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    SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process by which the search engines get traffic for the search results and divert it to websites. Every search engine needs an SEO and all the known names such as Google, Yahoo, etc. make use of this process. It is very crucial for the success of your website.

    Today the world is a world of technology and without internet the functioning of the world cannot be imagined and internet works on some basic codes and values which provide information through various websites. These websites are listed on the search engines on the basis of certain rules and Search Engine Optimization helps websites to be listed in search results and direct traffic to them. It also makes navigation easy for the search engines and the users and increases the visibility of the websites. Every website requires search engine optimization so as to be listed in maximum search engines. If you own a website SEO is your friend.

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    Reasons for opting SEO are many but I will list down top five reasons your website needs SEO.

    Reasons your website needs SEO

    First of all search engine lists search results based on the words entered by the user. The search engine then lists the websites related to those words. So for your website to be listed in the search results it should have the appropriate words so that the search engine can list your website when the user enters those terms. For this to happen you should optimize it by using the right keywords. The keywords should be related to your industry or the topic your website addresses so that when search related to these topics will be conducted your website will be listed. For this extensive research should be conducted so as to decipher the proper keywords which should be up to date and updated from time to time because every now and then web language changes.

    Second important aspect of SEO is the use of proper document formatting language on your website, for which XML or extensible mark-up language is the best option, and not HTML. Using XML format is very important for the process of SEO. Not having a proper sitemap affects your website vehemently, no matter how effective or right the content of it is. This happens because of the way internet and search engines are designed. With the help of XML sitemap the website is listed in maximum search results which benefit its popularity.

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    Third step to increase and attract traffic to your website is through internal linking which is an important step in Search Engine Optimization. Internal linking is the method by which one page is linked to another through pictures, quotes, references, notes, etc., so that when the mentioned link is clicked it lands the user on another page. Hence, internal linking is very important for your website, which can increase traffic for it. By linking your page relevantly to other webpages and websites your website increases its visibility. The ranking of the website also improves and it helps the search engine to list your website in maximum searches. It is extremely beneficial for the architecture of the website as well as helps the users to navigate well by connecting various pages. It also increases the importance of your website.

    Fourth step for the websites is to avoid becoming defunct or lose value. When people create new webpages often or someone has created a new website there are chances it will not be listed and the user will receive a 404 errors (page not found), which is a standard form of Hypertext Transfer Protocol or HTTP that appears when the search engine is unable to locate the website. So to transfer traffic to your new website and not lose users and value from your old website a 301 error should be created. It redirects the users permanently to the new page even if they click a link for the old page. It is not temporary and is the best option for URL redirection.

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    The last and fifth important step that should never be overlooked for a successful website is the speed. Sometimes while creating a good and visually pleasing website the speed of the website is compromised. This should never be done. It leads to a loss of traffic for your website and leaves the users frustrated. Most probably the user will leave instead of wait for the website to upload. No amount of hard work in designing a good website will help if the website takes a lot of time to load. Search engines such as Google also do not prefer listing the websites that are slower to load.

    Thus, Search Engine Optimization becomes very important for the success of the website and should never be overlooked. It can decide the future of your website and if done properly can make your website very popular and preferred by the users.

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