India Jeetega

India Jeetega tribute is precisely being paid to all those doctors, health workers, government officials, policemen, army officials, and all the men and women who are involved in acts of kindness towards the people who are in pain and need. Without them, it wouldn’t have been possible for us to stay safe and sound in such a difficult situation.


Singers: Pratik Panchal, Keshav Khilnani, Hetvi Limbad and Utsav Limbad

Cast: Hetvi Limbad, Utsav Limbad, Shailly Limbad, Roma Manglani, Ankita Acharya, Hitesh Limbad, Jatin Limbad, Pratik Panchal, Keshav Khilnani, Anurag Singh, Sahiljeet Singh, Sakshi Virwani, Keyur Thakkar, Jaimil Joshi, Krunal Shah, Gaurang Prajapati, Manok Padaiyachi, Abhiniti Stella Munzni, Nikita Ramani, Utsav Solanki, Shruti Singh and Dr. Himani Choudhary

Music Production: Utsav Limbad

Additional Music Production: Hetvi Limbad

Music Supervision: Jatin-Pratik

Composition: Keshav Khilnani

Lyrics: Keshav Khilnani

Mixing and Mastering: Dileep Nair

Shot By: Hetvi Limbad, Keshav Khilnani, Pratik Panchal, Utsav Limbad and Shailly Limbad

Video editing : Deepak Maheshwari

A tribute to our great nation, India by dedicating a song on the subject of India battling against Covid-19 amid nationwide lockdown. All the members of this team rightly believe that ‘Nation Comes First’. Even in the situation of lockdown they did not slow down in preparing this song.

The song released on Keshav Khilnani’s official YouTube channel on the 12th of June, 2020. Numerous people pay their respects to the heroes of our country with their unique ways but this group has certainly taken it one step further. Every India should check this song out and feel the vibe that says ‘INDIA JEETEGA’.  

Keshav Khilnani is a student of Jatin Limbad and Hitesh Limbad who also happen to be the owners of Het Music Academy at Shahibaug and Satellite areas of Ahmedabad. He has been idolizing them since the day he joined their academy. Everything that Keshav Khilnani has been doing is all because of the inspiration which he gets from these two gurus. Plus he has always believed Pratik Panchal to be his elder brother and an amazing motivator as he has been his support throughout his journey till now. Keshav goes on to say ‘I wouldn’t have been able to do what I am doing, without these three guiding lights’.

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