Sapphire Wafers Deliver a Number of Advantages in High Tech Manufacturing2 min read

    This is a great reason for why polished sapphire wafers are in high and growing demand for high-technology manufacturing processes.

    In the world of high technology materials there is the grown product known as a synthetic sapphire. This turns out to be a material which manufacturers grow in the shape of a hexagonal crystalline form. This super hard material possesses several unique properties.

    Advantages Of Sapphire Wafers

    Two of the more useful of these for industrial applications is the fact that it has great resistance to heat while at the same time it is highly inert resistant against hostile environments created by the majority of processes. As an example, it endures extremely well in fluorine plasma and hydrofluoric acid applications that abound throughout the manufacturing process of semiconductor wafers. This is a great reason for why polished sapphire wafers are in high and growing demand for high-technology manufacturing processes.

    Applications of Sapphire Wafers

    Because the material possesses unique properties, it continues to find greater use in ultra high-technology manufacturing processes. Its performance at vast temperatures and durability throughout allows for sapphire wafers that are polished (along with its various substrates) to be employed in several key industries. This includes all of the following: polishing characters, hybrid microelectronics, infrared detectors, and radiation resistance applications.

    LED’s Also Make Use of Sapphire Wafer Substrates

    Another highly useful technological application of sapphire wafers concerns LED’s. Arrays of such LED’s can be manufactured on sapphire wafer substrates. This provides an enormous savings of literally megawatts worth of lighting energy and power. Some companies that produce the sapphire wafers have come up with a polishing process for the substrates that proves to be around nine times easier as the ones used previously. This provides significant cost savings to customers as you can imagine.

    The same research and development companies are able to reclaim used sapphire wafers and substrates. They can reclaim the substrates that contain films which are too thin and so were rejected by quality control at what amounts to a significant cost savings in the production process. Even though there are rejected pieces in any manufacturing process of this precision and high level technology, the sapphire wafer substrates still prove to be dependable and reliable in their material properties in the overwhelming majority of cases.


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