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    Every people have different views for on page SEO. You might heard some or using some but have you ever thought what should be perfect on page SEO to rank on first page of google.

    If you are really looking for some awesome and practical on page SEO techniques to use on your site and increase your rank in Google, then i will let you know best Killer On page SEO techniques.

    On page SEO is important factor in world of SEO one can’t compromise for this. As per experts views it is important to focus on “On page SEO” that can help you get more traffic to your blog.

    Before starting our on page SEO checklist look at the definition of On page SEO what it is?

    What is On Page SEO?

    On-page SEO is to optimize web pages to rank higher on search engines and getting traffic which we have targeted. Opposite of On-page SEO is Off-Page SEO which means other external signals.

    Killer On Page SEO Guide Steps

    1. SEO friendly URL should be used

    As per Google 2 and 3 word keyword URL have given more importance. We have to use short and effective URL to make our post rank easier.

    URL should always include your focus keyword which you want to rank.

    For Example:

    Not Recommended

    Ugly URL:

    Long URL:


    on page seo guide

    2. Start Title with Your focus Keyword

    Title of the post is important on page SEO factor. According to expert view focus keyword in starting of title puts more weight in search engines to rank your post in first page.


    It is not always important to put keyword on starting of your title. But try to put keyword you are willing to rank for in beginning of your titleClick To Tweet

    3. Always try to use Modifiers in your Title

    Ranking short keyword is really competitive so you can rank for your keyword by adding Modifiers to you title. Use Modifiers like “2016” and “Guide”.


    4. Add Your Focus Keyword in H2

    You have to add you focus keyword in atleast one or two sub headings.

    Adding keyword to sub heading will help you make your post more powerful in terms of On page SEO. According to experts this is important On page SEO factor to add keyword in sub headings like H2 and H3


    5. Use Keyword In First 100 Words

    Your focus keyword should be there in 100 words or 150 words of your post. It should be in starting of your post.


    Putting keywords in first paragraph is natural for all writers. It is more important to make google understand what your post is about.

    6. Use Responsive Theme

    Your website should be User Friendly. Google give importance to user friendly site which are responsive.

    What is Responsive Design Website?

    Website which works in all devices like Android phone, Apple iPhone, Tablets and Computer and give better user experience to visitors.

    • If your site is not mobile friendly yet so make it now.
    • It is highly recommended to use responsive design theme for your website

    You can have a look what Google require for Mobile friendly website.

    7. Outbound Links

    Use outbound links in your post. This will help google to know what your post is about.

    This strategy is simple and white hat SEO to get more traffic to your website. White hat SEO means good and harmless technique.

    Note: You should use High Authority Outbound link because using bad links affect your website.

    Use 2 – 4 outbound links in 1000 words post.

    8. Use Internal Link

    Internal links are those links which links your one post to another. Using internal links decrease your bounce rate which is good sign for ranking in search engines.

    Best Example of Internal Links


    Wikipedia is best example for internal links. This website is on top in internal links and should be because its Wikipedia. You just have to use 2 – 3 links in post.

    9. Site Speed Matters

    Your website speed is important factor for ranking. Read how can you increase your website speed.

    If your website is speedy then it is good signal for SEO according to google. If your speed is not good then you can boost your website speed by using CDN, Compressing images, browser caching and Using premium hosting.


    You can use Google Speed test

    There are a a lot of plugins available if you are WordPress user. Caching, CDN and Optimize image increases your website speed.

    10. LSI Keywords

    LSI keyword stands for Latent Semantic Indexing. You should spread LSI keywords in your full post.

    How can i get LSI keywords?


    When i searched for On Page SEO then Google suggested few words which other people searches like On page seo techniques, on page seo checklist, on page seo factors and on page seo tutorial.

    Add few of them in your post.

    11. Optimize Image

    Make sure image in your post contain you focus keyword as Alternative text.


    Alternative text help you rank your image in Google images and help in ranking.

    12. Use Social buttons

    Social buttons may not be important for On page SEO but is important to get traffic and is good sign for ranking.

    Placing social media button in post will help you increase your sales and will boost your income. Read also: how Social media can increase your eCommerce business


    13. Long Post Content

    After various experiments on Google ranking the result all experts got is really great for ranking.

    Generally if your post is long with quality you can rank in first page.

    Trying to make your all content 1000+ words can make your post rank in first page of google. More words with quality= More rank

    For Example:

    2000 words article in 1# Position

    1700 words article in 2# positon

    1400 words article in 3# position

    Few more important Killer On Page SEO factors

    They all thing is about content, Quality of content matter. If your content have high quality then you will not be in problem and will not get in ranking.

    But how Google came to know about your Quality? How Google measure it?

    • Visitors again visit your site
    • Good time on site
    • Bookmarks
    • Searches of your Brand name in Google

    This full post about On page SEO techniques will help you rank higher in google and will let you understand all the things about On page SEO factors. This On Page SEO guide is specially for beginners who are knowledge less about  SEO World.

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