Life without technology, what if there is no technology?4 min read

    Life without technology, what if there is no technology?

    Have you ever thought what if there is no technology? when we talk about the technology, almost every person in this world can’t live without technology. It would be very difficult for the normal person to live LIFE WITHOUT TECHNOLOGY, We all know well all the good things we had because of technology so leaving that part I will explain more in the opposite. Misuse of technology have bring disaster to our life and have also affected the earth in different manner.

    In our earlier life there was not any technology, imagine that if we don’t know anything about the existing of technology or not yet existing, this question may arise in your mind what if there is no technology? Right? Human can live without it and used to live their life thousand year before the invention of technology without any problem, Yes you can live life without technology existing, our life will be like old days our great-great-grand parents used live. For instance, when the people go out of town, if it’s far from home so they will wake up early in the morning and will walk or may ride the bicycle.

    Many time I have seen a new technology created for housework where you don’t need to move your body around, just by sitting and controlling machine by wireless remote controller. When you need to throw garbage away, just click the button in remote controller and YES work done! Yeah this is good invention and a good idea but not for our body as we might become lazier if we depend too much on that useless if person having difficulty to move the body here and there, so this might be useful for that kind of peoples.

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    Majority of people are now using their own vehicles now a days, the more people driving vehicle, the more risk of accident occur as it may cause death which is increasing every year. It also cause the air pollution, Noise pollution and somehow it is a cause of global warming. When people misuse of mobile and laptop like they are too much addicted and never try to give themselves rest from these gadgets, it actually effect the health. Teenagers who were used to play physically games like kabaddi, Gilli danda and many more are now playing mental games and waste their time in social media and different stuff in technology.


    There is always a good and bad effect of everything, here is also same with technology there is good and bad with and without technology,

    Here is a good side of life without technology:

    –          People will become more active at work and will be less dependent technologies by which they will be healthier.

    –          There will be less chances of accident (cars, weapons, house burning because of electricity, anything that may cause explosion, pollution and another things) which may harm or loss someone’s life even other living things in this earth.

    If we count the bad sides of having no technology there will be more, below are few to mention

    –          Things like vegetables and fruits will take more time to produce, we need to wait it to harvest.

    –          For making cloths needs more workers and it will take more days and weeks to complete clothes. As for food and cloth, we can live without technology as it is not a whole part from technology.

    –          Car is useful vehicle, people don’t like to walk even a km, people will have to walk all the way from here to there without any vehicles, if the place where to go is far than it will become mandatory  to use old method either by bicycle or boat even bull cart.

    –          It will become difficult to contact anyone especially in emergency if there will no Mobile phone and laptop.

    –          For light, it will be difficult to see whole area clearly when walking down the path of dark areas, only when with a light candle for an example. As for that, the world might seem darker during night.

    –          Some diseases may not be cure and we wouldn’t know what cause it.

    All the thing stated above are just some predications and comparisons of Life without technology and what will happen if there is no technology?

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