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We wish you guys had  a good day. Now a day it is difficult to use only one phone so people started to two phones but they need dual whatsapp account or 2 whatsapp in one  android phone simply mean multiple whatsapp accounts on a single phone. We are writing a guide for you guys which contain information about how to use double whatsapp. i.e. OGwhatsapp , GBWhatsapp , dual whatsapp apk and Parallel Space . We have found a solution for dual whatsapp or 2 whatsapp or Multiple whatsapp .

Here we go!

2 WhatsApp | Dual WhatsApp | Multiple WhatsApp

We are going to discuss about 3 applications for Multiple WhatsApp account which are

  1. OGWhatsApp (this post contain all versions of OGWhatsApp APK)
  2. GBWhatsapp (this post contain all versions of  GBWhatsApp APK)
  3. Parallel Space (this post contain all versions of Parallel Space APK)

Before we go into the details let us understand the meaning of Dual WhatsApp, Multiple WhatsApp and 2 Whatsapp .

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What is Dual WhatsApp ?

Dual Whatsapp Multiple whatsapp

The WhatsApp has become a biggest communication software for android and iOS users. Now people all around the World are demanding for new and update features with themes and various UI interface. With the help of Dual WhatsApp one can use use two whatsapp in one phone and can run  Multiple WhatsApp accounts. The process is very simple, you just need to install Dual WhatsApp APK on your device. Further we will going to discuss in detail.

Benefit/Features of Dual WhatsApp | Multiple WhatsApp

#Working in Rooted and non Rooted mobile

  • No error
  • Change Icon of app
  • Action Bar color change
  • Navigation bar color change (Lollipop Only 5.0 or above )
  • Status Bar color change (Lollipop only 5.0 or above )
  • Copy messages without date / Name
  • Copy contact status & phone Number
  • Change Notification icon color (Below Lollipop)
  • Change chat  colors and text colors
  • Fastest Mod of WhatsApp
  • Full privacy
  • Fully Stable without any issues at all.
  • Image and video preview Mods
  • Group statistics and much more
  • Calling feature Enabled and Video Calling
  • Updated design with bug Fixes
  • Material UI
  • Better UI Interface and more feature in comparison of Real Whatsapp or Og Whatsapp
  • All Features are working smoothly, No problems while verify number or While Using Whatsapp
  • Last seen hide from all contacts
  • Hide Blue tick, Hide Double tick, Hide typing or Hide Profile
  • Anti-Ban code Added
  • Image and video quality and sharing limit Mods
  • Latest mod with all new features of whatsapp
  • Latest whatsapp mod
  • Custom themes which are like cheery on a cake


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Above mentioned are the features of Dual WhatsApp | Multiple WhatsApp . So from above you can imagine that these WhatsApp are limit less.

How to Install 2 WhatsApp | Dual WhatsApp | Multiple WhatsApp ?

  • OGWhatsApp for Rooted and Non-Rooted Phones

OGWhatsApp is an Android app that allows you to use two separate WhatsApp accounts on your single Android device without root your Android device.

While running your normal WhatsApp account on your smartphone, you can follow some simple steps for Multiple WhatsApp accounts on the OGWhatsApp.
Follow these Steps:

OGWhatsapp APK ‘s Links :

Step 1: Take a complete backup of your WhatsApp data and restore it.
OGWhatsapp APK
Step 2: Delete all the WhatsApp data by going to Settings>apps>WhatsApp>Clear Data.
OGWhatsApp apkStep 3: Rename the /sdcard/WhatsApp directory to /sdcard/OGWhatsApp. You can use any file manager for Android
Step 4: Uninstall your original WhatsApp app from your Android device.
Step 5: Now Install OGWhatsApp in your Android smartphone.OGWhatsapp APK Gbwhatsapp
Step 6: Once installed, remember to verify your old number that was previously registered with the original      WhatsApp to OGWhatsApp.
Step 7: Now re-install the official WhatsApp for your other number from the play store.


  • GBWhatsApp for Rooted and Non-Rooted Phones

GBWhatsapp is also one of the best application to use dual whatsapp account in one mobile phone. If you have tried above explained all the methods and if it not works for your phone then try out this. GBWhatsapp is the app which is being used by many people and it is working successfully.

GBWhatsapp APK ‘s Links :

Follow these Steps:

  1. After downloading GBWhatsApp from above link kindly install this APK on your android phones for dual WhatsApp GB WhatsApp APK
  2. After installing GBWhatsApp on your android phone and Open it. After opening it will show to enter your mobile number then enter your mobile number which you want to use secondary
  3. After you enter your mobile number it will show confirm number then click on YES and with in 1 minute your OTP will generate and your number will automatically verify.
  4. After completing above processes, You have two WhatsApp in your phone. Now you are running 2 WhatsApp in android phone. See below images, how GBWhatsApp look like
  • Parallel Space for Rooted and Non-Rooted

If you have tried above method and failed. We have another alternative for dual WhatsApp . This is  Parallel Space is android software for dual any social application and dual everything.

Parallel Space APK link:

  • Version: 3.1.7298 – LATEST Parallel Space APK
  • [appbox googleplay com.lbe.parallel.intl]

Follow these steps :

  1. After downloading Parallel Space from above link then open this application. Simply select the WhatsApp from the app list and add it to the Parallel Space buttonParallel Space apk
  2. Now launch WhatsApp from Parallel Space App by clicking on Whatsapp icon
  3. Now Application will open and  you can enter your number and use it like normal WhatsApp application2 whatsapp

We have mentioned best 3 methods for dual whatsapp and multiple whatsapp. Our mentioned  methods can work for rooted and non rooted android phones .

If you have any kind of problem while installing dual WhatsApp or any other problem regarding Dual WhatsApp. You can comment here and we assure you that you will get appropraite answer to your queries.

You can also contact us and suggest us topics on which you guys want us to write informative posts. Let us know on



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