Solutions That Protect and Enhance Consumer Products1 min read

    Solutions That Protect and Enhance Consumer Products

    When most products are designed, they’re vulnerable because the main housing materials lack protective elements. This is why many manufacturing companies enhanced their inventory by using solutions that provide long-lasting protection against scratching, chipping, and harsh environmental hazards.

    Vacuum Coating

    Vacuum coatings are highly advanced solutions that help businesses create a barrier. This shield is formed using pressure that’s produced from a vacuum. As air is pulled in various directions in a sub-atmospheric environment, special equipment applies a thin coating and film onto materials that need an extra layer of protection. After a vacuum coating is applied, it provides consistent protection as a film is created from a highly efficient molecular or atomic vapor source.

    Window Films

    Window films are made out of laminate materials that are very thin. These coatings stick to glass panels that are mounted within a window frame. Because dozens of window film sizes and shapes are available, consumers can easily find options for windows that are attached to:

    • Houses
    • Buildings
    • Cars
    • Boats

    No matter where a window is installed, a proper window film can block mild or intense sunlight. If a coating is designed with heavy-duty materials, it can prevent scratches and shattering as well.


    Paints that are made with waterproof elements can keep foundation elements in a basement and or a deck in optimum condition. Waterproof paints prevent warping, fading, and chipping since they have special properties that shield moisture. Although latex paints and oil paints have different thicknesses, both products can provide practical results on wooden walls, floors, and ceilings.

    These are just some of the great solutions that are designed to protect and preserve common consumer products. Because vacuum coatings are one of the most popular options, dozens of vacuum coating services are now available.

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