Quantum Computer

Companies like IBM, Microsoft, and Google are spending millions to create a useful and reliable quantum computer. Why are these companies spending that much on this technology? What do you think is a Quantum computer? What makes Quantum computers different from classic computers we use? You might be in a loop of questions and searching continuously to understand this technology. Today in this article we will dig into the world of Quantum computer.

Before we dive right into an explanation, we will understand the basics of classic computers.

An ordinary computer can perform the only function which is either on or off. It uses a computer chip bit. Off is represented as zero and On is represented as one. Every function occurring daily whether it’s a normal search on Google or clicks on websites uses millions of bits which are in the combination of zeros and ones.

If we think further these functions do most of the things and work perfectly for our daily life but this doesn’t reflect the way, the universe works. In nature, things don’t work like on and off but there is ‘N’ number of possibilities in each occurrence.

Even Quantum computers are not capable to find these possibilities. Over the centuries, physicists have discovered that when you go deeper in any things, weird things start to happen which are not seen before or can’t be imagined with normal understanding. Therefore, physicists made a new field in science to understand our universe and explain the occurrence of these events. It is known by the name Quantum mechanics.

To understand quantum computing we must understand the basics of quantum mechanics. Quantum mechanics is a branch of mechanics that deals with complex mathematics to understand the behavior of matter and light on the atomic and subatomic scale. To simulate this kind of findings accurately scientist needs a better way for the calculation to avoid uncertainties. Here Quantum computer comes into light.

“A quantum computer is a computer which functions on quantum mechanics so it can perform certain functions of computing more accurately and efficiently than classic computers.”

How does Quantum computer works?

As we already discussed that ordinary computer uses bits. But instead of bits quantum computers uses qubits. Rather than just on and off like bits, qubits can be both on and off and somewhere on a spectrum between two of them.

If we consider the simple example of spinning the coin we know that there are only two probabilities either head or tales. But if we do exact things using quantum computer we can find unsettled states of ‘spinning coins’ through complex mathematics and special algorithms which classic computers will take a long time if it is even possible to calculate on them.

Algorithms work on a quantum computer that can be useful for solving complex mathematics, predicting multiple particles of the chemical reaction (a breakthrough for the pharma industry), and breaking in complex passcodes.

When will I get a Quantum computer?

Quantum computers are not like classic computers they are sensitive to the interface. Probably normal people would never get a qubit chip in their smartphones or laptops. We can access the quantum computer through the IBM website and play card games.

Quantum computer was only a theory for decades and it took time to get it physically after tons of experiments. These computers will be kept isolated and will be used remotely for the relevant purpose, mostly researches, business, and academic purposes. Through, it is a breakthrough because it might change the way we live.

Major benefits of Quantum computers

Drug development

Classic computers cannot evaluate the interaction between protein, chemicals, and molecules due to extraordinary combinations and outcomes. Here, a quantum computer can be very helpful. It will reduce the labor-intensive work and increase the effectiveness of drugs through a review of multiple molecules at a time. It might be helpful to know people’s genes effectively and develop drugs accordingly. It can take the drug industry to a whole new level.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence requires constant learning from data we get from various sources. Processing data is hard and complex for a classic computer which makes it hard to improve machine learning. Quantum computers will help to process complex data and improve machine learning which will ultimately increase artificial intelligence. AI is limited to a certain industry as of now but quantum computing can open doors to various industries in the future.

Online security

 Online security is a major concern that might get solved by quantum encryption methods, such as key distribution which requires a key to decode the message. Once the message gets intercepted no one can read it thanks to rules of quantum mechanics.

Traffic control

Quantum computers will make our traffic more optimized whether it is air or roads. It will enter the mainstream of traffic control. It can quickly calculate routers more effectively which might reduce fuel and pollution ultimately.

We can’t cover each benefit in a single article because it is like a revolution that was at a time of classic computer arrival. Quantum computer is so powerful that it will enter every stream for betterment. It gives us the ability to solve a complex problem beyond classic computers.

It is just the start of a quantum computing world, there will be more discoveries and innovations.

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