brand and vice versa and if we don’t use any relevant steps nothing can provide us a correct information.

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