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Earlier we have discussed How To Permanently Delete Files On PC but What if files are deleted accidentally? What if file is not there in Recycle Bin? Today in this article we are going to discuss How to recover deleted files in Computer.

First of all after deleting any file check recycle bin and recover easily. But what to if the file is also deleted from the recycle bin or eventually you deleted the file by permanently by pressing Shift + Delete key. Still you can Recover deleted files. There is Number of software are available in the market which you can use for free. So In this article I will Explain you How you can recover deleted files.

Here are the simple methods to recover deleted files in Computer

*Recover deleted files in Computer without Using any Software

Recover Files From Recycle Bin

First thing you have to do is check your recycle bin because after deleting any file it directly move to recycle bin. Go to Recycle Bin Just Right Click on the File and Then Click on Restore File. Done ! your File is restored. But this only works if file is not deleted permanently or you have not Empty Recycle Bin.

Recover deleted files from Backups

If you have backup files once a day or once a week then you can easily restore your files from the backup.

Suggestion: If you don’t have habit of backup important files, then after reading this article backup important files first. Because Recovering files from backup is very easy.

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recover deleted files in Computer using Software

If your file is deleted permanently no need of worry . Here i Recommend you the Data Recovery Software.When you permanently delete anything by pressing Shift + Delete or emptied Recycle bin then data recovery software is required. So below I am telling The best Data Recovery Software For PC. This software can easily help you in recovering your important files in pc.

Using Data Recovery Software

Data Recovery Software is highly recommended by me because this software is user-friendly and support all type of files. This software can restore all type of files.

Recover deleted files in Computer using Data recovery software

  1. Download and Install I Care on your Computer.
  2. Open and Choose Deleted Files Recovery.

3. Select the disk/partition where the file is Deleted and click on Next.


4. After Scanning Review and Choose the files you want to Restore.

5. Click on Next and choose the Path where you want to Restore the files

6. Click on Save and After some times Files are Saved on the directory you choose.

7. Done !! you recovered deleted files successfully.


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