What is TechnoApt Internship Program?

Our Internship is free, this internship enables young people to become good impactful writers by helping them to understand how to engage impact-based writing. We have Social media Interaction, being intern in TechnoApt is an opportunity for you to explore your writing talent. Things you need for internship are:

  1. Computer/Laptop
  2. Internet Connection
  3. Passion to research and Write

TechnoApt is new fastest growing Tech-Niche and we are here to inspire young minds and help them to explore their talent especially in the field of Technology.

What the Program Covers?

From Writing to communication skills and utilising social media for maximum benefit. This program comprehensive learning process helps you enhance your skills on issue based writing and trend based writing. You will interact with people across the Globe for issues and research. This internship will help you enhance your knowledge on Tech Industry.

How our Internship Program Functions?

Through One-on-One mentorship, the intern will get an overview of our Blogging industry works. We interact with you through Phone call and mainly through Skype. This is 6 to 8-week long process ensures that the internship, through week-by-week Brain Storming session with our Founders. These Brain Storming discussing help you to explore various aspects of Editing. Writing, Reporting and Social media awareness.

How to Apply for Internship?

To apply for internship, please send an email on . Kindly send your Resume or Bio-data.

Significant time requirement for internship is min. 2 hours a day and work dedicatedly on deadlines. Be patient and wait for our reply after application and it’s our commitment to provide the best.