Tips to know before Developing Mobile app

Important Tips to know before Developing Mobile App

Tips to know before Developing Mobile app: We have the capacity to turn an idea into reality if we really have a strong conviction. You can definitely convert your idea into a profitable business if you follow the right steps on executing it.  Mobile apps are booming business. Today millions of business and entrepreneurs are taking advantage of mobile boom and grow their business. Mobile apps are changing the way we interact with our customers, channel partners, and associates.

Mobile apps are increasingly becoming a part of daily lives of people. According to recent research, mobile app sales grew 58% last year. This trend is going to continue for next few years.

Building an app can be smooth and easy if you have right development partner by your side . You can turn your app into reality quickly. Here are few tips to get started developing your mobile app.

Tips to know before Developing Mobile app: Market research

It doesn’t matter how much you and your dear ones thinks your idea is awesome. What matters is how customers and investors feel about it. You can just have an idea , make a mobile app and expect it to make money. Once you have an app idea, you need to do extensive market research before making the app. You need to do intense research about your customer’s likes, dislikes, preference, pain points etc. You also need to make sure your app provide unique value to customers.

By conducting market research, you can determine whether there is a market for your app and if you need to tweak or adjust some features of your app idea to make it more compelling to your customers.

 Tips to know before Developing Mobile app: Identify Target Audience

The first rule of thumb of starting a company is to identify who are likely to be your customer. It is very important to identify who would use your app and what audience would be for your product. Your potential user can be from a particular age group, industry, gender, region, income group, specific profession etc. Once you have identified the key demographics about the audience you can find out more about these people by doing research. By knowing your targeted audience really helps you to make features of the app which are likely to be used by them.

 Tips to know before Developing Mobile app: Create Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Before you invest your precious time and money in the development of mobile app you should consider building MVP first. MVP is a prototype which can be developed rapidly with minimum possible features which you can show to potential customers, investors and other stakeholders.

MVP provides an opportunity to test a hypothesis before building a full product. MVP is a good starting point to launch your beta app.

Tips to know before Developing Mobile app: Monetization Strategy

Making money with the mobile application is one of the biggest rewards and keeps you gets going on your idea. You can make money from the app in several ways they are in-app purchases, subscription fee, sponsorship, in-app ads etc. You might want to see which one works for you the best with your app, audience, and targeted audience. It is important for you to select 1 to 2 monetization techniques that would give you a good return on your investment.

Tips to know before Developing Mobile app: Approach mobile developers and get estimates

Once you have an initial list of features of the app, you should start looking for vendors who can build your mobile app. You should shortlist few good vendors, sign an NDA and send them project details. A good vendor should analyze your requirement and ask you lots of questions.  You should make sure you answer them in as many details as possible so that your idea is fully communicated. Once you have the multiple quotes compare the quote with time & cost for development. You should evaluate the vendor on past track record, development process, price, time etc.

Tips to know before Developing Mobile app: UI/UX Design

As a business owner, you need to take active participation in the mobile app development process with your developers. Due to bad UI/UX design issues, the mobile app often fails to take off.  You should ask your developer to create wireframe of the app so that you can visualize the design of each screen, function, and flow of the app.  Once you are through with the wireframe next step would be front end design.  You need to make sure mobile app have sleek User Interface and amazing User experience.

Tips to know before Developing Mobile app: Start pitching to businesses

Once the idea have its initial version and some of the features or MVP has been made, it’s time to talk to vendors, customers, investors to get a hand on an early version of the app. That is the great way to get feedback early on the app. You can make small incremental changes on the prototype and launch a full-fledged application. By pitching the idea to like-minded people will definitely help your mobile app evolve as a great business.

 Tips to know before Developing Mobile app: Testing Rigorously before Launching

This aspect is often neglected by entrepreneurs.  You must test your app rigorously before launching it. Due to UI/UX design issues, the mobile app often fails to take off.  You need to make sure the app doesn’t have any bugs or errors on its launch. If an app is not tested properly, it can lead to bad user experience and negative rating on the app store and play store. The more negative reviews you have, the more likely your app is to fail.


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