Is Technology killing Human Imagination?3 min read

    Is Technology killing Human Imagination

    Technology has just unleashed the power and capability of human innovativeness and imagination. But some people believe saying or questioning that ‘ is technology killing human imagination? And some would even disagree about this statement that is technology killing human imagination? Everybody knows that how drastically technology had changed the way we walk, way we write, way we think and the way we imagine.

    From something that was as huge as a Train in the first generation to something that is ten folds more powerful and can only fit in the palm of our hands, our imagination has led to advancements and these advancements have led to more convenience, and we keep pushing ourselves and strive towards pushing our boundaries, and we can only push these boundaries if we can imagine it. These achievements has been made by the creativity and thinking of human minds.

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    Technology is a process which generate from the imagination and ends with creativity. As a result technology enhances human imagination. The things ancient people imagined or dreamed about, we are making those thinks possible for human race.

    Generation after generation they are witnessing new inventions and technology that had imagined but reality to next generation. It helps to change the direction for human race and Global Cultures which cultivate the old sets of following and traditional values. Due to increase in technological revolution the Our World had shrunk from large area to a room because technology had made easier communications for people.

    People who are against the development of technology or against technology itself are worried about their children and next generation because of excessive use of technology. Technologies are for convenience and betterment of human. Technology has furthered the cause of human innovation and imagination in fields as far apart as philosophy and physics. Advancement of technologies has also helped in the growth of the health sector and enabled healthcare to become life prolonging. Using scientific creativity and human innovation, biotechnology has revolutionised the field of pharma and healthcare. Technology has also boosted communication which facilitates creativity through the spread of knowledge and ideas across the globe. Sharing ideas is the key to forming insights, and many famous inventors have taken inspiration from past innovations. Technology has quickened the pace of communication and provided online knowledge industry which is thriving and enhancing human creativity by leaps and bounds.

    Look at every field, you will find technology everywhere, from your bathroom to school or from your office to beach. We are surrounded by it because this is our need. From making films and documentaries to composing great works of music and art to even scientific innovations, technology has liberated human imagination and provided a complete scope for aiding the creativity of man. Only societies which are progressive and technologically advanced can hope to tap the power of human creativity. There is no room in today’s world for outdated methods. Technology can transform our World and also it has power to destroy us. It our choice whether we use it for our prosperity or for wars and fights. This is our individual choice to do so.

    We cannot blame technology for killing our creativity because we are responsible for it.

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